Radiant Historia Finally Revealed

By Spencer . July 27, 2010 . 7:58pm

rhistoriaWay back in March we discovered Atlus registered a trademark for Radiant Historia. Thanks to this week’s issue of Famitsu we know what it is.


Radiant Historia is an upcoming Nintendo DS game developed by Atlus and some of the staff from Radiata Stories, a tri-Ace developed PS2 game published by Square Enix. Hiroshi Konishi is reprising his role as the lead artist. Mitsuru Hirata who worked on Shin Megami Tensei: Strange Journey is the game’s director.


Only the first page leaked out, which says the story has the characters coming and going between the past and future.


Radiant Historia is scheduled to come out on November 4.

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  • holyPaladin

    Yes I love Radiata Stories ^^I wonder if it developed by Atlus (not Tri-ace I think because only “some” staff), then no Lenneth cameo again? :(

    On the scan, it said that the composer is Yoko Shimamura :p

  • Simon

    if its ATLUS we can probably see this here soon after Japan release

  • Time to play Radiata stories then. God, I have too many PS2 games I haven’t even started.

  • Electrium

    I never beat Radiata Stories (thanks to an absolutely obscene difficulty spike at the final boss), but I really liked the characters and the combat system. I guess I don’t know anything else made by that team but sure, I’m interested in a DS game by them.

  • this is simply GREAT omg this will be so cool, and radiant story had such an unique style that made me want to replay it over and over again, OMG this will be great

  • nonoko


  • For DS? Ummm..why? This would have been better on PS3, I think.

    Well, whatever. Have fun playing a very watered down version of something which could have been considered rather epic. I don’t really have anything against the DS, but this could have been so much more..*sigh*

    • jj984jj

      WTF? We don’t even know what it looks like yet.

      • Hraesvelgr

        Probably just another one of those comments saying how portable games are “smaller” than console games, even though a lot of DS games have more content than some PS3 games.

        • Some, yeah. But then again, but not all. Not by a long shot. What he’s saying is that there’s a limit to how much they can put in this because of the format it’s on, while if it were a PS3 game, sure, there’s a possibility that they could waste the space and do anything special with it, but there’s also the possibility they could fully utilize what they have and make this better than it ever could be on the DS.

          There’s no guarantee it’d be better on the PS3 than the DS, although it’d certainly look better, but it gives it more potential.

          • sfried

            Potential is one thing, but “realized vision” is another. I know all too many games that have had grand ambitions, only to find themselves short on delivering because they went over budget. Just look at Xenogears Disk 2…

        • malek86

          I see a lot of people hating on portables nowadays. What’s up with that? I mean, it will probably be a game like any other.

          • Zefiro Torna

            People spend hundreds of dollars on home consoles only to see handhelds flourishing more. Looking at it that way, I cannot blame their disappointment.

            However, saying this sort of game should have been on a console overlooks the reality that games like this probably wouldn’t even exist if not for the fact that console-size budgets don’t grow on trees, therefore making portables a more ideal option. Wish the hating people would realize this.

            The unfortunate thing about being a video game fan is seeing how many still make the mistake of valuing a game primarily based on it’s epic sized budget. Even more filmgoers seem to know better than us, which is why that medium is probably more respected (in addition to being around longer). With all that in mind, common issues to us like platform specific hate is something we’ll still be seeing for some time.

          • Yeah, I’m not hating on anything here, lol. I’ve been gaming for over 20 years now, so I see things pretty clear cut when it comes to things like this. Simply put, I’m upset because I played Radiata Stories on PS2 and we finally get a sequel of sorts, only to have it put on a completely different system from a completely different company.

            That’s a turn off to quite a lot of people. I felt the same way after playing Valkyrie Profile on the PS1, then Valkyrie Profile 2 on the PS2, and saw the next VP title was on the DS instead of the PS3. So yeah, don’t treat this as console hate because it’s far from that.

            It’s more of a, “loyalty to the fanbase” issue I guess you could say. You have a group of people who have been purchasing Sony products for years, following the same series, then all of the sudden they find out that their series has been handed over to a completely different system owned by a different company. If they want to make it multi-platform, that’s one thing.

            However, to completely take it away from the fanbase that has been following it for so long just seems a bit unfair. It would be like if you had been playing Xenosaga: Episode I, then beat it and Episode II came out. So, you buy that, beat it as well.

            Later, Episode III is released, but on a TOTALLY different console. So, you have no way of playing it unless you buy a different console for just this game. How would that make you feel? I think any loyal consumer would feel a little upset (and possibly even betrayed) towards the company and it shouldn’t really be considered, “console hate” simply because they expected the following entry to the franchise to follow the trend it had been following and be put on the console they started the series on in the first place.

            I kind of wish people wouldn’t be so quick to judge and call others, “haters” just because they disagree with the console of choice the company chose to put their new game on. I’m not hating. I’m just disappointed.

          • malek86

            TetsuyaHikari: I was not referring to you or this situation in particular. It’s just that lately, whenever a game is announced for PSP or DS, I see a lot of people saying stuff like “why not on a real console?”.

          • Joanna

            @TetsuyaHikari: I know exactly what you are speaking of…but if you really have 20 years of gaming experience something like this shouldn’t come as a shock. Third parties always switch up systems. SquareSoft went from Nintendo to Sony. Mistwalker from Microsoft to Nintendo. Hell, even Capcom with Monster Hunter is moving away from only-Sony to all systems, and I’m sure some MonHun fans in Japan aren’t too thrilled. It’s just they way it goes, and you just have to accept it (since you can’t force these companies to do what you want nor do you really have such an entitlement). There is no loyalty between third parties and publishers on that level. Sure, there may be a nice working relations, but if another system comes along with better prospects, you can’t really fault the company for moving on.

            Maybe I’ve just grown accustomed to being on the short end of the stick since I’ve been a handheld gamer for most of my life. I also never buy a system before I see what games it has because I know, you can’t really rely on the third parties.

            Bottom Line: I know where you are coming from, but I think you’re overreacting a bit.

        • Generally speaking, disc format games are bigger than DS games. So, it’s only natural that I say the game could have more content if it was put on PS3 as opposed to DS. Yes, you are right in the fact that DS games have more content than some PS3 games, but you’re wrong in the fact that a LOT of DS games do.

          It’s really hard to even try to argue that the DS can have games with more content when comparing them to a game on a Blu-Ray disc. I think it’s a pretty safe bet to say this game would have had more content if it was on the PS3, honestly.

          • malek86

            Actually, considering the difference in sound and graphics, many DS games could have a lot of content.After all, on the DS you can easily get away with 2D graphics and no voices (especially considering that 3D on the DS mostly sucks, so at times 2D will be a better choice, stylistically speaking), while on the PS3 you absolutely need at least HD graphics and Dolby Digital sound, and possibly voices too (can’t remember an unvoiced RPG, while there were some on PS2). As a result, even if the DS cartridge has less space than a BR disc, you might actually be able to squeeze a whole lot of content in, speaking just in gameplay terms.To explain what I mean: FF6 on the SNES was on a 4MB cartridge, if I recall correctly. Think about how much content that game had. Now, consider that on the DS you can probably get away with slightly-better-than-SNES graphics, while the cartridges are a lot bigger (can get upward to 512MB). The mind boggles at the idea of just how much stuff they could possibly squeeze in, in such a situation.

    • You name one game that Atlus has developed for PS3. Keyword: Developed. Not published.

      Hell, even better, do some research about development costs for PS3 games. 8D

      • In simpler terms, PS3 dev. costs mostly pertain to graphics.

      • And this can’t be Atlus’ outstanding first footstep set in the library of PS3 titles WHY exactly..? Sure, I can’t name you one now, but there’s nothing stopping them from making this an excellent impression on PS3 owners. I honestly don’t many people that played Radiata Stories for PS2 and got a DS, so this is kind of a kick in the balls from Atlus to the people who played the predecessor.

        Also, your “research” argument about development costs is moot. If no name companies can develop garbage games for PS3, I’m sure Atlus has what it takes to develop this for PS3 if they wanted to (keyword: WANTED). I’m sure it will still sell well on the DS in Japan, but as I stated before, “this could have been so much more”. When I compare this title to what Radiata Stories was and the content in that game, it feels like they are cutting themselves off at the knees.

        It’s obvious that the PS3 would give them more content and that’s absolutely what this game needs. It needs to take a step forward from Radiata Stories and keep all of the stuff which made it great (including cameos) and just build upon that by adding more characters, dungeons, cameos, even alternate outfits. Instead, they chose to take a step back and give us less content on a system which can’t even compare to the PS2 in terms of: disc space for content, graphics, and hardware

        So yeah, this makes me a little upset, but whatever. As I said before, I don’t have anything against the DS, so don’t take this as a fanboy rant or anything like that. I would be preaching the same thing from the other side of the fence had Radiata Stories been on the Gamecube originally and instead of putting the next installment on the Wii, they randomly throw it on the XBOX 360 or something.

        • I honestly don’t many people that played Radiata Stories for PS2 and got a DSRight here, bub.Speaking less anecdotally, the main audience for Radiata Stories is in Japan. While there is certainly overlap, far more people own a DS than own a PS3 there….And here….And in PAL regions.Statistically speaking, the number of people who bought the original game and now own a DS is far, far higher than the number of people than the number of people who bought the original and don’t own a DS…but do own a PS3. What you need to realize is that most of the Radiata Stories fanbase and most of the world (especially Japan—which again, is the primary audience for this game) went one way, and you and a few others went a completely different way.
          (Also: ughh, Disqus really needs an ‘undo’ button. I accidentally ‘liked’ your comment below while trying to reply to it—whoops.)

        • FireCouch

          I would make my own comment about this, but you said exactly what I would have.

        • Sounds like you really “want” a game you know nothing about to be made for PS3 because you’re 100% certain it will be abysmal on the DS.It could be a sequel to Radiata Stories. It could be a prequel. It could have absolutely nothing to do with Radiata Stories. Do you know? I doubt that. The lead designer probably wished for the game to be on the DS, namely, because as honorless said, the main audience for Radiant Historia (he/she probably confused it with Radiata Stories) is Japan. A country where most of the populous owns portable game systems.Just because you want something to be doesn’t mean it should. I want Namco Bandai to localize several Tales games, but I don’t see it happening. I don’t necessarily complain about the dev’s decisions.

    • sfried

      Are you implying just because its on DS it can’t be epic? Someone hasn’t played Strange Journey.

      Haters gonna hate.

    • Why so graphics whore, TetsuyaHikari?

      “Watered down” means, “NOT HD GRAPHICS’, am I correct?

  • epy

    Fortunately since it’s a direct Atlus game it has a very strong chance of coming out in the US. Atlus USA doesn’t seem to like to publish other companies’ DS titles anymore. (yeah, i’m still bitter about Luminous Arc 3).

    • Joanna

      Me too. And it’s a bit annoying since LA3 seems like the last game. Why can’t they finish what they started?!

      I’m thinking of going onto the Atlus forums to bother them about it since asking through twitter didn’t seem to work….

  • Jaxx-Leviathan

    Thumbs up. Gonna follow this with an interest.

  • meganeshounen

    Radiata Stories meets Chrono Trigger?

    I’m sold.
    Now, if only they include Nami Tamaki’s singing in the game once more…

  • Code

    ! ! ! Did someone just say time-travel, color me interested!

  • God, why?!!! Of all the things in the world why the DS?!!! Well, yeah I have it but I want a decent next-gen rpg so very badly!!!!

    • I think you should look at the thread that’s about 11 comments down.

    • Joanna

      You know, I’m really tried of people whining about RPGs for the DS. Sorry to say, there are other people who are perfectly content with DS RPGs. If you don’t like DS RPGs, just avoid them and don’t even read articles about them. Go specifically to whatever console tag you want to read about. And let us handheld gamers enjoy this pampering for once. /rant

  • raymk

    This is great portable or not since its made by such great people it has to be good.

  • FireCouch

    Of course. The sequel I have been waiting for forever is on DS… Part of what made the original Radiata Stories so great is already taken out of this version: The amazing dialogue and voice acting.

  • urbanscholar

    Well here’s to seeing what becomes of this title. Radiata Stories was a complete turn off so it’ll be interesting what happens this go around.

  • neocatzon

    Radiata Stories was great, now they have great staff for Radiant Historia ? Must Play !

  • If this really does turn out similar to Radiata Stories, I’d say there’s a similar series in terms of cast size that had games on the PS2 and has a DS title in it’s family: Suikoden. Suikoden Tierkreis may have had bad direction with the MC’s English voice acting but it turned out to be a pretty good game despite that. If it felt TOO different from the main series, which I don’t think it was, I would blame the staff who worked on it, not the DS’s “limitations.”http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Suikoden_Tierkreis…There’s one other thing; this is probably not a true sequel to Radiata, but perhaps will turn out to be a spiritual sequel or something different all together. All we know about it is some of the staff who are working on it and that there’s time travel involved.I just felt like pointing this out. I probably won’t reply to anyone, but I feel that a discussion thread should grow from this.

  • Arekkusandora

    The DS is great and all. But I always have a preference in playing a nice, long RPG on a big screen TV in the comfort of my house. Can’t beat that ;D

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