Phantom Brave Portable Adds Five Nippon Ichi Cameos

By Spencer . July 29, 2010 . 12:00am


Nippon Ichi formally announced Phantom Brave Portable and, yes, it’s another port of Phantom Brave. The PSP version is based on the 2009 Wii version, Phantom Brave: We Meet Again. Features such as the extra scenario with Dark Marona and system tweaks are in Phantom Brave Portable.


So, what’s new? Cameo characters. Five characters from other Nippon Ichi games are in Phantom Brave Portable. Nippon Ichi revealed three of them.


Unloser Ranger

image image


Hero Prinny

image image


Lord Zetta

image image


Phantom Brave Portable is scheduled to come out on October 28 in Japan. Plans for a North American release have not been announced at this time.

  • Is Phantom Brave really popular enough to warrant all these ports?

    • I figure it’s just NIS reaching for the low-hanging fruit. The cost of producing these ports—at least PSP ports—can’t be all that high…

      • Ah geez, Resonance of Fate has forever tainted my perception of that saying. But yeah, you’re probably right.

        • neo_firenze

          Yeah, you’re probably right that it’s a matter of it being an easy port job.

          Still, if it’s not that hard to port their PS2 games to PSP, why not Makai Kingdom first? A game without existing recent port certainly sounds like it would have a bigger market than a game that has already made a second tour with a fairly recent Wii port.

  • Glad I haven’t bought any version of Phantom Brave yet

  • BadenBadenPrinny

    Hopefully this’ll get localized

    • It’s not “Tales of Phantom Brave Portable.” Of course it will get localized.

    • Natat

      I would say most likely… however gotta think of La Pucelle Ragnarok as well =/

      • BadenBadenPrinny

        Which is why I said such a thing :(

        • Well Lu Pucelle Ragnarok was special because the company that localized the original Lu Pucelle are no longer in existance. So if they want to release its entirily up to them.

  • joesz

    I hope this game never get localized,They sound much better in japanese and you can feel the passion in their voice unlike..the english version.

    • But, doesn’t NISA usually include the Japanese voice track anyways? NISA isn’t Ignition for pete’s sake.

      • joesz

        Since this is a psp port,I don’t think its happening.

        • Pichi

          And why exactly? Disgaea 1 and 2 had choices and such.

          • joesz


            I frankly don’t remember,but,if that’s true,then forgive me.

          • Pichi

            Its true, you have the option to change them if you want.

          • yes it has the choice most NISA games include the choice to change languages. Its not a big deal to me i like both voices although i wish the Japanese voice actors can be a little more louder. And USA VA’s to me are not bad when it comes to NISA games.

    • Hraesvelgr

      Yeah, I hope more Japanese games never get localized because I prefer Japanese voice acting. Good logic!

  • Jaxx-Leviathan

    Hm, the Wii version never made it to EU and I never got around to acquiring the PS2 version. I really want this game though, I probably will get this sometime.

    • Argh, I was thinking the same thing. I never got the PS2, and as soon as I saw the article mention a Wii version, I tried to hunt it down, but failed. Gah, I hate importing… the prices, they burn!!

  • neocatzon

    Dear Nippon Ichi,
    please give us English ver. preferably through Nisa or Atlus


  • Hero Prinny YAY!!!! Love <3<3<3<3

  • Code

    rar, Zeeettaaaaa! Where’s my Makai Kingdom Portable TwT~!? Maybe it’s just me, but seriously out of Nippon Ichi’s games it was the one that came closest to brilliance of Disgaea for me, the plot might not have had as much structure, but the absolutely characters made it great >w<' I'm still not sure why Phantom Brave seems to be Nippon Ichi's title of choice, it was the one I enjoyed the least T_T'

  • Pichi

    I hope it releases here. Although I played it before, I’m interested in the new scenario and stuff.

  • doubletaco

    A sprinkling of DLC-esque characters is not nearly enough for me to warrant buying Phantom Brave again.

  • malek86

    What’s with japanese developers and porting? Western developers aren’t nearly this bad. They just make the game for all the platforms from the start, or keep it exclusive to some (with a couple exceptions of course).

    • Code

      I think it’s because in-part western developers almost have a sports game mentality, if it’s not this years game, might as well toss it in the discount bin right now. It’s all about the new hotness~!

      • Hraesvelgr

        Or they may just prefer making new games instead of porting the same old ones twenty times before everyone’s sick of it.

  • JustaGenericUser

    Eh, 5 new cameos isn’t a big deal. The only advantage this version has is being portable.

    I’d rather NIS spend more time making sure Disgaea 4 is good, or finishing up whatever other upcoming games they have, or actually port games that haven’t been ported yet (Makai Kingdom, anyone?).

  • Draparde

    guess ill just trade in my wii version and grab this version (did the same thing for the wii version)

  • ForeverFidelis


    People have been begging for a Makai Kingdom Portable, and N1 goes ahead and gives PB ANOTHER port..

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