Amazon France Lists Splinter Cell Trilogy For PlayStation 3

By Ishaan . August 7, 2010 . 4:40pm


Splinter Cell: Conviction was exclusive to the Xbox 360 and PC as the result of an agreement between Microsoft and Ubisoft, which means PS3 owners were left out of the fun. However, that doesn’t mean that Ubisoft don’t have something in store for the PS3 audience.


TheSixthAxis recently came across a listing for “Splinter Cell Trilogy” for the PlayStation 3, scheduled for release this November. The question is, what exactly is it?

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  • MGSBigBoss

    probably splinter cell, pandora tomorrow, and chaos theory hd ps2 classics on 1 blu ray disc.

    • Aoshi00

      That would be nice if it’s like God of War Collection. I couldn’t really get into Conviction because I’ve never played any of the previous Splinter Cells before, it would be cool if they do the same thing to Max Payne since I like Alan Wake. Although I really prefer the 360 controller for shooters (I know the trilogy was more about stealth..)

      • Man, Conviction didn’t even smell like aged Splinter Cell that was left out on the kitchen counter for a week. Conviction will never be Splinter Cell to me.

      • malek86

        If they really made this, I guess it would also be for 360. The series was born on Xbox, so a good deal of the fanbase is there.

        I remember when I played Splinter Cell on the Xbox, it was awesome. I eventually also bought Pandora Tomorrow for the PS2, though it looked drab and washed in comparison. Still, good game. Overall, it was one of my favorite series back then.

        But I didn’t even bother with Conviction, because the demo was horrible. Why did they have to go and change it so much?

        • Aoshi00

          I only played a little bit of Conviction and sold it, I thought it was okay as a shooter, taking out the light, quick multiple headshots, last known position diversion, and interrogation were kind of cool, but the story and chars lost me since I never played the series.. And my friend said the stealth element is all but gone. It would definitely be great if they do a trilogy in HD for 360, then I could get to experience the original series. Back then I thought only one stealth series (MGS) was enough, so I never tried Splinter Cell :(…

          • malek86

            Splinter Cell (especially the first game) is definitely much more stealth-y than MGS. Of course, it does lack in characters and story, but the stealth gameplay is a lot more fleshed out.Don’t base your opinion of the series on what you’ve played of Conviction. It would be like judging MGS from playing Acid.

  • nyobzoo

    they also have Prince of Persia trilogy for PS3 :) I’m excited for that one

  • mikedo2007

    Whoa, I have the first Splinter Cell on my PS2. If this Splinter Cell trilogy actually became true. I wonder if I should buy it or buy the other splinter Cell on PS2.

  • gatotsu911

    Hm. I’d like to play these, but if they release this I may have to decide whether to get them on PS3 or 3DS. And that… will be a decision.

    • I think a 3DS release is out of question.

      Unlike the HD consoles, the 3DS is likely unable to deal with the character models, stages, textures etc. of the original games. And I just can’t picture Ubisoft reworking 3 games for a potential 3DS release.

      • malek86

        The first three games were all eventually ported to the PS2 (though they obviously looked worse), so I believe they could work just fine on the 3DS.

        But, I also believe they won’t make them for 3DS. Doesn’t seem like the kind of game that would fit nicely for a portable.

      • gatotsu911

        I didn’t mean all three games, so much as Chaos Theory specifically, which has already been announced for 3DS. And also, the 3DS has processing power at least equal to that of any last-gen system, so I have no idea what makes you think it couldn’t handle the games from a technical standpoint.

        • About the 3DS having last-gen console power: I agree

          But I think my concerns that the 3DS can’t handle the Splinter Cell games “as they are” is justified.

          I’m refering to the 3D effect of the 3DS: In order to make our eye see a 3d image, the 3DS has to render two images per frame, wereas a ‘flat’ game on a PS2 for example only has to render one image.

          So to put less stress on the chipset and battery of the 3DS, Ubisoft would have to downgrade character models, stages, texture detail etc. The games can still look ‘PS2 good’ with some nice shader effects to compensate.

  • Hydronator

    I find it odd that the SC Trilogy would come to PS3 when Conviction isn’t on it :D PoP trilogy sounds good, hated the PoPs this gen….

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