Sony Launching PlayStation “Gamer Kits” In Latin America

By Ishaan . August 1, 2010 . 3:03pm


Starting sometime this month, Sony Computer Entertainment America are going to be pushing the PlayStation 2 and PlayStation Portable aggressively in Latin America with the help of their upcoming “Gamer Kit” line.


There are two gamer kit bundles SCEA have planned: one for the PS2, which comes with the system, two controllers, an 8MB memory card and three games (not yet specified); and one for the PSP, which will include the PSP, a a Traveler’s Case, and three “popular games.”


SCEA also mentioned that starting next year, they’ll be releasing Spanish versions of inFAMOUS 2 and Killzone 3 in the territory. The latter will also include an option for Brazilian Portuguese, and will release in February 2011. inFAMOUS 2 will release in Spring.

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  • takenbymusic

    great news for people in Brazil and in latin america.

    • Brazil is already in latin america O_o…

      • Ren

        We Brazillians talk a completely different language than the rest of the South and Latin America, as such, if something comes to Latin America, it will either come in a Brazillian and a Latin version or only a Latin version. When it comes to language and distribuition, Brazil and Latin America are two completely unrelated things.

        • No… Brazil is in Latin America, you think brazil is now a continent just because they talk differently? I have a bunch of brazilian friends and when each one of us talk in our own language (spanish/brazilian) is not that much different, the problem is the accent :P. But Latin America is pretty much all of South America, and part of central

  • Guest

    Okay, now get localising for Australia! All you have to do is translate your American from English to English.

    Or even the UK versions will suffice…JUST GIVE US CRAP SO WE AREN’T FORCED TO IMPORT (for cheaper mind you)!

    • Yea, I feel terrible for you guys. I’m always reading about how horribly prices are jacked up there and some games don’t even see the light of day. :/

      • Guest

        Yeah, and they expect us to be grateful for their delayed releases (Mario Galaxy 2 got delayed only in Australia).

  • Hraesvelgr

    I can’t wait for SCEA to try and spin this as PS2 STILL ALIVE AND KICKING EVEN AFTER ALL THESE YEARS.

    • Aoshi00

      Yep, now Jack could say PS2 has a 15-yr life cycle in the upcoming E3s..

  • Well, i DO know a bunch of people that want to buy a ps2 or a psp, but they are way too expensive

  • Ren

    I don’t think they are being very intelligent. I can’t say about the rest, but here in Brazil, in Paraguay and maybe in Argentina, no one would bother to buy a unmoded original PS2. A modded one here costs far less, and there isn’t much game distrubuition or even games with portuguese language here that aren’t on PC, so pretty much everyone here who has a Playstation will pirate the games.

    PSP isn’t a very popular platform here, and I don’t believe it will ever be unless you could actually find games for it and if they were translated. A lot of my younger brother friends and my friends have a DSlite or a DSi(and a r4), while I only met 3 or 4 other people who have PSPs in my city, not counting my brother.

    I think they should push the PS3 here in the latin america more. It’s not popular because of the inexitent piracy, so people have to actually buy games. If the games were on portuguese (and latin spanish for the other countries) and had reasonable prices, I think they would actually have a chance in this market. Because, seriously, paying more than R$1000 for the actual console or portable, and paying R$150 to R$400 for each individual game is too much(even most ds titles are on this range). Even importing doesn’t help, since it will rarely go under R$120, and that is without the R$50 shipping costs(for both japanese and american games). If games were between R$80 and R$100 and localized, maybe people would consider buying them.

    • I know a lot more, A LOT MORE, people with xbox360 because they can use piracy on it, the only way for ps3 to become popular in latin america is for it to be pirated, and that wont happen, so i think this is a good way to turn things a little in sony’s way, since sadly, this is what is sold the best around here, because of you know why…, is easy for shops to sell modded ps2, you just go, and ask how much the modded version cost (how many games it brings) and its done, also, you can easily find someone to hack your psp…
      The other problem with ps3 is that it is already kinda expensive in the US, so here it will be a lot worst, they could bring the slim versions, but even that, with the dollar exchange it will be expensive as well (not to count how much would the original game costs)…
      This is a good way to get some money for sony, they will sell a bunch of consoles, even if modded *sigh*

      • The problem is that sony is losing money on the PS3, they only make money selling games. Whats the point of selling a PS3 with pirated games for it. they would go out of business in a year. they need to keep the PS3 unchipped for a long time. face it, its not the games that are expensive its our stupid import taxes. change the taxes and the games will be cheaper.

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