Natsume On Nintendo 3DS And Xbox 360 Development

By Ishaan . August 10, 2010 . 3:11pm


“We haven’t done any Xbox or Xbox 360 titles unfortunately. We’re just looking for the right fit. That’s a different demographic that kind of takes getting used to,” Natsume’s VP of Operations, Graham Markay, said to us in a chat about the future of the company.


“You know, that’s a system for which the market’s getting bigger. They’re selling more and more units so the it’s diversifying for the gamer, if you will. So we’re actually looking at Xbox Live on the Xbox 360. We always keep our mind open, but once again, it has to fit with the Natsume formula.”


While the 360 might not be in Natsume’s immediate plans for the future, the Nintendo 3DS is. “I think Hiro’s pretty excited about it,” Graham revealed, referring to Natsume CEO, Hiro Maekawa.


“From a company standpoint, the 3DS looks innovative, it’s moving forward. Anything that’s shown and then it causes you to start thinking in your head how you can utilize it, or what you can make for it, I definitely think is something that excites us. So, uhh…we are actually looking into the 3DS, and who knows, maybe some announcements in the future… [Laughs]”


We pointed out that Marvelous Entertainment have already announced a Harvest Moon game for the system.


“Okay, that one’s an announcement!” Graham conceded. “So that one should probably come in the future. [Laughs] Moving forward, I can pretty much say that Natsume will be a definite supporter of the 3DS.”

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  • lostinblue

    I want Rune Factory 3DS with RFFrontier-like graphics without the runey system.MAKE IT HAPPEN NATSUME :3

    • onilink888

      I give you 400 internets, good sir.

  • Wasn´t Natsume the creator of Pocky & Rocky?

    I´d love to see a comeback of that classic title. So much fun to play with a friend.

    Why not spice things up and let us play 4 player co op with Pocky & her friends against some big enemy.

    And not the bad kind of game that Pocky & Rocky 2 was. Or should I say that thanks to the changes in gameplay it got to hard?

    • Natsume developed it, but they were licensing the Kiki Kaikai name and characters from Taito.

      Something that will make you sad: Taito licensed it to Starfish and they were developing Kiki Kaikai 2 for PS2 back in 2006. Look at these gorgeous screenshots —

      But there was a disagreement over the rights to the Kiki Kaikai name after Taito was bought by Square Enix, so Starfish’s license got yanked at the last possible second. They hastily changed everything so they could release it and recoup their development costs, and it ended up coming out a shoddy, ugly mess. :(

      So yeah, I don’t think there’s any hope for a comeback of that franchise anytime soon, if ever.

      • Aoshi00

        And we got the crappy Heavenly Guardian instead right? I was going to get that game but didn’t because everyone said it was horrendous..

        I thought Mamoru-kun’s gameplay felt a bit like Pocky & Rocky/Kiki Kaikai, it would be nice to have an HD sequel to play co-op online.

  • malek86

    You know, I don’t really see why developers are so excited about these “countless possibilities” of the 3DS (aside from the fact that it’s going to sell bazillions of games, obviously).I mean, 3D doesn’t bring anything new to the table. It’s not like analog sticks (360° degree movement and speed control), a third dimension to games (you can move in a new dimension), motion controls (gestures can be recognized in many different ways), touch screen (precise pointing and dragging, and less squary movements), or even rumble (which adds some tactile feedback).The 3D is basically just a graphical effect. The fact that it can be deactivated at any time, goes to show that it’s really nothing more than something cool to look at. If it actually had uses in gameplay, there would be times when you’re forced to activate it. But I guess that won’t happen, because there might be people who can’t look at it.It’s like HD graphics: the game looks prettier, but it would still be the same even on a SDTV. In a very tangential sense, this is like Nintendo trying to wow people with graphics again, like they always did before the Wii and DS.I’d really like it if some developers actually managed to use 3D to make some gameplay improvements, but I’m skeptical as to how.

    • puchinri

      I don’t think the 3D is the only focus. Certainly a large one, but not a main one for everyone. There’s always the ways that they can play with the controls, and doesn’t it have the tilt support? The fact that has more power than the DS is probably something too, combined with everything else.

      But I agree. I actually don’t see many devs making use of the gameplay improvements, but it’d be nice to. I expect to see at least three companies do so, but I feel like Nintendo is including in that anyway (so not particularly high hopes?).

      • malek86

        The d-pad and stick together are already there on the PSP, and anyway, I can’t see a game using both (or should I say… I can’t see a game using both without being painful in the process, like MHFU). Basically, the stick will just replace the d-pad for movements, which is much needed for 3D games (not so for 2D games – and the new position of the d-pad looks a bit awkward to use).The motion controls are a bit of a wild card. Since the system relies on a sweet spot for its 3D effect, it means that you can’t actually move the console during gameplay. So any motion-controlled game would have to be 2D. It’s ok, I guess, but it’s kinda weird to see how two features of the same system could actually clash. Or maybe I’m thinking too much.Oveall, I think this might end up as a DS with more power. Well, the DS was home to a lot of innovative games, so if developers can keep it up, it might be fine. Let’s just hope their creativity for touch screen games hasn’t dried up.

        On the other hand, if they could put up a decent online system, that would definitely be a step forward to better things. And hopefully they won’t put region locking. That would be infinite steps backward.

        • puchinri

          That’s true. But would it be cheaper for companies to develop for the 3DS than the PSP? If so, then it’s the same package, just not so tedious in certain matters.

          My mindset here was different. I already know I’m going to be switching of the 3D generally, so I wasn’t really thinking about with it on, so that’s a good point. But no, I don’t think you’re thinking too much. But actually, I was thinking of games like warioware, and considering all the different minigame and such type of things they could do to utilize the different options they have (mic, camera, nub, d-pad, tilt, touch).

          I think so too. That’s what I’ve been seeing it as really. A DS with more power and some extra control options that will hopefully be made used. And I hope the same. I don’t think many devs would lose the creativity for touch screen, but I feel like I can already see it happening.

          I don’t remember if it was about the online for 3DS, but I swear I saw an article about it recently on gonintendo? Maybe not though. But yeah, a good online system would be great. I was fearing that if they’re trying to stop piracy (which I support) then region locking would somehow become involved, but I don’t know how that all works (and I hope it is region free).

          • NeoTechni

            Psp obviously costs less to dev for and will propably be less annoying

            ie: uses usb for charging and data transfer
            no friend codes
            if wii and dsi are any indication, psp has a much more robust OS and is more powerful

            though psp2 will be out around the same time if sonys smart an itll be 3d and even more powerful and thus more expensive to dev for

          • ECM

            if wii and dsi are any indication, psp has a much more robust OS and is more powerful

            What does that even mean??

          • NeoTechni

            I meant what I said. PSPs and PS3s OS’s are many times more robust than
            DSi’s and Wii’s

            For starters, they can actually be updated to add features to games
            DSi’s/Wii’s, cant. Nintendo stores every single version of the firmware in
            flash, so to add features, they’d have to add them to each version of the

          • malek86

            I’m not sure why they would want to put in region locking. But the few DSi-exclusive games are indeed locked, so I’m a bit worried for the future.

          • Aoshi00

            I worry about the same thing too. I have a Jpn DSi and Alice in Wonderland was region locked, probably because of the Disney Interactive online feature.. At first I thought the cartridge was bad or I have to blow out the dust w/ the NES, then the game starts when I stick it into my US DS Lite.. I hope they wouldn’t pull the same thing w/ 3DS..

        • PSP may already have analogue nub, but it kind of sucks. The 3DS analogue is a lot slicker and easier to use and more comfortable on your thumb. Plus, the D-pad isn’t awkward AT ALL. I’ve played a demo at E3 and it was perfectly fine for me. Also, the “sweet spot” isn’t just one precise angle. You can move it a little bit still. So motion control shouldn’t be a big issue also knowing that a lot of people move their bodies with their DS so I don’t view it as a huge problem. They’ve also confirmed a much better online system. As to how much better remains to be seen. But I view it as a whole new system. Not just another DS. It has a lot more than you may know.

    • ECM

      Uh, one improvement of immense magnitude is proper depth perception. Think: no more being sure if you’re under a block/near an enemy/etc. when you go to hit attack/jump/etc. If that’s not a huge, huge deal, nothing in gaming has been, ever.

      • malek86

        I never had a problem with that. But maybe it’s just me.

  • Wow. That game would have been sweet.

    One can always dream. And hope.

  • Omega 5 would like to have a word with you Natsume

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