Street Fighter X Tekken And Tekken X Street Fighter Confirmed

By Ishaan . July 24, 2010 . 12:53pm

Chun Li During the Super Street Fighter IV panel at the San Diego Comic-Con, Capcom producer, Yoshinori Ono, pulled the curtain back on the another fighting title being produced by the company in collaboration with Namco Bandai.


Actually, make that two fighting game titles. The first, titled Street Fighter X Tekken, is being built on the Street Fighter IV engine at the Capcom end, under Ono’s supervision. The other is titled Tekken X Street Fighter and is being developed by Namco by Tekken series producer, Katsuhiro Harada.


In short, the rumours were true. Both games are being developed for the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.

  • Kris

    I can’t wait to see some assets. Although I dislike Tekken, it will be neat to see how different the games are.

  • I can’t even imagine playing SF like Tekken. Either way, I’m excited!

  • I expect Eddy Gordo/Christie Monteiro, owning half the SF cast, with just 2 buttons. x3

    Also, I hope this would lead to the gateway, allowing Capcom into #SuperRobotWars #SRW. After all, it’s no secret Capcom is MIA in #SRW.

  • Hraesvelgr

    Tekken is one of my least favorite fighters… ever. Disappointed, not really interesting.

    • shion16

      in with you
      tekken shouldnt be adapting to street fighter ¬¬!!!

      street fighter should be adapting to Tekken

      • Both are adapting to each other.

        Capcom is making their version of the game using the Street Fighter 4 engine.
        Namco is making their version of the game using the Tekken 6 engine.

      • There are two games: one on the SFIV engine and one on the Tekken 6 engine

    • raymk

      I really wanted them to make namco vs capcom not tekken vs sf why!! Anyway i’m a tekken and sf player so i’m buying both games. I also entered ssf4 and tekken 6 at evo 2010.

      • Advent_Andaryu

        Yeah, if this was Capcom vs Namco I would buy it day one. But now? I’m not interested at all. I hated SFIV and SSFIV and I haven’t liked a Tekken since the 2nd one.And I’m quite aware of Namco x Capcom. It’s cool, but I want a fighter. Not a strategy RPG. a Capcom vs Namco fighter on PS3/360 would be as phenomenal as the MVC series.

    • thebanditking

      I agree with you to a point, but don’t be too judgmental of this title yet. SF4 is one of the best fighters to come out in a long time and with Ono at the helm, this could turn out to be a great fighter too. Look at it this way how much can Capcom possibly screw up the Tekken characters at this point? Namco has taken that series so far beyond redemption that the worst this game could be is a SF4 clone with Tekken re-skins.

  • evilmoogle
  • Guest

    Andriasang said Twinkle Queen was the crossover game no one asked for….I think this is it.

    Wheres my Darkstalkers….

  • I guess I might pick one or both of these up, but, once again, not exactly jumping for joy at this, like I would’ve been for Darkstalkers.

    • ThunderGod_Cid

      Seeing how I don’t care much for Tekken’s game-engine, I’ll be getting Street Fight X Tekken version.

      • With me, it’ll all depend on the character roster, really.

  • BTA

    My only problem with this is that the rumors said it’d be Namco x Capcom and Capcom x Namco, which I would have preferred. Then again, this’ll probably work out a bit better…

    • They need to milk as many versions as possible… and you people would be complaining if they made Namco X Capcom and then Super Namco X Capcom this way they milk it like the Marvel Vs Capcom series… Street Fighter vs X-men, Street Fighter Vs. Marvel Superheroes etc…

  • Bleh, I was hoping for Namco vs Capcom

    • ThunderGod_Cid

      I would of prefered Guilty Gear X Street Fighter, BlazBlue X Street Fighter, Capcom VS SNK 3…..hell even a Marvel VS DC Universe fighter would of been better.

  • ↓ ↘ → P Hadouken! Tekken lose……→↓↘P Shoryuken! Namco Bandai lose

  • ThunderGod_Cid

    And I was expecting a new DarkStalkers game….but I guess not.
    If anything this will help Namco recover from the debacle that was Tekken 6.

  • Chow

    Are the two series even compatible under the same engine? lol

  • Euch… A terrible game. 8/

  • sambuque

    If the Namco version end up being a Tekken Tag game with destructible environnements and 80 characters -40 from Tekken 6 an 40 from the SF serie- I’m all in.

  • kupomogli

    Virtua Fighter vs Dead or Alive and Dead or Alive vs Virtua Fighter. I’d buy them both.

    Those two, Ehrgeiz, and Bloody Roar are my favorite fighting series. Ehrgeiz in my opinion is the greatest fighter of all time because it’s got so many layers of depth to it.. I used to be fairly good at it when I played regularly, but right now I suck badly at it(I should probably take my video off Youtube it’s an embarrassment. ) Ehrgeiz could use a few tweaks to make it literally perfect. Also remove the Final Fantasy characters. I like using Vincent over God Hand but they’re not needed. Rebalance some characters, expand some characters to have a larger moveset without making them overpowered or just too many moves that are not worth touching, etc.

    Then Bloody Roar 5. I want to see Bloody Roar in HD with online play and the gameplay from Bloody Roar 3.

  • This is interesting… I think I’ll get this game when it’s come out… I love SF IV and I hope this one is good too.

  • Jaxx-Leviathan

    Well disregarding the general hate towards this, I think this sounds like a winning combination. I want it.

  • Looks like they decided not to make a PC version of this game.

    • Are people really that anxious to play fighting games on a PC?

  • It’s a risky move for Capcom. SF4 was a multi million success, but going by NPD data they lost 2/3 of the fans due to to the SF4 – SSF4 upgrade.

    If they keep announcing/releasing these games (retail and downloadable) so fast it’s likely they’ll shatter rather than fortify the renewed interest in fighting games. And in the long run, that can’t be good for the genre and fans.

    Can’t comment on Namco’s side, don’t know how things went for Tekken. *misc “Namco, localize your other good stuff” comment here*

  • I’ve been reading the comments and I’m happy that capcom n namco r tryin sumthin new but, I agree wit the majority. It shudda been Capcom x Namco. Kos-mo n Shion vs. ChunLi n Morrigan. Sexi all ova that. lol But think about it SF vs Tekken. come on. Characters wit powers against hand to hand combat. Its like brining a knife to a gun duel. u kno?

  • Hmmmm…wish they would wait to release another street fighter, just bought the last 2 and i’m feeling a little ripped off! :-(

  • thebanditking

    Looks like I will be picking up Street Fighter X Tekken, seeing as thats the one developed by Capcom and Ono, its likely that this will be the best the Tekken characters have played in a LONG time, lol.

  • It probably would be better than MK vs DC, that was a horrable game!! By the way that Marvel VS Capcom 3 cover is an eye sore! It that soppose to be the hulk?

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