Monster Hunter Airu Mura Is Cuter, Cheaper And Vastly Customizable

By Ishaan . July 20, 2010 . 1:32pm


MonHun Nikki: Poka Poka Airu Mura is scheduled to release August 26th in Japan, and Capcom are hoping the game will help lower the series’ barrier to entry, with regard to price (lower than your standard PSP game), complexity and aesthetic when it does.


Airu Mura isn’t quite your traditional Monster Hunter experience. The fact that the battles against monsters take place from a side-scrolling perspective simplifies things considerably. The greater focus appears to be on customization of your Felynes and village, which players would appear to have great control over.


Perhaps, then, Capcom’s target audience for Airu Mura is women specifically. We already know the company is using Sanrio’s Hello Kitty brand to help expand its mobile phone demographic, and Hello Kitty gear makes an appearance in Airu Mura as well. This wouldn’t be the first time a successful franchise has banked upon customization features to attract a greater number of female players either — Square Enix believe this is precisely the reason Dragon Quest IX has a larger female audience than prior games in the series as well.


It makes for an even more convincing argument when you consider the Hannah Montana PSP bundle that Airu Mura is part of. Capcom even announced a mobile phone version of the game last month — although, details on this build are a little sketchy — also scheduled for an August release.


Could the Airu Mura series be “Monster Hunter for women”?

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  • zhemos

    omg that was cute, I wanna play it!

    • kupomogli

      I thought so too. I was watching the video and thinking in my head. “That looks so cool!” Probably because I love cats more than anything else they were showing.

  • ROFL to one of the cat’s voices haha xD, god, this reminds me of animal crossing so much. And the battles is like a combination of Little king’s story with patapon, it looks fun, i dont really like to compare games, but i just had to say it :PHeh, well girls do like to “customize” stuff, but i think they are more inclined into clothes and such,… more than… just hats o.o.(I THINK, I MAY BE WRONG). but the cat’s faces are pretty funny xDAnyway i hope this franchise gets some female fanbase >:P, as for me, i dunno if im getting this… so many games now X.x

    • You may be right, depending on who you ask, and if you’ve ever played Ragnarok Online or not. Sorry, I couldn’t pass the joke up.

      For most part, I’m sort of thinking about it myself, but… I dunno. Mostly on the grounds that I’m not that familiar with Monster Hunter myself.

      But there’s just so many options…

      • Yeah yeah xD, haha I’ve played ragnarok, i know what you mean lol, and I’ve seen lots of girls there…, well maybe of the 10 “girls” i’ve met, i think at least 5 of them are girls o-o, i hope.., but well, besides changing of hat, you can put some stuff in your face as well! customization powar!!, … *ehem* …

        Anyway, it seems they are expecting a lot of new people to try this game, so i don’t think being familiar with monster hunter would be necessary :P.

        And in my opinion, the only funny things only a veteran monster hunter player may catch (or at least did a good portion of the missions), is that the monsters that killed you sooooooo many times, appear here,… chibi, and that is really funny xD.

        • Yea, RO (which is possibly the only MMO I’ve ever enjoyed <3 ) had a pretty sizeable female audience. Judging from some of the comments here, I guess Capcom are doing something right? :P

  • Guest

    i’d love some sort of youtube link to this so i can emb it elsewhere :(

  • cowcow

    I dun want cute I want horrible scary monsters like Gamera Godzilla and Mothra and Cloverfield

  • Joanna

    Ah, I can’t resist such cuteness! Nyaaaa~

    Well, I would love if more companies did customization, so more power to SE and Capcom.

  • Oh my. I really want this. I don’t why. Is it because I’m a woman I’m a sucker for all things cute and customisable? Omg. It’s just too cute. (I hope someday it’ll be localized….)

    • I absolutely agree. They’re so cute, and I want to play and get all sorts of items to make them even more adorable.

  • Hmm is it useless to hope for the possibilities that this game would be translated into U.S by Capcom?

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