French Bread Developing New 2D Fighter

By Ishaan . July 25, 2010 . 8:02pm


Now that development of Type-Moon character fighting game, Melty Blood Actress Again Current Code — an arcade improvement over Actress Again for PlayStation 2 — is complete, developer French Bread are in the midst of pre-production work for their next 2D fighter.


Canned Dogs reports the news with a post on French Bread’s website as its source. The picture above is an illustration of characters that French Bread are designing for the new title. Since development is still in early stages, don’t hold your breath for a release any time soon.


Simultaneously, the team is also hammering away at Lunaria, a horizontal shoot-em-up, for which they plan to release a demo at the upcoming Comiket.


Note: If you’re unfamiliar with Melty Blood and would like to learn more, I’d recommend reading this.

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  • JustAnotherTraveler

    They finally get Melty Blood to at least be a somewhat decent fighting game and then they drop it lol.

  • MisterNiwa

    Somehow, Blaz Blue, King Of Fighters, Tekken 6 and Street Fighter 4 revived the Fighting Game Genre in this generation.

    Well, actually, I don’t know which of them revived the Fighting Game Genre, I’m just saying that these are part of the revival.

    And soon we will get a real revival that shows that Fighting Game Changed back to good, with Mortal Kombat.

    Sure it is not everyones favorite fighting game, but it is the only good Western Fighting Game that has fame around the world, even though I don’t really know if Japanese People like Mortal Kombat.

    Well, but anyways. I am glad to see the Revival of Fighting Games.

    • cowcow

      What the Hell is SEGA doing with Virtua Fighter???? Gah….

    • Even though I prefer ArcSys’s works over Street Fighter, but I’ll thank Street Fighter IV for getting the crowd to enjoy fighting games once again with accessible gamplay.Here’s to Guilty Gear X3

      • seishuun

        Looking forward to Tekken X Street Fighter and Street Fighter X Tekken. Its going to be a good couple of years for fighting games

  • evospace

    Ishaan, you forgot to mention the Pixel Maritan game, lol.

    So many big and small fighters are coming out and so little time to play!
    Phantom Breaker, Twinkle Queen, Chaos Code, Street Fighter VS Tekken, Marvel vs Capcom 3, Melty Blood AACC, Arcana Heart 3 port…. I haven’t even had time to fully practice KOF XIII or BlazBlueCS yet. ><

    • raymk

      i’m going to be playing every game you named as well. (yes i’m playing twinkle queen also like arcana hearts the combat looks to be worth my time)

  • I hope this is would get a PC version.

  • I think the more interesting news would be “2D Fighter Developing New French Bread”

    • Code


    • Jaxx-Leviathan

      Melty Blood! Now in the form of… bread! French Bread! Fighting French Bread!


    Ps3, Ps3, Ps3, Ps3….. PS3!

    • Too bad, @playstation #SCEA is being overrun by graphics whores.

  • Code

    Color me interested! both in this new 2D Fighter, as well as that shump! I always wanted to try out Melty Blood but I just couldn’t find a way to play it T_T’ Maann after reading that article I absolutely gotta try Melty Blood now!

  • I think Melty Blood now officially has more revisions than Street Fighter II. This is, what, the seventh now?

  • Hells yeah! I have MBAA and play it quite frequently, but I’ll import a new one in a heartbeat!

  • Didn’t French Bread develop Ragnarok Battle Offline?

    • Yes, that they did, and it was a worthy purchase of the original PLUS its expansions. Best three player brawler I’ve played in a while.

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