Ys Seven Cloth Map “Live Demo”

By Ishaan . July 23, 2010 . 4:13pm

Xseed are taking Ys fans to heaven this summer with their Ys SEVEN premium edition for PSP. We’ve reported before that the Ys SEVEN collector’s edition contains a soundtrack CD with over 20 songs, a 12.5” x 34” cloth map, and a 60-page artbook covering Ys SEVEN, Ys: The Oath in Felghana, and Ys I & II Chronicles.


But 12.5″ x 34″ is just a number. What you really want is a life-size comparison. Oh hey, here’s one now.


In case you’re wondering who’s who, that’s Jess (Editor) on the left. If she looks different it’s because she’s missing her usual fashion accessory of choice. To the right is Christine (Product Coordinator), and in his crouching tiger pose at the bottom is Tom (translator extraordinaire).


Amazon currently has Ys SEVEN slated for an August 17th release — that’s two weeks sooner than when we last checked up on it.

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  • I want that Adol figure a tiny bit more than the map.

    • I have that one, it’s pretty awesome. I have an Ernst one that’s even better too :P

      • CIN

        Where did u get it? Who made it?

        • I need to check the box again(hopefully I still have it somewhere), but there are 2 different Adol figures, one from Ys Figure Collection (which is mostly characters from Ys VI) and then another from Ys Figure Collection II(Which has Adol, Terra, Ernst, Feena, Reah and Elena). The one he’s holding is from the first series, but if you can get a hold of the second series one it’s cooler looking, plus it comes with his Battle Shield from The Oath in Felghana.

          As for where to get them… look around, check ebay or other such sites. They won’t be expensive as far as figures go but since even the second series was only in production for a short time after the PC release of Oath, they’re hard to find. I bought my Figure Collection II through a private seller on a forum

          • CIN

            Thx for the info. I’m sure it’s gonna be hard to get a hold of him, but will try :)

  • neo_firenze

    Rawr. Best birthday present in quite a while for me. Can’t come soon enough, I’ve been on a major Falcom kick ever since the PSP localization announcements. Currently:- Finishing up Legend of Heroes III (Prophecy of the Moonlight Witch, aka US release title Legend of Heroes 2 on PSP). – Replaying Ys VI PS2. – Playing Vantage Master Online on PC (FREE official d/l from Falcom! And an English version is available! Go to http://falcom.com/vantage/index_e.html). – Waiting for my Japanese Brandish and Zwei! PSP games to arrive in the mail after breaking down and assuming I’ll never see localizations. 2010 is the year I became an official Falcom fanboy, I guess. There’s something more charming about Falcom’s timeless traditional style now in the “modern” age where everything is trying to do something new and “evolved”. The less of the classic type stuff we get, the more I am really satisfied by Falcom games.

  • regreto

    i want the map :D

  • omg XSEED so cool, i wanna get this

  • Draparde

    I’d love to have that stand-up thing behind the three of them too >_>;

  • LE is nowhere to be found in Canada!

  • Too bad the ladies aren’t included ;)

    • thebanditking

      I know it sounds so a-typical of a gamer to make these kind of remarks but I must agree both the women in this shot are really quite pretty imo. Anyway…..that’s an nice size for the map, actually a lot bigger then I thought it would be. Way to go XSEED!

  • kupomogli

    I just hope the Limited Edition is actually limited this time. I ordered it as soon as it appeared on Amazon because I’m a Ys fan, but with the Lunar Limited Edition I was able to get that quite some time after release for $20 when Amazon was doing a sale.

    Anyways. Is there anyone else here actually getting the regular edition or is it safe to say we’re all getting the Limited?

    • Ereek

      I think the Lunar LE was meant to be limited, but I don’t think it sold up to their expectations. Hopefully I’m wrong.

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