Namco Bandai Greenlight .hack//Quantum

By Ishaan . August 7, 2010 . 10:31am


At last year’s Tokyo Game Show, Bandai announced that .hack//Link would be followed up by a related CG anime production. .hack//Quantum may or may not be that project.


The new anime, set to be revealed by the September issue of Kadokawa Shoten’s Newtype magazine, takes place in the same version of the World as .hack//Link — The World R:X. Quantum stars Tobias, Mary and Sakuya (left-to-right in the image), all three of which sport avatars that look like stylized versions of previous .hack characters.


.hack//Quantum, as reported by Anime News Network, will be shown off at a Namco Bandai event spanning five cities in Japan this November.

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  • malek86

    Can’t say I’m particularly excited at the prospect, looking at that image.

    On a side note, just so we don’t always talk about Tales… do we have anymore chances of seeing a localization for .hack//Link by this point?

  • zhemos

    Another Namco Bandai game we’ll never see overseas.

    • Hraesvelgr

      Doesn’t appear to be much of a loss though, similar to .hack//Link.

      • malek86

        Is it that bad?

        I’d still like to put my hands on it. The demo wasn’t too convincing overall, but if it were in english I might have enjoyed it more.

    • Simon

      I think this is an anime? not a game? though i am not sure.. I really want to play the PSP .hack I wonder why they dunt release that.. since they released every single one on PS2

  • OneOkami

    I’m all for more .hacking. As for //Link being brought over, something tells me if Namco Bandai was gonna do it, they would have announced so by now, but who knows.

  • Code

    rar, giant feet are giant, I never quiet understood when some artists size down characters, they they forget feet o_o’ Also seems like sort of a bizarre direction for the anime, I’m not the world’s biggest .hack fan, but I have to admit I’m a little surprised by the character design direction.

  • There are some hidden trailers in .Hack//Link, I think they are related with future projects.

  • Akimitsu

    I’m all for a new .hack series, although I don’t know if LINK will be brought over or not. Anyways, what is it with them referencing/mimicing characters in previous series? Can’t they be more imaginative than just basing their designs on Black Rose, Balmung and Kite (I think)?

  • Kris

    Are they parodying the Lunar Art in the upper left corner of the scan? (See here:
    Also, it’s interesting to see Namco Bandai giving up on JRPGs in the US. Kind of a grim sign of the times.

    • malek86

      That kind of art is really just over-used in JRPGs.

      • really? i remember those as old school art only. I dont see that type of art anymore

  • shion16

    it looks……not good
    when id see a serious dot hack project as dot hack Gu then ill be interested

  • xavier axol

    So is there really a chance for namco bandai to at least consider bringing hack link for psp here in the u.s. for what I know, there are tons of hack fans. who are dying to get their hands on any game from the series

  • joesz

    Phew,I though this was the next Hack’s game.Because of what I’ve heard link was the final installment.
    This anime can’t be a sequel right?

  • kupomogli

    Check out Gamefaqs poll of the day. “What’s your all-time favorite Namco Bandai series?” There’s no Gundam which would be mine or Dragon Ball which would probably be the highest if those were there, however, being “Namco” guess which series is the highest?

    Namco Bandai needs to take a hint.

  • waiting for the games of that anime >:P, and lol, i would had expected some new designs instead of kyle woman version xD

  • Good evening to you, terrible, regurgitated character designs! How fares the war effort on art?

  • holyPaladin

    Balmung and Kite crossdressing?

    • Exkaiser

      I think the character with the Balmung avatar, Tobias, is male.

  • Bakuman anime on the right side it looks like.

  • epy

    I thought Namco Bandai was bringing .hack//link? Well, this is Namco Bandai after all. Still glad that this is coming out since they went all “link is the last .hack” and stuff. Nothing against portable titles (some of my favorite games are portables) but if .hack does have a final episode, I would like to play it on a big screen with pretty graphics and great sound.

  • masuto

    I’m down.

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