The Most Popular Anime Names To Give Children

By Ishaan . August 14, 2010 . 4:40pm


This past week, Dengeki ran a poll to ask readers their favourite anime characters to name their children after. While over half of the readers that participated thought the idea of naming your kid after an anime character was outrageous, the rest went right ahead and named their favourites, both male and female.




Rank Character Series
1. Mikoto Toaru Majutsu no Index
2. Yuna Final Fantasy X
3. Nanoha Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha
4. Yui K-ON!
5. Sakura Card Captor Sakura
6. Mio K-ON!
7. Yuri Angel Beats!
8. Nagisa Clannad
9. Rin Fate/stay Night
10. Shiki Kara no Kyoukai




Rank Character Series
1. Touma Toaru Majutsu no Index
2. Sora Kingdom Hearts
3. Cloud Final Fantasy VII
4. Hayate Hayate the Combat Butler
5. Sousuke Full Metal Panic!
6. Tomoya Clannad
7. Koyomi Bakemonogatari
8. Yuri Tales of Vesperia
9. Kyousuke Little Busters!
10. Kyo The King of Fighters

  • Smashlampjaw

    this is the worst, sorry.

  • Although “Cloud” is expected, do they really wanna name their children “Cloud”??

    How goofy can it be?

  • Ereek

    While I agree that naming your child after an anime character is a bit outrageous, it’s a poll, why not have fun with it?

    I like the name Mikoto, though, not as any character’s name, just because I think it’s nice.

    • DlanorKnox

      Yes, I seriously doubt I’d name a kid after an anime or game character in real life, but if I was presented with a poll like this, I’d have fun coming up with an answer.

      A lot of the names on this list are nice, and in many cases, people would have no idea the child was named after an anime character.

  • ForeverFidelis

    Your kid’s name has gotta be something that comes from your heart, not from a form of entertainment.But, heck, If I was fixing to have a daughter, I’d name her “Sophitia”, er “Sophie” for short.I’m actually planning to have a son. (Well not anytime soon, but after I get married, that’s what I’m hoping I’ll have)I can’t figure out a name for him yet.I could name him after myself, so he’d be “Fidelis the third”But I’m really thinking about the name “Emrys”. It’s gotta cocky meaning (Immortal), but I’ll be damned if it doesn’t roll off the tongue like a strawberry lollipop.

    • Maybe you’ve got a lot of love for a character, that might’ve helped you through lots of hard times.If I had two boys, I’d name ’em Bruce Wayne Bateman and Clark Kent Bateman, for example.

      Although, the Bruce Wayne Bateman would only further the “Your name sounds like Batman!” epidemic that strikes every time I go to a new school. Passed on from father to son!

      • DlanorKnox

        Since Christian Bale’s played Bruce Wayne and Patrick Batemen, that would be a pretty interesting combo.

        I considered naming a son Bruce or Clark but I think I’m just going to name the family dog Krypto. :)

        • Kunio_kun

          Our first is due in February, I wonder if I could convince my wife we should name him in honor of Bruce Campbell???

          • At least I didn’t go with Master Bateman, hahaha.

            Then again, going through with a character that you’ve looked up to and such, Optimus Prime would work, but that’d be too weird, I don’t think I could go through with it.

    • I don’t think the one contradicts the other. If you really love a series/character, I’d say choosing that name is a choice that comes from the heart :)

  • holyPaladin

    Yuri is genderless choice for name..

    • Not in Japanese.

      • Saturnus

        Not in Russian either (it’s a boy’s name).

      • Actually, Yuri CAN be a female name, especially since one meaning of the word is “Lily”.

        • … That’s what I was talking about when I said “Not in Japanese.” Any male with the name Yuri is spelled with katakana, which identifies it as a non-Japanese name. If there is a Japanese guy named Yuri, it’s probably from some rare kanji I never heard of.Edit: Okay. So there are a few genderless “Yuri” out there… but they’re rare. If I do happen to meet some that has the name “urge to eat” “plum” though, that person would be my mortal enemy.

          李遠懿 <– My name.

          • Aoshi00

            I like the last char in your name, like Sima Yi in Romance of the 3 Kingdoms :) So that’s what you meant when you said “Sumomo En’i” when read in Jpn, I guess it should be like Ri En’i. I think single char first names sound cool, or parents are just lazy lol..

          • Thanks. I know that it is read that way, but I decided to mix it up a little for my game pseudonyms. I think for a Japanese person, a name just has to have a pleasant or cool meaning. If it’s a single character name, it’s usually one that’s pronounced in a multi-syllable fashion. I think. A Chinese person can’t get away with that because every word is one syllable and it would end up being lazy looking if their given name was one word.

          • Aoshi00

            I know, like the Taiwanese/Jpn actor Kaneshiro Takeshi, Takeshi would be just read as Wu in Chinese, it’s funny how his name ended up sounding like both a natural Chinese and Jpn name, many Chinese people thought his last name was Jin :). Plus most Jpn last names are at least two chars, and even single char has multiple syllables like you said, such as Hayashi, so single char first names work out fine for them. Cool to have two char last names though like Sima or Zhuge in Romance of the 3 Kingdoms, but somehow names like Lu Bu or Liu Bei all sound so special even if the first name is just one char, I guess you just have to pick a unique character if it’s a single kanji.

          • Ah, I see. I thought you meant that Yuri couldn’t be a girl’s name since the name was listed under the boy’s name table and Saturnus was saying it was a boy’s name in Russian. Sorry, my mistake.

            And actually, I just realised that Yuri’s name in the original Japanese version is Yuuri, with the extra U, which is definitely a much more common boy’s name. (It’s only in English translations where the name Yuuri tends to get romanised to Yuri, possibly because the translators think the extra U looks funny or it’s not so easy to type out the U with the accent on it.) After doing some googling it does some like Yuuri can also be used for a girl’s name though (the first few hits are for female gravure idols, LOL), so I guess whilst Yuuri is a more common unisex name, it’s not so for Yuri.

          • If you look at the link in the article you’ll see Vesperia’s Yuri is in katakana, meaning it’s of foreign origin. The elongation symbol in his name is there to show that’s there’s an emphasis on the “u” sound in English and/or Russian, unlike “yu-ri” in which “yu” syllable would go by a little quicker. The gravure models you found are using hirigana for their names which means the names are of native origin.

            It’s also a mostly female list, but the entry at the top of page two uses characters that would be more common for a boy would have in his name.

          • I don’t know why but I can’t seem to reply to your comment, so you’ll have to excuse me for replying to my own.

            I have to confess I don’t really see what the point is in your pointing out that Yuri’s name is meant to be of foreign origin vs a native one; how is that supposed to affect the gender angle of the name? In fact I would say that having Yuuri spelt out in katakana would make the name even more genderless, since there wouldn’t be any kanji used that might make the name more masculine or feminine.

  • kupomogli

    A lot of those names are names people would/have used.

    • Yeah, most sound like they’d exist whether or not the anime used the names.

      At least none of them named their kid Kal-el…

      • Aoshi00

        Nic Cage named his son Kal-el, well he’s a celebrity so he gets to do that.. But other than maybe Sakura, Yuri, or Yui, actually most of those names don’t exist, at least not in the way they’re written here anyway.

        I once knew a Jpn girl named Ari, the reading is really special for those kanji, but it sounds like she’s an “ant” lol.

        • Heh, I know he did, that’s why I had to mention it. There’s stranger names than Cloud and Nagisa out there.

          I’d probably sooner name my kid Rin (never watched/read story) than Apple (well, unless it’s Apple from Suikoden… I’ve always had a soft spot for that series).

  • Aoshi00

    I think if the names sound normal and viable they’re still okay (depending on how their kanji is written), as long as they’re not pompous made-up names like how celebrities named their kids, like Apple, Maddox, or Quintus (what are you a Roman general?). The kids get teased and their parents look like idiots for naming their kids after their fav. chars. I think there was one time the boy name Seiya was popular because of Saint Seiya. And now you have favorite baby girl names like Isabella because of Twilight.I’ve always liked the Jpn names Ryuunosuke (the son in Multipurpose Cultural Cat Gril Nuku Nuku) and Shinya (Tekkaman Evil in Tekkaman Blade), so there was a time I used the alias Usami Shinya, Usami was just a last name that I thought was rather unique. I would like to name my boy Ethan since I like Ethan Hawke. My gf likes Miles which I didn’t like before, but it might not be so bad since there’s Miles Edgeworth lol.

  • Aoshi00

    I think if the names sound normal and viable they’re still okay (depending on how their kanji is written), as long as they’re not pompous made-up names like how celebrities named their kids, like Apple, Maddox, or Quintus (what are you a Roman general?). The kids get teased and their parents look like idiots for naming their kids after their fav. chars.

    I think there was one time the boy name Seiya was popular because of Saint Seiya. And now you have favorite baby girl names like Isabella because of Twilight.

    I’ve always liked the Jpn names Ryuunosuke (the son in Multipurpose Cultural Cat Gril Nuku Nuku) and Shinya (Tekkaman Evil in Tekkaman Blade), so there was a time I used the alias Usami Shinya, Usami was just a last name that I thought was rather unique.

    I would like to name my boy Ethan since I like Ethan Hawke. My gf likes Miles which I didn’t like before, but it might not be so bad since there’s Miles Edgeworth lol.

    • I liked what Frank Zappa named his kids, specifically, Moon Unit.
      The way celebrities name their kids seems a bit WHACK, but it’s also pretty fascinating to me. I have the most common (and formerly popular) name, so growing up, or even now, it’s a pain to be in a place where at least 5 other people share your name. So, I kind of envy them a little.

      Also, a well known fact, Robin Williams apparently named his daughter Zelda. Actually, he’s quite a fan of video games and manga. He even had showed an Angel toy from EVA in One Hour Photo, but I think he called them the good guys for some reason.

      Oh, and Miles “Tails” Powers ;P

      • Aoshi00

        I think of Moon Bloodgood now after watching Terminator Salvation, I thought that name’s really cool, but she has a Korean mother and that’s actually her middle name. I guess a unique name could serve as a double edged sword, if the kid stands out too much, he or she could get perpetually made fun of in school and and blames their parents, I guess you have more leeway being a celebrity’s kid since movie star are all so “special”. There’s this guy who named his kid Quintus I thought it just sounds stupid. Mine’s alright, I actually don’t know anyone personally who shares the same name as me, well there was a colleague who’s named Rick, but I’m Rich :) Well, Western/Christian given names by definition are common, so… Zelda was a popular name back then right like Zelda Fitzgerald, but now you might only have old women w/ that name, sounds elegant though. I thought of Tails too and thought Miles was a strange name, but now that Edgeworth’s here, it has a new meaning to me :) I still need to see that movie One Hour Photo, looks creepy :) Personally, I like the names Ethan and Emil, but the latter might sound a little sissy.. I just think people need to think about their kids when naming them, they’re the one who need to live w/ them, or you have names like Track, Trig, or Bristol :(…

    • I know someone called Seiya, though written completely different of course.

      • Aoshi00

        yea, they probably like the sound of Seiya, but “star arrow” would be too strange :)

  • gatotsu911

    If the Darwinian ideal is alive and well, these people will never have an opportunity to produce children to whom to apply these names. If not, I fear for society.

    • Kunio_kun

      ^ Devolution… Fact or fiction???

  • Can you believe “Navi” is a popular baby name in America right now? Seriously… why would someone name their child after an annoying fairy…

    • Are you sure it’s because of the fairy?

    • Aoshi00

      Like Tommy said, I think it was most likely because of the movie Avatar, Zelda wasn’t that popular at the time. Bela (Isabella) also became the no.1 baby girl name because of Twilght.

      It’s fine if people want to give their kids a more unique name, just don’t ruin his or her life w/ your hobby :)

      • The article that listed the names had comments from people talking about Zelda…

        • Aoshi00

          But people name their kids based on the popular culture “at the time”, and Avatar was the movie w/ the highest box office recently, that’s why Navi jumped up on the list, like Bela because people are crazy about the vampires.

          • Sparkles the “Vampire” is not a vampire.

          • Aoshi00

            I didn’t say I like Twilight, I said people like “vampires”. Love Daybreakers though :)

      • gatotsu911

        I was unaware of both of those statistics… but they are horrifying.

        • Aoshi00

          I think they choose Neytiri or something, and Isabella is still a normal name, so…

  • Most of these names are fine, but….Nanoha and Cloud is way too obvious…

    The best name homages are the subtle ones. Otherwise it’s kinda tacky.

  • Well I suggested that my sister and her husband name their son Jacqil. It was Suspose to be Jacqli from Ar Tonelico 2 but seeing how “Jacqli” is a girl n I have a nephew I switched it. Every1 loves his name n I give most of the credit to Gust n Banpresto. LOL!

  • Actually,Yuri and Sora aren’t too bad….Cloud is just horrible though.
    Personally,I like Seiya,Shiryuu and Tsubasa as boy names and Yuzune and Rei as girl names if we were doing Japanese Style names.

    • Rei always seemed like a nice name for a girl to me, too. I don’t plan on having children, but there are a lot of nice girl names I like! Coming up with a boy name is pretty hard, though… I’d go with Jim or Ray.

  • cmurph666

    Son Goku~!

  • i will call mine majin bu

  • Might want to change the preview picture. You know..seeing as the FFVII film wasn’t an anime at all. When I think, “anime name” I can tell you right now, “Cloud” certainly isn’t the first thing to come to mind, lol.

    Hell, it probably wouldn’t even be in the top 10 names I would have thought of. I’d put a preview picture of Sakura from Card Captor Sakura instead. Sakura is a VERY popular name. many of those actually named their kid after Sakura from CCS, that’s a different story altogether. Anyway, yeah..”Cloud Strife” doesn’t equal “anime name”, lol.

    • Scrooge_McDuck

      “Anime” means “animation” to Japan (heck, they call The Incredibles anime) and “Japanese animation” to the rest of the world.

      Considering that FFVII film is a computer-animated film created in Japan, it fits both definitions.

  • NeoTechni

    Yuri? People actually picked the word lesbian?

      • NeoTechni
        Yuri (百合?), also known by the wasei-eigo construction Girls Love (ガールズラブ, gāruzu rabu?),[3] is a Japanese jargon term for content and a genre involving love between women in manga, anime, and related Japanese media.[4][5] Yuri can focus either on the sexual, the spiritual, or the emotional aspects of the relationship, the latter two sometimes being called shōjo-ai by western fans.[6]

        • I’m pretty sure that’s not the idea when a Japanese couple names their kid that name though.

          • NeoTechni

            It’d be funnier if they did.

    • It’s also a common Russian male name..

      • Kunio_kun

        Родина слышит, Родина знает.

    • Scrooge_McDuck

      And people also name their child “Dick”. Their usage as a legitimate person name came first.

      • Kunio_kun

        His thought + yours = Dick VanDyke

    • yuri also means lily u fool

      • NeoTechni

        Yeah I gathered that you fool, but it also means lesbian

        • All depends on how you choose to write it.

          • Actually, they use the same characters. 百合

            Just for (everyone’s) clarity’s sake, you don’t call a lesbian “yuri” in Japanese. 百合 is just a jargon term for the “girls-love” genre.

          • *geh* Hmmm, I should do my research more properly before I say something next time. Sorry.

  • neocatzon

    wow, there will be lot of Toumas and Mikotos in future. Remembering a name is not a problem anymore in Japan

  • Feynman

    The good news is, anybody who would seriously like to name their child “Cloud” has a very low chance of ever actually reproducing, so it balances out in the end.

  • although not an anime name, i would to have a son and name him ‘Anakyn’, dont know why but i want my son to have that name, kinda dark and mysterious associated with the name ahehe

    • Is the y in the name intentional? And you’d better watch it if you do give him that name. A martial arts sect might end up taking him away from you because he’ll have tremendous hidden potential, he’ll end up falling in love with a princess or queen of another nation, get tempted into joining an evil group in the sect and destroy an entire city(Equivalent size of our known world). Although having your grandson becoming a hero instead might be a good result, he’ll have to defeat your son to become one. And your granddaughter will fall in love with a… vagabond sailor?

    • Aoshi00

      In an interview, Jake Lloyd said he still kind of regret doing Star Wars for George Lucas :)

  • Personally, I would name my kid Ryuuji if he was to have a Japanese name. I once got a class of kids in a summer program calling me “snake eyes” one year and they were actually a little afraid of me when they first met me just because of my eyes. Note this is all coincidence. The name choice is because of I was born in the year of the Dragon. Toradora came after I toyed with the idea.

  • eliel

    i wouldn’t pick these names….

    • Aoshi00

      Well, many of those are normal Jpn names, but one of the the parents would have to be at least Jpn in order to give their kids those names.. like I like the names Dimitri, Yuri, or Alexi, but I’m not Russian.. otherwise it would cause confusion, like the actress Radha Mitchell. I was wondering what kind of name is that, it turned out her parents like Indian culture even though she was Australian..

      • It’s kinda like how I like the names Saied and Rahul, but people might think of it as weird of a purely Canadian man to give his kid a name from the middle east.

        Just like how after I watched my brother play Xenosaga, I looked up more info on the ESs and found they are the twelve tribes of Israel. Considering my name comes from the bible (and/or LoTR, haha) and my father has Jewish heritage on his mother’s side, it could be quite suitable. After all, a lot of the names aren’t used very much, but Joseph and Benjamin is. So what about Asher, Issachar and such? But I think people might think of that as strange.

        Another weird name that I wouldn’t mind would be something like Samulus. So that way my son could be Samulus son of Samwise. That’d be bad-ass.

        If you’re famous though, you can get away with anything. If I were famous and I have three boys I shall name them Bruce Wayne Bateman, Señor Dracula Bateman, and The Maxx Expendable Bateman. Girls? Arcee Mastermind Bateman, Commissioner GaGa Bateman, and Sniper-Wolf Clairvoyance Bateman.

  • joesz

    Honestly,If the power is within my grip,For a girl, I’d go with KOSOBAYUI!

  • malek86

    Almost all recent names. This is obviously going to change in the future, when other anime becomes popular.

  • epy

    I actually like Yuna a lot for a girl. Of course, kids are extremely quick witted when cruelty is concerned and they will call her Yunabomber or something and then she’ll hate me and date some ass going through an emo goth phase to spite me…

    I’ll just skip the whole having kids thing altogether…

  • I think most of these names are pretty normal, and most people probably wouldn’t realise the kid’s been named after an anime/game character unless they asked.

    Now CLOUD, on the other hand… I get that he’s insanely popular, but seriously!? That’s definitely a name that’ll raise alot of eyebrows. :p

  • karasuKumo

    I like Yui for a girl, and Shinji for a boy (I’m pretty surprised it’s not on there) Cloud is a nice name but you’d have to live with the stigma of always being asked if you were named after him haha Even so that could be said the same with all the characters ¬_¬

    • Kunio_kun

      Cloud has always been a name for hippies’ kids… It sounds like some lost sibling of River Phoenix…

      • Aoshi00

        That family has some dang cool names though, like Joaquin Phoenix. But only actors could afford having special names mostly..

        • Kunio_kun

          Actually his name was Leaf Phoenix before he started going by Joaquin… As seen in “Parenthood.”

          • He picked that name unofficially because of his siblings’ names.


          • Kunio_kun

            Right, I was talking about his acting career not his birth name of Joaquin Rafael Bottom… Thank you for citing Wikipedia…

            By the way, has anyone else ever heard of the Children of God cult that family was once a part of??? That’s some f’d up shit right there!!!

          • Kunio_kun

            Right, I was talking about his acting career not his birth name of Joaquin Rafael Bottom… Thank you for citing Wikipedia…

            By the way, has anyone else ever heard of the Children of God cult that family was once a part of??? That’s some f’d up stuff right there!!!

  • Ghengis_John

    As long as it’s a pretty normal name nobody HAS to know where it came from. I mean you could name a kid Kyo in japan or Terry in america and get a pass. Problems start occurring when you give your kid a name that is odd or sticks out. Parents and teachers will wonder and ask questions, then they will despise you. The other kids will make fun of any child with a silly name. Childhood is all about doing your best BUT still flying under the radar. Seriously.

    • malek86

      Back when I was in the Star Wars fandom, I once met a guy who actually named his kids Luke and Leia.

      The boy might get a pass, but the girl? Not only that, but since they’re siblings, people will understand where the boy’s name comes from and he’ll be made fun of too.

      • Kunio_kun

        They’re still better off than the guy who names his kid Jar-Jar Binks…

  • malek86

    Man, these people who would actually give otaku-related names to their kids… I can’t understand it.

    On a side note, I would totally name my kid Arahabaki.

  • capristrider

    There are 2 kids I know whose names are Storm and Sky here in the UK, so I think Cloud would be an acceptable name, Nimbus would stand out a bit much though :). Cloud is also a real surname here and you get a variation which is McCloud.

    • I knew someone named Sky (or Skyler), not sure if that counts. Actually, I have a niece named Summer. Maybe naming kids after nature is just a thing to do in the UK and California, heh.
      “Fox McCloud”.

  • lostinblue

    No Ayanami and/or Rei in that list? FAIL!

    • I was expecting Akira and Shinji, but guess not.

      • lostinblue

        Those too. That list is just so full of fail.

        • No, it just means people don’t want to name their kids that way.

          Admittingly I was expecting some of those names as well though.

  • tsukasa1288

    I have friends who are actually named Yui, Mio, Yuri, Nagisa, Rin and Kyousuke. Not all these names that far-fetched.

    • Aoshi00

      yep, most of those are normal names, it’s like John Constantine, it just happens that the character has the name John, not that it’s a special name, there’s a lot of Yuriko too. Jpn could pick different kanji though as long as the readings are normal. I think of Kasuga Kyousuke from Kimagure Orange Road in the 80’s, and Hongou Yui of Fushigi Yuugi :)

  • lordryo

    If I have a girl I want her to be named Hatsune Miku and if I had a boy I’d name him Lelouch Lamperouge! lol

    • shion16

      is legal to create him(her) a last name????

      • The last name of the character could be the middle name but… those are still pretty weird names. lordryo can also file to change his family name if he wants to, but that’s a lengthy process that’s not really worth it imo.

  • I see no Vegeta.

  • RupanIII

    I remem reading on a forum a few years after FFVIII came out, someone named their daughter Rinoa. Honestly though, outside of the ones that really stick out, most of those aren’t bad, or are just regular Japanese names, not really stranger than some of the stuff people name their kids in America these days (naming their kid after Twilight for instance). There was a kid named Coyote in my high school. Or how about those over-the-top superfluous spellings, like Karolyyn instead of Caroline or something.

    Even the really obvious anime stuff isn’t the worst you could do. You could name your kid ‘Super Saiya-jin Cloud Sama Desu Yo ^_^;; the Third’ and still not leave them with as much psychological damage as those people in Jersey who named their kids Adolf Hitler and Eva Braun.

    • Aoshi00

      Hitler ruined a perfectly good name lol.

      • RupanIII

        lol seriously. Eva doesn’t have that immediate connection (and it could be an homage to Evangelion ;P) but Adolf, you’d never live that down

        • Kunio_kun

          Yeah, Adolph Joffe was the man! He deserves a namesake… Where’s Trotmeister when I need him???

          But what Hitler R-E-A-L-L-Y ruined was the Toothbrush moustache… Could anybody pull that look off nowadays???

  • I named my son Vincent. But not because of the fact that I like Vincent Valentine and Vincent Vega, huge plus tho, but because the name is just very lovely. I also gave him two other names, so he can decide for himself which he likes the best.

    Over here in Germany you can’t give your children overly silly names, most cartoon character names aren’t legitimate.. I don’t think you’d be allowed to name your son Cloud over here. Which is a good thing imo. ;>

    • Aoshi00

      How about Claus? I like Richter but that’s more like a last name (I liked it because of Richter Belmont in Castlevania SotN). I think Vincent is great name, I liked it because it was the main char’s name played by Ethan Hawke in Gattaca :) *secretly hides back in corner* lol…

  • I wonder… Wud ne1 name their daughter BULMA! LMAO!!! THat has got to be the worst Anime name of all time.

  • Cloud is both surprising and unsurprising in my eyes. I understand that many people like the character, and I admit the name sounds sorta cool, but actually naming your child that way… No.

    I like Hayate. But I was actually… sort of… considering it for my dog ^-^;;

    • This reminds me of the scene from FMA with Roy cuddling Black Hayate, going “A cute doggy!” and telling everyone else how you can turn them into obedient slaves.

  • @Feynman My niece’s name is Cloud…

  • lucy1986

    My cat is called Quistis :D

  • Exand

    I’m sure someone else must have mentioned this, but most of those names already existed before they were used for the respective anime. Some of the names even have older and popular anime attached to them too.

  • ChaosPaladinFayt


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