Your First Glimpse At A Brand New PS3 Tales Game

By Spencer . July 28, 2010 . 9:08am


In addition to announcing Tales of Graces F, Shonen Jump also released the first image of a brand new Tales game.


Other than the illustration, Namco Bandai did not release any other details about their upcoming Tales project. The name, release date, and genre (usually Tales games get “something related to the plot” RPG as the genre) are still a secret.


Whenever this Tales title comes out it will be the first Tales game to debut on the PlayStation 3.

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  • thebanditking

    This is awesome! Though I’m trying not to let the “this is a Japan announcement” effect my excitement. I sincerely hope Namco US brings the two PS3 titles over to NA/EU. Tell you what Namco you bring Graces and this new game to western PS3’s and I will never bother you about Vesperia again.

    • Guest

      Never, ever, ever again! I don’t care about Vesperia specifically anymore…just give us something Namco! Please!? T_T

  • zweii

    I’ve already given up on a US Vesperia but I sure hope this game will have Asian version at least. With english menus and subtitles. Don’t care much for english dubs since i never use them if given an option.

    • lostinblue

      If they actually translate the text for that purpose they might as well release the games overseas.

  • Alrai

    I’m a little confused. If they’re releasing this on the PS3 to start, what system are they going to port the actual finished version of the game to?

    • malek86

      Maybe the next Xbox. It will be a launch title.

      PS3 owners will be snapping their discs in half too, and so the circle will finally be complete.

    • DSiWare

      • No no, not DSiWare. It’ll release halfway into the 3DS’s life time.

    • ShinGundam

      PS3 “port”able

  • Akimitsu

    Yay, two “new” PS3 Tales games that we probably won’t get due to Bamco crapping on their outside-Japan audience! Considering that Graces didn’t have a localization, I can see why they wouldn’t bring Graces F over, although they did bring over the last Wii Tales game. This new one, though, may have more luck in reaching overseas, as Bamco tends to bring over its new Tales games and not enhanced ports (Graces excluded of course).

  • lostinblue

    Kinda stupid that namco still doesn’t understand that what probably killed Graces sales in japan was two things; the fact it was released close to FFXIII and the fact it was less than 3 months away from their own new tales of port no one purchased the first time around… Tales of Vesperia PS3.

    That’s overcrowding. And now… they’re doing it again. A port and a new game… And no support for other platforms other than PS3.

    This is a step back.

    • How is it a step back? Aren’t you usually Mr. Share the Wealth? Oh…I get it. You want it shared with everyone BUT the PS3. My mistake. I understand now.

      • lostinblue

        How is this a “share the wealth” initiative when they’re announcing 2 ps3 (and 3 playstation) titles at once and no title outside that? One that ceases being exclusive with a directors cut edtion and bugs fixed (which gives the impression everything done outside Sony platforms in the future is what… beta?) You’re right, that’s my stance, but this is simply not it.Hence why I’m saying it’s a step back. they should have held the new ps3-exclusive game existence a while longer, until ToGF releases. because now, intentionally or not they just said their whole line-up is sony-centric, which when they’re a multiplatform series is something they shouldn’t, just like they shouldn’t make it nintendo-centric, there’s a balance.And no, you clearly don’t understand now, because you’re simply being a douche.

        • I’m sorry that you consider pointing out hypocrisy to be “being a douche.”

          • lostinblue

            *sigh* turn things backwards, and say, if we had 2 Wii games and a DS one… one of them… vesperia wii; and I was saying what I did. is it still hypocrisy saying all the new tales of releases being exclusive for a platform (even counting the port, it’s a directors cut after all) are a step back? I think so.

            I’m pro-Wii, yes, but you’re pro-Ps3… and my point goes beyond that, even because I’m not against the port and stated so.

            Yes, you’re being a douche, but not for pointing out hypocrisy. But for being a hypocrite yourself. Which I insist, you’re being.

          • I wouldn’t be complaining if they announced that the next two were going to be Wii titles.

            First off, the Tales series has always jumped from platform to platform. If they want to give it a home on one particular system, well, that is their choice. Is it nice that it’s the system I own, yeah. But I wasn’t asking for a Tales of Graces port. I have told you many times that I believe in the power of exclusives. If the Wii was to get the next two, well then, hey, that makes the system a little better. You seem to think I am as pro-PS3 as I am because I have some sort of weird loyalty to Sony as a corporation. It’s not that at all. It’s that they have the best games.

            I won’t buy a system unless it has 20 games on it that I might want to play. The Wii had 9 before this announcement. If, by some miracle, the Wii were ever to get to 20, guess what I would do? Buy a Wii. I believe that developers do owe a bit of loyalty to their customers. I don’t believe customers owe loyalty to any particular brand.

            Besides, if Namco’s localization history, I don’t think it matters what systems these games are for, since I probably won’t be playing them unless I import anyway.

  • zangetsukakashi

    amazing news . but i hope we even get the chance to play it.

  • DemonicX

    Why do I have a feeling that this one won’t come to America either? Oh, that’s right, it’s Bamco..

  • Finalstar2007

    will we ever get these tales games out in English? i mean really.. please.. namco.. really :(

  • Vino (Tim N)

    I hope someday, we’ll see a Namco Bandai/ Tales of series related post, and not have people whining about them. I know Namco Bandai have themselves to blame, but it gets annoying after awhile folks.

    This post made my day, I can’t wait to find out more about this game.

  • nyobzoo

    well here’s hoping for a release outside Japan

  • That’s half my wish granted; now bring it out in North America and I’ll be a very happy bear.

    • I’m trying not to get excited because I have a feeling these two won’t get localized either. Still, if they do, I will be very, very happy.


    With a PS3 port of Graces and another upcoming HD Tales game my chances of either getting to play Graces or possibly see a port to X360 is much greater as well as simply having more rpgs in my region to play.

  • SanityCrisis

    Genuinely looking forward to this, since it’s about time NamDai decided to develop another game instead of their notorious porting and remaking.

    The walkways over the lake remind me of the Ymir forest in Phantasia, but that’s just a first impression.

    But I have to ask: If RM3 is Title 1, Graces F is Title 3, and this game is Title 4, what was Title 2?

    • Narikiri Dungeon was title 2.

    • Genuinely looking forward to this, since it’s about time NamDai decided to develop another game instead of their notorious porting and remaking.

      To be fair, it’s not only Namdai that does it – lots of companies suffer from the endless remake and ports bug since that’s the easiest way to make moeny. (And especially since stats have shown that gamers are alot more resistant to new IPs.) Square-Enix does it, and gosh do otome game makers ever do it – If you think Namdai is bad, Koei is in the running for having ported a PS2 game to two portables AND THEN BACK TO THE PS2 AGAIN. D: D: D:

  • kupomogli

    Something for Japanese gamers to look forward to.

  • vrakanox

    That character in the bottom right looks awfully badass.

  • New Tales of~ New Tales of~ :D *dances around*

  • “Whenever this Tales title comes out it will be the first Tales game to debut on the PlayStation 3.”

    Except, you know..Tales of Vesperia that was released in Japan for PS3. That was actually the first. Also, the name of this title was already leaked back in May or so. It’s titled, “Tales of Unitia”.

    Supposedly, it’s releasing in Fall of this year. I wouldn’t count on it though, unless this game has had a VERY tight lid on it.

    • Nei_chan

      What part of “the first Tales game to DEBUT on PS3” you dont understand? Vesperia definitely didnt debut on PS3, neither did Graces
      Also Unitia was one of the unused trademarked names for ToG, maybe its probable but certainly not a given that they will name it like this.
      And the date is TBA, no one mention anything about it as for now

      • lolOh, that’s right. Silly me. Tales of Vesperia for 360 is the “full” version. No no. Of course the PS3 version with, you know..more content (and even a new character) couldn’t be the REAL version they meant to release in the first place.Oh wait…Anyway..if you truly believe ToV was meant to be on 360, you’re sadly mistaken, lol. I believe the 360 version was used to test the water for a Tales game on a new console they had no experience with, so when that was finished, they finally decided to release a full and proper version on the console they had originally planned on releasing it for. I’m sure it will be the same with Tales of Graces F.We’ll get more content, it will play better (you know, with less bugs), and it will look better overall. So yeah, you can split hairs here all you want and debate whether or not ToV was the first Tales game to “debut” on PS3, but you really need to understand the mind of companies first before you try to defend your argument about what game was designed for which console.Cause I can assure you..Tales of Vesperia, Tales of Graces, Eternal Sonata, Star Ocean: The Last Hope, etc. were not meant to “debut” on the XBOX 360 and Wii. That was merely used to, “test the water” before releasing the, “full” version of the game on the console they had in mind from the start.I’ve seen this sort of thing happen quite a bit through the years. It’s time you wake up and smell the coffee, lol.

        • Kris

          What about the Last Remnant?

        • Nei_chan

          lol you can’t even read properly and instead of admitting you made a mistake you choose to write even more silly things. The additional content is aded merely to justify somebody buying the new version of a one or so year old game, who do you think would buy a port if it didnt have anything new to it if they already have the chance to buy a game cheaper, huh? Developers want to earn money, they release a game for some platform to make money, if after some time they decide it will be profitable for them to release it on other platforms, they are free to do so but no one will buy a raw port so they have to convince the consumers its worth it. Its not something developers do to please you, playstation owners, its practice used for years on every platforms, you just sound like a butthurt little fanboy that has to justify someway waiting months to play games others are already done with long ago, time to wake up and learn about laws of the market

  • cowcow

    I hope it LITERALLY LOOKS LIKE THAT in terms of in game screens.Tired of the simplistic moe anime approach. Let’s try a new art style.Oh what the Hell am I saying; it’s not like this game will be released to the U.S. anyway.

  • Bahahah. I did a little poking around Namco Bandai Games America’s website, and found three contradictions on there that should support North American releases of Tales games.

    Number 1: “Namco Ltd., based in Tokyo, Japan, is expanding its consumer business on a worldwide basis by developing innovative games for major home videogame platforms.”

    Number 2: “NAMCO BANDAI Games will unrelentingly seek out and take on new challenges as it aims to become the world’s most admired videogame maker.”


    1. Only supply products that deliver real customer satisfaction
    2. Continually aim to create genre-breaking products
    3. Work to offer more chances to enjoy videogames (multi-content approach)
    4. Work to enhance the gameplay experience (media-mix approach)
    5. Actively supply products to overseas customers

    They’re lying out their asses. 8D

    • Actually..they’re not lying, lol. They have upheld every one of those points. You have to remember something. Their Tales series isn’t the ONLY franchise they have.

      Namco Bandai has been releasing plenty of games in the US and are continuing to do so. Isn’t that new Naruto game supposed to be coming out soon? There’s also that new Dragonball game.

      Not to mention they might localize the .hack//Link game since the manga was released in the US recently, so we know there won’t be any license issues for using the characters.

      • Yes, because publishing cash cows surely stops them from localizing their own IPs.

  • raymk

    IF they release any tales it will be this one because its 3D and that’s usually what the west loves on a regular basis, graphics and nothing else. OH well even if it doesn’t show i can import it so no biggy for me.

  • Kris

    I don’t even know if I can get excited for the Tales series anymore. US releases feel like a lost cause. I guess now I know how Falcom fans used to feel. :p

  • BK0000

    At least the PS3 is region free. It won’t be a problem to import.

  • great, another chance for namco bandai to turn us down

  • ThunderGod_Cid

    Yes, our first glimpse at yet ANOTHER Tales game that’s not being released outside Japan.

  • I honestly dont think that Graces needed to be ported unto PS3. I know it had bugs and glitches but they did have a new revised version released. But oh well a new Tales game is interesting. Ppl are already joking that the title should be “Tales of not being released out of Japan” lol.

    • AdamBoy64

      I dare say it was just a way to try and get some more sales from Graces. Apparently it didn’t sell all that well in Japan. It will be interesting to see what effort they put into the port.

  • epy

    Obligatory comment on how Namco Bandai is a horrible company to their overseas fans and how none of the games announced today will make it here, ever.

    This one may have the highest chance though.

  • joesz


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