Front Mission Evolved Lets You Decorate Wanzers With Peace Walker Decals [Update]

By Ishaan . July 25, 2010 . 3:03pm


When we spoke to Front Mission Evolved producer, Shinji Hashimoto, at E3 and asked about his upcoming collaboration with Metal Gear Solid designer, Hideo Kojima, Hashimoto told us, “It’s a tiny surprise! We want to cross-promote our products. There is a little surprise; it’s small, but it’s coming.”


While the announcement did turn out to be a small surprise indeed — smaller than you’d expect, perhaps — you certainly can’t accuse Hashimoto-san of getting people’s hopes up.


Square, with Kojima signing autographs at their Comic-Con booth earlier this week, announced that Front Mission Evolved will allow you to decorate your Wanzers with decals from Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker and other Metal Gear logos, such as the one from Fox Hound.


Odd that Square and Konami would limit this cross-promotion to merely decals and not including Metal Gears in themselves Front Mission.


  • godmars

    And I care why?

    Put some actual Metal Gears in Front Mission as either boss fights or playable units, make a Monster Hunter side game, and then the content of my pants will be happy.

  • holyPaladin

    Why can’t they do like MGS PW with MH?Hope they got another surprise

  • Hmm… I think if any Metal Gear were actually in this, they’d be comparable to Final Fantasy series’ super bosses.

  • Code

    Wow, I could have swore they had actually said you’d get Metal Gear in Front Mission. Sure decals are neat to stick on things like my computer tower, sure, but these are virtual, thus I can’t do that, plus on top of everything decals are also not a playable ginormous nuclear railgun firing mech.

  • 5parrowhawk

    If Kojima’s willing to let them use PW material, maybe – just maybe – the game doesn’t suck as badly as everyone’s been fearing. After all, I don’t recall a collaboration between PW and any out-and-out bad game (let’s not talk about the body spray though).

    Then again, this could be just wishful thinking…

    • Tom_Phoenix

      I really don’t understand why people assume FME is going to suck. Just beacuse it’s not turn-based like the other games in the franchise? That is really poor grounds for such a statement.

      I understand that people are upset Square deviated from the franchises turn-based roots. There is already very few turn-based strategies as it is, losing them even in Japan is indeed quite agonising. Still, I don’t think it’s fair that FME is being shot down before it’s even had a chance to prove itself. Besides, there aren’t many mecha-based third-person shooters available, so having another one isn’t by itself a bad thing.

      Also, why do Front Mission fans mention “like Armored Core” as if that is a bad thing? I was under the impression that AC was a greatly beloved franchise.

      • 5parrowhawk

        There are some silly people who seem to be prejudiced just because it’s not a turn-based thing. There are others who seem to be down on AC just because it’s the *other* niche mecha game franchise. Tribalism and all that.I don’t think those are valid reasons, but here are two which might be:(1) Playtests by Western press have suggested that the game is fairly generic TPS apart from the customization elements. The distinctive feel of wanzer movement (see the CGI movies, which at least are well done) – deliberate, potentially rapid but retaining a lot of inertia and momentum – doesn’t seem to be coming through in gameplay. If you watch the TGS ’09 gameplay trailer (couldn’t find an E3 trailer), the wanzers move as though they’re weightless and can stop on a dime. (2) It doesn’t look as though the game will have a slate of interesting team tactics options, especially in the single-player. Team tactics really are an important part of the series, and it would be a shame if they were left out. With both of those elements (distinctive physics and team tactics) unseen and presumed missing, the game is looking a bit like a generic third-person shooter (albeit with customization, which AC has already done in an arguably better manner). This doesn’t make it a bad game, but does mean a lot of wasted potential. It could potentially be a really good shooter with a genuine connection to the series – picture Rainbow Six-style team coordination and very physical ground movement – but thus far there’s little reason to believe that those elements will receive the prominence they deserve.

  • Way to disappoint…

  • cowcow


    • Code

      ! ! ! Now that would have been a badass cross over >w<! Jehuty in my Front Mission~!

  • You can bitch all you want that the new FM is not an SRPG (I have done my fair share) but at least it’s coming back in some form for the U.S. – and you really can’t fault Square for trying something new(ish). My pre-order is placed and I’ve had a raging boner ever since.

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