Watch Viz’s Comic-Con Shounen Jump Panel Q&A

By Ishaan . July 25, 2010 . 12:01pm


If you’ve ever wondered how these panels play out, you’ll probably find the video above interesting. Viz’s editors make a few announcements during the panel, too. For anyone that’s interested, Viz also hosted a Vampire Knight panel.

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  • zangetsukakashi


    • cowcow

      Stop that

    • Don’t do that ever again.

      • zangetsukakashi

        i’m so sorry.

  • gatotsu911

    Y’know, years ago, back when I read Shonen Jump religiously, Viz was hosting Nobuhiro Watsuki at Comic-Con and invited readers to send in questions for him. I sent one in and got a response saying that they loved it and would be sure to show it to him. I never heard about it again, and I tried finding the interview with Watsuki and couldn’t find my question. So, like, what happened with that Viz? That was a pretty big downer for my fragile freshman self.

  • Aoshi00

    Interesting.. but why would that guy ask for Dragonball Kanzenban, that’s pretty much just thicker volumes in smaller numbers w/ original colored pages and some extra contents at the end, he’s not going to collect the whole series again is he. The art felt a bit weird to me anyway because it’s blown up from the original tankoubon. I have only bought the last Kanzenban volume for Kenshin just because it had “Yahiko’s Sakabatou” in it, I had the original Jump but I don’t know where it is now..

    Nurarihyon’s getting animated so quickly, I was a bit surprised the main char is being voiced by Fukuyama Jun, sounds a little old for the kid ver.

    • thaKingRocka

      As usual, I like where your head’s at. Seriously? Hopefully, they don’t publish the kanzenban, instead just publishing the alternate endings or whatever. I was pretty disappointed in the Death Note kanzenban announcement too. That’s incredibly lame.

      As expected, there was no info about the titles I care about: Slam Dunk, Real, and Sanctuary.

      • Slam Dunk has been localized. They have up to Volume 10 in stores now. Real was in last year’s preview volumes so it should be in stores too. As for Sancturary, that’s one of the earliest works they localized. I have a feeling you know all this though.

        • thaKingRocka

          I do know this, but thanks. What I want to know is why the hell they’re dropping the ball so miserably on Slam Dunk and why they haven’t reprinted Sanctuary despite it being so great that it was one of the earliest titles they wanted to translate. I’ve sent them emails asking about these things (in nicer terms). These are both series that are long since done, and they should be easy moneymakers for the company, but they’re busy recompiling Death Note into pseudo kanzenbans.

          As for Real, I did want to hear some news about it in general. I know that one’s ongoing, so I look at it very differently. I’m happy to let Inoue take all the time in the world to write it.

          • Well, it’s probably publishing costs, demand, and process. You might call it BS, but I mean look at the Shonen Jump magazine. The only titles that run in it anymore are One Piece, Naruto, Bleach, and Ultimo. Then again, they are bringing out those Death Note books due to the craze American anime fans still have for it. Perhaps if you find enough people to demand for Sanctuary, they’ll reprint it.

            As for what I mean for process, unlike scanlators, these people work 9-5. I doubt they do the translating outside that time block unless they’re almost finished with a chapter and work OT for it. I’d say for the chapters to go from translation to editing to print to shipment, it probably takes about a week per chapter. Maybe a little less. Each volume contains 8-10 chapters, so a release every 8 weeks sounds reasonable to me. They also have to work on many other titles as well, so who knows how many people they have working on it. The company and offices aren’t actually very big. Well, at least that’s what my sis told me when she came back from California last year.

            Real has 8 volumes in stores right now. The latest one came out in April and the next one is coming in November. … Isn’t Real only at 9 volumes in Japan right now?

      • Aoshi00

        It was really strange, you had this guy asking about the re-release of a manga alrdy read by everyone.. probably half the room didn’t know what he was talking about and when the lady at the panel asked “is that really what you want?” They all went “yeah!” lol There’s a Death Note kanzenban? the original manga was only 12 vol are you sure? Usually they do that to compress the long manga right?I feel you for Slam Dunk, they should do a Naruto on that and just catch up in a couple of months and just get the old series over w/, wonder if they would finish it even by 2020 at this snail pace.. good thing I don’t need to depend on Eng. manga.. I kind of miss Inoue’s older drawing style, just like Toriyama, now Real and Vagabond are a bit too realistic (at least he goes back to more details than his internet diversion Buzzer Beater, anime was good though).. even Watsuki’s, most artists’ drawing seem to peak in the middle of their career.

        • The Death Note Black Books sounds more like something for the biggest Death Note fans. They are just the same 12 volumes, just prettier covers and the edges are all black. Death Note has gained a pretty phenomenally rabid following here, probably because of the Adult Swim anime block, so I wouldn’t be surprised if they sold decently well.

          Here’s an example: I went to the Brooklyn Botanical Garden for the cherry blossom viewing event. I got there ahead of my friends so I sat on a stone stair banister near the our meeting spot. A couple cosplaying as Melo and Nero spotted me and asked if I was L just cause I was sitting the way he does. I mean, I did let grow my hair a little then, but I was wearing glasses and my eyes are narrow. I played along with them for a bit though just to pass the time.

          At the rate their going with Slam Dunk, I’d say the final volume will sell in October 2013. Just wanted to point that out.

          I sound like a little spokesperson for them now… lol.

  • Did she talk bad about bakuman!? =o

    • Quite the opposite actually. She said when Bakuman came along it was a “no-brainer” to get it localized. “No brainer” means it’s so obvious what to do with something that you don’t even need to think about it.

  • =D My sister was volunteering at the VIZ booth in exchange for free tickets from her friend’s sister, who’s an employee at VIZ. Guess who thanked her and her friends for her work, and with what. Stan Lee and Takei-sensei with a signed volume 2 of ULTIMO. =D

    • Jesus, you guys are like a family of uber-otaku. But wow…Stan Lee’s autograph. That is amazing. Congratulations!

      • Lol. My sis isn’t really much of an otaku. It’s her boyfriend and her friends that are, although they aren’t as big as me. It’s not like she becomes a fan of an anime if she watches it and likes it. She treats them like any other TV show.She was actually asked if she could volunteer there, along with her boyfriend and their friends. When she goes, she looks more forward to the next couple of weeks after Comi-Con. They went to the San Fransisco area last year, visited tourist spots there, went to VIZ’s office for a personal tour from her friend’s sister. Okay, that last part sounds otaku-ish, but she didn’t go for otaku reasons. LOL. This year she’s touring San Diego and the surrounding area.Oh no, my voice inside my head is going “Ore no aneue” when I say “my sis”.

        Edit: Hmm… even though I said my sis wasn’t that much of an otaku, she was the one who got me into anime.

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