Square Publishing A Tactics Ogre Remake For PSP [Update]

By Ishaan . July 20, 2010 . 7:11pm


Earlier this month, we uncovered new trademarks for Tactics Ogre. Now, say hi to Tactics Ogre: Wheel of Fortune, a remake of the original Tactics Ogre by series originator, Yasumi Matsuno.


Famitsu magazine brings us the scoop. They reveal that character design duties are being helmed by Akihiko Yoshida. In addition to art directing for games like Vagrant Story and Final Fantasy XIV, Yoshida also worked on the background art for the original Tactics Ogre. Music for Wheel of Fortune is being composed by Hitoshi Sakimoto and Masaharu Iwata, just like the original. The director for the game this time around is Hiroshi Minagawa, who handled art direction for the original game.


The PSP remake has a new character, Raveness Loscaerion, and a new fully-loaded battle system. Other features include new skills, classes, and character side stories. Battles are bigger too with 12 party members versus 18 enemies. The original game’s largest battles were 10 on 10 fights.


Spencer’s note: Square Enix trademarked Wheel of Fortune, in English, in Japan too. Hmm…


Update: Square Enix confirmed the reimagining of Tactics Ogre for North America. In the West, it will be known simply as Tactics Ogre: Let Us Cling Together.

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  • Kris

    Although, I’d be even happier with an Ogre Battle 64 remake!

    • Justinzero

      I’d rather get the illusive NGPC game instead. At least 64 was recently released on VC.

  • Pichi

    I am very pleased! SE, bring it over ASAP!

  • OMG! I was waiting for something like this.

  • Very cool. I hope there are new scenes to patch up the (myriad) plot holes and they upgrade a couple of the archaic mechanic and interface elements, but since it’s a remake, I believe we can expect improvements to that effect.Overall, I’m totally stoked. I never much cared for the plot – it’s highly political, but it’s a complete MESS – as much as the classic gameplay anyway, so even if they alter very little, I’ll enjoy it. All hail Square Enix and Matsuno!

    • Letiumtide

      And that if it’s anything less than a remake, that we won’t be getting it on this side of the pond.

  • BK0000

    You forgot the most important part: the game is being written by Matsuno!

    • kupomogli

      This is good news. Great news infact. I hope he’s director also.

    • Is this confirmed? I would be ecstatic if Matsuno was working on something again (even if a remake). We need talent like him on the job. If Matsuno has nothing to do with this… I hope S-E doesn’t foul up his script/story.

  • Joanna

    So this is a remake of March of the Black Queen? If it is, looks like they are giving it the same gameplay as Let Us Cling Together.

    • It’s a remake of Tactics Ogre: Let Us Cling Together.

      • Kris

        You just reminded me that “Wheel of Fortune” isn’t a Queen song. :( Shame they couldn’t come up with a Queen-related subtitle.

        • lostinblue

          They probably avoided making such a refference. Just like they avoided it on FFXII (with “we will rock” you being translated into roxx0r or something along those lines)

      • Joanna

        oh ok. I always think March of the Black Queen is the first game because it’s Episode 5. xD

  • Guest

    I used to hate on PSP SRPG ports but it hit me that I don’t really like SRPG on consoles except for Valkyria Chronicles.So while I could bitch about this being another port/remake like all the NIS stuff it took me a while to realize this actually REALLY awesome for me, personally. So hell yea. I just got Tactics Ogre for the VC and I hope the series lives up to the hype around the series. I thought FF:T was complete crap and I think the dev/teams are for Tactics Ogre and FF:T are the same but I hope it plays a lot differently. I loved Jeanne D’Arc so I hope its more like that.

  • RupanIII


  • 5parrowhawk

    I can has Alexander Smith localization?

  • Kibbitz

    I can’t stop imagining Pat Sajak and Vanna White in as secret characters =|

  • RPGRocker

    I really hope we get this. We never got that awesome SaGa 2 remake, and if it weren’t for Natsume we wouldn’t be getting Lufia 2: Curse of the Sinistrals.

    • Remember, Square Enix approached Natsume with the opportunity to bring over Lufia 2, so it’s not like they aren’t interested in localizing their games. :)

  • fenix7

    is this a remake of Tactics Ogre: The Knight of Lodis?

    • Serge73

      Nope, the first TO, which was for SNES, and then ported to PS1. (Only the PS1 version was localized in english, although it was quite rare…)

  • Electrium


    I actually missed out on this one, I didn’t have a PSX at the time and didn’t get one until I forgot the game existed. I loved the Knight of Lodis though, so this is a must get for me!

  • Rune

    I’ve been waiting for years for *anything* from the Ogre Battle series to come out of SE’s corner, especially since I missed on the PSX version. <3 Is it wrong that it gives me some hope that there will be an Episode 8 (or even 1-4 haha)?

  • holyPaladin

    Yes SE u are the best!

  • DarkWaterClone

    I so hope this does well in game sales so more Ogre games can come out. I am so psyched for this it will be Awesome. I hope next Vagrant Story is on the list of remakes to come.

    I remember on Joystiq after Final Fantasy Tactics: The war of the Lions came out SE said they wanted to remake that game next. So with Yasumi Matsuno working with SE again. I can only hope Vagrant Story is next. Plus with the old version not being on PSN at least in the US where Vagrant Story was a big hit. I could see why the PS1 version is not on PSN yet. So when the remake comes out in North America it would be great.

    I am so happy for Ogre & hope this allows for more games in the Ogre series. It also would be great if Vagrant Story could get a sequel or prequel & if it is not to much to ask a sequel to FFT. The FFTA is nice & all but is not the one I want. Again I am so happy & can’t wait to play this game. It should be a Blast.


  • kupomogli

    OMFGWTFBBQ.Tactics Ogre Let Us Cling Together is my favorite game. I’m so glad they’re remaking it rather than a PSN release and more glad that it’s on the PSP over another system.This is a day one purchase for me. I just hope they don’t do the same thing they did with FFTactics and make the game lag after every single action. I couldn’t stand how the spells and abilities on FFTactics War of the Lions went 1/3 of the regular speed.


    Wait. Tactics Ogre: Wheel of Fortune? Wtf? God da**it Square. Stop sh*tting all over the original storyline and translations already set in place. The retranslation of Dragon Quest spell names suck, the new subtitle of Tactics Ogre sucks. Knight of Lodis wasn’t from Queen but atleast it’s a good subtitle.

    Here you go Square. Instead of a garbage subtitle like that. If you have to change subtitles, how about War of Valeria, Hero of Griate, something. Wheel of Fortune sounds like crap. Or wait. How about Let Us Cling Together. That sounds nice doesn’t it? The fact that it’s a Queen song doesn’t mean it’s infringing on any copyright. It has actual meaning to it.

    • Serge73

      UGH, a game series that’s been abandoned for so long is being renewed, and THAT’S what you want to comment on? Subtitles? Man, some people always find something to complain about… >__>

  • sambuque

    I hope characters levelling is a little more forgiving like in FFT where you can switch from a mage to a knight without much malus on your stat. Anyway, AWESOME news.

    • kupomogli

      I personally hope that is not the case. The way in Tactics Ogre and FFT Advance is best.

      You’re basically throwing away the characters unique qualities by changing stats and allowing them to auto adjust. You’re losing the player control in how you want the character to be customized.

      On FFTactics. Unless you did the level down cheat and releveled your characters up multiple times as a different class, then you were essentially making it so that every Knight always had a fairly high attack, lower speed, somewhat decent move, and poor magic. On Tactics Ogre however, you could level your character mainly as a Ninja to build on your agility and then a Berserker/Dragoon/Terror Knight to fill in with HP, attack, and vitality. You’d have on average a higher agility than your standard character and a higher than average attack power with average vitality and HP.

      Want to make the best Warlock in the game? Max him out as a Ninja before changing him to a Warlock. Give him a lightweight shield(Tower,) light armor that doubles MP regeneration rate(Holy or Evil,) and spell such as Stun/Petrify/Charm/Charge, Quick, and Dragon Magic. Two should be enough for any party as anything more would be overkill. Leveling them as Ninja only and they wouldn’t be the most powerful Warlocks, but they would at a minimum take twice as many turns, more with Quick, and be able to stun/petrify/charm the entire enemy party or destroy the enemy party with multiple Dragon Magic uses due to the Charge/Quick/Dragon Magic combo.

      • sambuque

        You need to know the stat growth for each class and carefully plan how many levels you gain per class. You also need to know how each stat affect different ability and what are the best equipement to plan your characters build. It’s quite a lot of unknow factors on a first playthrought to get a decent team by the end of the game and a lot of reflexion before starting another one. It’s satisfying when you finally get your lightning fast terror knight or your swordmaster who almost never miss his spell, but it’s imo quite a headache to achieve.

        In FFT, it mostly comes down to actual class + slotted ability + equipement; it’s simpler, more flexible and as rich given the amount of ability and equipement available.

        Anyway, can’t wait for this game and hope than one of us see his hope realised.

  • Best news in years!! Been wanting to play Let Us Cling Together for ages, good thing I waited :) Shame on the new sub title though… especially since the old one was this awesome (the song is too!)

  • d19xx

    I wonder when will Japanese game developers ditch the damn super deformed character designs. Also, here’s hoping they wont loop the fucking walk animation as a fighting stance and idle animation.

  • fuzzy_hobo

    Yes, yes, YES!!! Instant buy. Matsuno, you need to come back. Your story isn’t finished yet.

  • lostinblue

    Never saw that coming.

    I hope they port it later on for the 3DS, I’ve grown used to playing S-RPG’s with a touch screen and stuff.

  • Hooo! this is great, i l ove tactics ogre, this was the first SRPG i ever played, i hope it comes in english D:!

  • Exand

    One day, I hope they make PSP games playable on PS3. It would make life so much better since I hate playing on little handhelds. But, I shouldn’t be complaining, yay Tactics Ogre!!!

  • gatotsu911


  • This made my life

    Btw, Akihiko Yoshida also designed/drew the characters for the tactics orge game (and FFtactics).

  • RAVENKam

    That settles it, the PSP is currently my console of choice.

  • thebanditking

    Its at times like these that I think if the PSP could talk it would say “The rumors of my death have been greatly exaggerated”. If this is how a dead platform gets games I would love to see a lively Sony Hand held.

  • All we need now is a new Megaman Legends game and all of my Video Game dreams will have come true.

  • BK0000

    Square Enix just announced a North American release. It’s still called Tactics Ogre: Let Us Cling Together in America.

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