Dragon Quest IX Debuts In July’s Top-Ten Sellers In U.S. [Update]

By Ishaan . August 12, 2010 . 6:41pm


First the UK sales charts, and now the NPDs. Dragon Quest IX has been receiving some great word of mouth, and it shows — the game debuted at the #7 position in the July NPDs, which is a first for any of the series’s latest titles.


While the NPD chart below doesn’t include it — PC software sales are tracked using a different chart — the actual best-selling game for the month of July was, unsurprisingly, StarCraft II at 721,000 units. SCII helped the PC games category to realize a 103% increase in dollars over last July.


Rank Title Sales Release Sys. Publisher
01. NCAA Football 11 368.0K Jul-10 360 Electronic Arts
02. NCAA Football 11 298.8K Jul-10 PS3 Electronic Arts
03. Crackdown 2 208.8K Jul-10 360 Microsoft
04. Super Mario Galaxy 2 193.0K May-10 Wii Nintendo
05. Lego Harry Potter: Years 1 – 4 141.7K Jun-10 DS Warner Bros.
06. Red Dead Redemption – – May-10 360 Take Two
07. Lego Harry Potter: Years 1 – 4 – – Jun-10 Wii Warner Bros.
08. Dragon Quest IX: Sentinels of the Starry Skies 132.0K + Jul-10 DS Nintendo
09. New Super Mario Bros. Wii – – Nov-09 Wii Nintendo
10. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 – – Nov-09 360 Activision Blizzard


If one were to consider combined sales across all platforms, NCAA Football 11 and Lego Harry Potter: Years 1 – 4 would take up the #2 and #3 positions for July’s best-sellers respectively. Meanwhile, Super Mario Galaxy 2 is finally beginning to set itself apart from Red Dead Redemption, thanks to the long-tailed nature of its sales.


Videogame software sales as a whole in July contributed $403.3 million toward total industry revenue, down 8% from the same period last year.


Year-to-date software revenue, too, was down 8%, although, we’d like to point out again that StarCraft II sales do not count toward these numbers. If one were to count sales of SCII, revenue was up 4% compared to July of last year.


Coming back to Dragon Quest IX, it should be interesting to see if continued advertising from Nintendo and events like the Penny Arcade Expo (which will almost certainly be a prime location to use the game’s Tag Mode) help the game’s staying power in the coming months.


Update: A press release from Nintendo says Dragon Quest IX sold more than 132,000 units in July.

  • Guest

    meh, PSP is never on here……

    • Hraesvelgr

      Because PSP has no games.

      Just kidding, they’re just being pirated nine times out of ten.

      • Very sad but true. I have a friend who recently purchased a PSP. The first thing all her friends were telling her to do was to hack the system.

        • RupanIII

          Same thing happened to me when I bought my Peace Walker bundle earlier this summer. And when my friend got a 360 recently he was telling me all about how he hacked it and downloaded Lost Odyssey. I was like ack! It’s one thing if you download Madden or Call of Duty or something but Lost Odyssey.. Sakaguchi and other niche/JRPG makers (ha, calling Sakaguchi niche, gaming has changed) need to know there’s still a market for the genre.

          Perhaps I’m wearing rose-tinted glasses but I seem to remem a time when the main motivation for hacks/mods was to import games : Well maybe not for everyone, but there were a lot of import enthusiast enclaves online where that was the primary reason.

          • Code

            Know that feeling, when MH3 came out, one of the first things my friend said to me was “Oh hey I just downloaded that too~! Let’s play online together!!” and I was like “rarr, nooooo, stop that, you make more money then meee, you shouldn’t be doing thatt” T_T;; Worse part is he’s been a long time hater of Monster Hunter, funny how that got flipped on his ear when he could download it for free T_T;

  • kylehyde

    According to a Nintendo report, it sold 132k copies, wich is kinda good for a series, that unfortunately, doesn’t have many followers in the american region, but I think that if NOA continue to giving a good support, maybe this series could get more followers.

    I haven’t finished the game yet, but I have to say that is easily one of the best DS games ever made and that everybody should give it a chance.

  • xavier axol

    I just don’t know what to be mad at, the fact that dragon quest for the ds sold more than metal gear solid peace walker for the psp ( cause let’s face it msg is a MUCH better game in terms of storyline, play mechanics, and in everything else), or the fact that the xbox slim sold more units than ps3, this month.To answer everyone’s question. yes I’m a fan boy, but in terms of innovation and improvement, so let’s be clear, the xbox don’t play blue ray which means. it will need more dvd’s as games get larger in storyline and graphics. For all of you who bought an xbox, I hope you realized your mistake. Oh and one more thing don’t you ever talk to me, about the ps3 not having many games, cause I will slap you silly, you hear.

    • MrRobbyM

      a…fun boy?

      • xavier axol

        Yeah, I mess up for trying to be an asshole, but I do have a point, for what I said before. And another thing, I was/ still am typing trough my phone with I suck at, clearly.

        • MrRobbyM

          I knew you mean fanboy(which I wholeheartedly agree with). Just pullin’ your leg.

    • malek86

      “I hope you realized your mistake.”

      What mistake?

      • xavier axol

        If you have an xbox 360, and it seen like you then, you already know that. if you move it while running a dvd, it will scratch it to the point in which is useless, right. Well go to youtube and believe me there are plenty of video there that will show you the slim does the same thing. So what’s my point? Well if they can’t or are unable to fix this minor detail then the famous red ring of you know what, will more certainly appear on the slim as well.
        Ok, so yeah I can me little of an a h*$&, but it could be true and time will tell me that I was right all along. But that’s my opinion and hope that you don’t take it too seriously, if you like the xbox.

        • malek86

          I know, but it really doesn’t scratch discs more than my PS2 Slim does.

          Well, except my PS2 scratches them even when I’m not moving it.

    • Yeah, I really regret buying a console for the games that it plays rather than the media format they’re printed on.Feel free to comment back when Mushihimesama Futari 1.5, Raiden IV, Raiden Fighters Aces and ESPGaluda II make their PS3 debuts, so I can sell my 360 and atone for the terrible mistake I’ve made. :'(

      • xavier axol

        Ok, you do have a point. the mistake Sony did, was to advertised the ps3 as a media devised and pretty much didn’t care for games. But they turn it around with infamous, heavy rain, lbp (which I don’t like the whole play, created, and share thing may be cause I’m dum ), valkyria chronicles, oh the badass of god of war 3. So now, that we have come to the point. in which both, consoles are at the same price (the xbox 360 slim and ps3 slim), this media format as you call it, can be a benefit to the ps3 advantage. By the way, third party publishers don’t and wouldn’t make exclusive anymore so is up to Sony and Microsoft.

    • Hraesvelgr

      Actually, I’m glad DQIX sold better than Peace Walker. You might think Metal Gear is better in every way (and state it like a fact, oddly enough), but I much prefer the Dragon Quest series to it.

      • malek86

        Not that selling more than a PSP game in the USA is much of an achievement, nowadays.

        • kupomogli

          Sadly, this is true.

      • xavier axol

        Look you are talking with the guy who play dragon quest curse of the king on the ps2 and fell madly in love with the characters, the story and the playmechanics not to mention the beautiful environments. And putting dg series on the ds doesn’t do any justice. I’ll like to tell you that I do have dqIX and it’s fun but is painfully agonizing the first 30 to 50 mins of play. On the other side msg peace walker impress me with the graphics, music, story ( ok not the best storyline on msg saga) but who could anyone thought that konami would pull it off seen that fps pretty much suck on the psp ( and it still does) but there so many little but thoughtful thing in this one game that you would rather play mgs peace walker than dgIX. Believe me. Believe pleeeeease! Believe me!

    • As someone who feels that the PS3 is a vastly superior system and has a better lineup than the 360, I still find myself a bit embarrassed by your post. If the 360 had been a better system, I would’ve bought that one, instead. Having loyalty to a company just because they’re a particular company is not a good move.If you want to blame anybody for the PS3’s initial struggle, it’d be Ken Kutaragi for being an arrogant prick when the PS3 first launched, expecting that company loyalty would be enough to sell an overpriced system that (at the time) had no games. If he had done his job and secured exclusives, instead of just expecting everyone to come to him, no one would be even talking about the 360 at this point.As for Dragon Quest IX doing better than Peace Walker, I say, “Good.” Maybe this’ll teach them to put the real MGS games on the PS3 instead of the PSP.

      • xavier axol

        I totally agree with you, on ps3 launched line. so was that guy fired? cause if not, then I guess. I could also blame him for the stupidity of releasing psp go instead of psp2 or the psp phone.Then again I don’t agree with you on msg for the psp, selling less than dgIX on ds the reason, because its a better game, and because msg series is not exclusive on the ps3 anymore. so the graphics mechanics we saw on guns of the patriots wouldn’t be use for the sequel to come.

        • malek86

          In 2007, Ken Kutaragi left the company “to pursue personal interests”.That’s what they said, but I’m pretty sure he was fired for the whole PS3 first year fiasco.

          And notice how the PS3 started picking itself up after he was fired. Looks like they should have done it sooner.

  • kupomogli

    I’m one who was really hyped up for Dragon Quest 9. Thought the game was going to be amazing, and then in my opinion it’s one of the worst in the series. Worse than Dragon Quest 8.It’s a good game, but it’s not as good as I thought it was going to be.

    • raymk

      so that’s your problem dq8 was a very good game and one of the best in the series to me. also how is it the worst in the series. is it because of the story? Anyway glad to see dq9 going places if its sold more than any other dq in jp and U.S then it must be doing something right…..

      • Dragon Quest 8 was the first game in the series I ever played and I enjoyed it quite a bit. As you say, the story was pretty much every old-school cliche they could come up with, but the character interaction more than made up for it, for me.

      • Ereek

        I agree with Kupo. I found DQVIII to be an immense disappointment and it ended up as one of my least favorite games in the series. I dislike how you develop your characters and, honestly, I didn’t care about the town side-stories. DQVII did the town side-stories sososo much better that it’s not even funny.

        Note that “Least favorite in the series” doesn’t mean I hate the game, I just prefer the other games.

        • satchidananda

          “DQVII did the town side-stories sososo much better that it’s not even funny.”

          Really? I found Dragon Quest VII utterly charmless. The script was so bare. There was no life in any of the NPCs or locales.

          Dragon Quest VIII, on the other hand, had a wonderful script. I’d go so far as to say that the party chat and NPC interactions were the best thing about the game. It’s one of the few JRPGs, if not the only, where I was happy to chat to every NPC in any given area, not simply to proceed, but because the dialogue was so well-written. Given how poor the standards are in the genre, as a whole, it’s a shame that Dragon Quest VIII didn’t receive the reception it deserved. The Dragon Quest “hardcore” were too busy complaining about the change to spell names.

    • thebanditking

      I agree, DQ9 is in my opinion the worst in the series. The main character has always been silent but for me I felt even more detached from the story and characters in this one, needless to say I was very disappointed by DQ9. Though I loved DQ8 and DQ7, 5 is my favorite.

  • I’m surprised that DQ9 did so well. I guess Nintendo’s advertising worked? I think DQ9 is an okay game. It’s nice to have a game where it’s simple and relaxing. But it’s a little “too” simple. It can be quite addictive at times, but it doesn’t have the grab or challenge that hooks me. But it’s nice that I can pick it up anytime without having to worry about where I am in the game.

    • It would seem you haven’t tried any of the Treasure Map Grottoes yet. ;)

    • kylehyde

      Actually i’m kinda tired of pretentions RPG’s with pseudo-epic stories and plots. DQIX maybe is just too old school, but for that reason I loved it, it has a really nice challenge if you want. The sidequest have been really fun, and the Treasure Map Grottoes are a little challeging, but the Boss at the end of each one, are a nightmare.

      If you spend too much time in grinding yeah it could feel tiresome, I make that mistake in the begining, but when I stopped doing that I have found a lot of more fun.

      I don’t now how fared DQ8 in sales, but I heard that it sold 80K, but in the DQIV & DQV, well they didn’t even entered to the top 10, not even in the top 20.

      I’m glad that DQIX has do it well, considering that the series has not been popular in USA I think that this could be a really nice first step for gain more followers

      • I’m fond of the simple plot and the atmosphere of the game. I like the fact how it really feels like you’re a traveler exploring the world and you aren’t restricted to the plot of the game. However I still feel the battle itself is kinda boring. Maybe because I didn’t grow up with old school RPGs is feels a little lacking…

        I’ve only tried one Treasure Grotto and it was a lot more challenging (esp. the boss). But I need to try out more to get a better opinion…

    • Joanna

      I don’t know, but for me the game had challenge. After the third, or fourth boss fight, it started getting tougher. I like to think I’m not a newbie having played quite a lot of different RPGs from different eras/consoles, so maybe your problem is that you’re not far enough in the game or are grinding too much?

  • Well, I wish this sort of Nintendo Advertizing(tm) would have worked better for Sin & Punishment 2 or Samurai Warriors 3 (PAL).

  • Proooocedin

    This is like the only time I ever saw Starcraft featured in a Siliconera post. Needs more love.

    • Hraesvelgr

      It has gotten plenty of love from the bigger sites that focus solely on “flavor of the month” games. I’m more interested in hearing about lesser known games from lesser known companies.

      And yes, I know SC2 will (probably) have a long life, much like the first game did.

      • malek86

        On a side note, it’s not like Siliconera doesn’t talk about Final Fantasy and the such…

      • Proooocedin

        Can’t I have an interest as well? You say it like “This game is way too popular! IT MUST NOT BE ALLOWED HERE!”

    • pressstart

      You missed quite a few Starcraft posts then. Siliconera dabbled in more obscure things related to Starcraft, like learning English with Starcraft for Koreans.

      • Proooocedin

        OH! I remember that one! My bad, sorry! >_<

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