So…What Really Happened To Jun Kazama After Tekken 2?

By Ishaan . August 1, 2010 . 1:24pm


Jun Kazama “died” in Tekken 2. Or so they say. Maybe she didn’t die…maybe that’s just what her son, Jin Kazama, thinks. Fan opinion on the matter is divided, but regardless of who thinks what, people want Jun back in the Tekken games. She hasn’t been in a canonical title since 2.


Now, with Tekken X Street Fighter in the midst of development, series producer, Katsuhiro Harada, feels it’s time to clear the Jun situation up with his fans. Harada writes on the Tekken Nation message boards:


“About JUN, there seem to be a lot of fans that think that Jun has died in the official storyline. That isn’t exactly true. From Jin’s perspective in the story, he believes his mother, Jun, has died. This is the correct interpretation. After the release of TEKKEN 3, I have officially stated to the press that objectively, and officially, Jun’s whereabouts are unknown.


“So this is the official stance that has been stated repeatedly. Even so, the belief that she has died is spread and some “official storylines” have also mistakenly incorporated this myth so I guess it can’t be helped. Anyways, to get back to the story, Jun’s data was included in TEKKEN 3 because there was still a possibility she might appear at that time.


“Just to clear this up, the only characters that have officially been declared dead are the first King and first Armor King.
In real-life, wrestling is heavier on entertainment but in the Tekken world, they can really die in their profession. In the Tekken world, pro-wrestlers are some of the only fighters that are always on edge during a fight, as they are in constant danger of losing their life. As such, they are tragic and alone but their existence shines bright.”


So, Jun’s not dead. Far from it. But will Harada-san include her in the next game? The answer to that is a little more complicated. Harada elaborates:


“About 13~14 years ago (After releasing Tekken3). I heard “Bring back Kunimitsu” from several people and I revived her with Tekken Tag Tournament (A lot of opinions “I need more new character” were not adopted). But… Her (Kunimitsu) usage rate and popularity were the lowest (Investigated in world wide).”


This incident made Harada-san unsure as to just how strong demand for Jun really is. He’s not sure that the vocal minority translates to actual demand.


How can you help? By following him on Twitter and letting him know your opinion. While development time and budget are limited, Harada promises to share fans’s comments with his development team. Beware though…he has a sense of humour.

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  • I think she really needs to make a comeback now.

  • cmurph666

    I’d like to see her back. Just as long as the story doesn’t turn into Jun Saving Jin’s soul from the Devil Gene or something lame like that.

    • Odd wasn’t it something like that in Tekken 4 except more like her spirit?

  • Hours

    Wow, way to throw Kunimitsu under the bus. I don’t how they could really gauge a character’s worldwide popularity back then considering the lack of any real online data to back it up. She may be in fact the least popular character, but a large part of that would be the lack of any real development for her. She was just tossed in to TTT and then quickly swept under the rug again.Anyway, I think both Jun and Kunimitsu should return in the next Tekken.

    • zweii

      I think he may be basing that from the Arcade version rather than any console version. Old arcade cabinets are resold to namco and recycled by them so its resonable to assume they check data too.

  • cowcow

    “In real-life, wrestling is heavier on entertainment but in the Tekken world, they can really die in their profession.”

    What? Wrestlers have died in real life too like Owen Hart. Others mostly to heart failure, steroid & drug abuse, strokes, etc. Most in their early 40’s too.

    • Hours

      I think he means that in the real world that pro wrestling is scripted and the intent to actually hurt your opponent is not there, as opposed to the Tekken world were the matches are actual fights.

  • thaKingRocka

    I can’t be the only one thinking this, can I? … What really happened to any and all characters from Tekken 1 on? I’ve never found the series to have particularly comprehensible or consequential plot-lines. Canon means even less in Tekken than in most fighters as far as I can tell.

    Did Mokujin really get knocked out by the missus in three? Will Panda ever return Kuma’s affections? Does anybody know what turns fighters into devils and angels? Exactly how or why did Ogre take on a second form? What makes the Mishimas so fond of patricide and/or filicide? Are there women in the Mishima clan who might object to these proclivities?

  • Wake

    I always expected her to show up again and somehow help Kazuya in salvaging any remaining humanity he has left.

  • thebanditking

    The “story” for this series is more out of wack then its gameplay. Though I suppose it was never really in check, considering they had/have dinosaurs and bears fighting humans and other mythological oddities.

  • ndjn3979

    I actually wanted to know about this for a while. Nice post!

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