Facebook Files: What Games Have Made You Cry?

By Ishaan . August 15, 2010 . 10:34am


This week in Facebook Files, we’re talking about games that legitimately brought a tear to your eyes, whether they were tears of happiness or sadness. Very few games actually have the ability to affect most of us to this extent, so when one does, you know it’s truly special.


Tommy wrote:

What scene in a game made you cry? Why?(Almost is good enough)


I’ll go with an obvious answer and say Fragile Dreams: Farewell Ruins of the Moon’s last scene with the PF. Well, entire game was powerful emotionally but that’s the scene that struck me the hardest because I wasn’t expecting it.


I know I have other moments from games one normally wouldn’t expect it from but… I can’t recall them right now.


Ishaan wrote:

The PF scene from Fragile was touching, yea. Poor PF-san. :'(

It didn’t make me cry though. No, the game that half made me bawl my eyes out was Okami, in multiple places. I don’t even care to recount how many times Okami got me teary-eyed. There was the scene where Mr. Bamboo’s daughter finally leaves, the scene with Issun throwing those flyers around at the end of the game…too many to count.


Twilight Princess kind of made me fight a tear or two back, too, at the very end of the game when it’s time for Midna to leave. Persona 4 at the end of the game, too. It’s super-interesting. I feel like in the last few years, a few select Japanese developers have really figured out how to tug at the old heartstrings.


Raphael wrote:

Legacy of Kain Defiance, Raziel’s sacrifice. Probably because i got sucked in into the LoK universe really deep and i have a really soft spot for sacrificial characters(next scenes proves it..)


Metal Gear Solid 3, The Boss’ revelation that she was willing to die and go down into the anals of history as a traitor to prevent a Nuclear War. Final Fantasy VII: Crisis Core, Zack’s death. Shadow of the Colossus, the overall mood of the game that leads to a very dramatic and poetic ending.


And Beyond the Beyond, probably because its the first RPG i’ve seriously played and a friend who died years back gave the game to me..


So, what games have had made you fight back tears or even wipe a couple away? Fire away in the comments!

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  • Star Ocean The Last Hope (and Intn) –It was such an emotional ride with Edge.

    Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Explorers of Time and Darkness, the ending always gets me, after being so attached to your teammate, the prospect of just leaving them.

    Disgaea 1 with Flonn

  • no games have made me cry

    the last time i cryed was when i was about 6 or 7 and those times i cried it wasn’t about a videogame

    • joesz

      Can’t believe it.
      you would be dead by now.

      • why?

        just because i don’t cry for a videogame?

        for characters that don’t even exist?

        if my mom died tomorrow i wouldn’t cry, i would be sad but i wouldn’t cry. because that’s not how i deal with stuff i handle them in my own way

        • joesz

          You can’t bottle up stuff inside you for years,You’d be dead in your sleep without even noticing it.

          • i’m not bottling up anything i deal with my feelings in my own way

            not everybody cries when something sad happens

          • joesz

            I wasn’t talking about crying for videogames’s characters,That’s your life style.
            there’s people that cares about stuff like fictional characters.like open minded people.
            But that’s not the point here .What I was talking about was crying in general,you don’t have to cry for sadness only,for happiness as well.
            You can’t tell me that you didn’t cry for happy stuff in your whole life.
            I was out from town for a whole month and when I came back home,my dog saw me and I’m pretty sure he cried… I could see waterfalls from his eyes and an invisible tail .
            So if you now tell me that you didn’t cry for any kind of things,then most likely you had a hard life when you were a kid,or you have some emotion problems.

            Btw I hope I’m not offending in anyway.

          • Way to deny yourself the feelings of a human being.

            Yes, you’re right in the fact that not everybody cries when something sad happens. However..it has been scientifically proven that by not showing feeling such as this over a course of a few years, it is actually physically bad for you. It’s fine if you want to deal with your feelings in your own way.

            I think everybody wants to have that freedom. You just need to remember, you’re a human being, not a machine. It’s okay to get a little emotional at times. That’s how we remind ourselves that was are in fact human.

  • FF VII when the credits appeared… because i wanted more xP

    • DudeOnly

      I felt the same XD

    • RupanIII

      It’s such a long epic game that you’ve invested so many hours in and, for me, it was my first major JRPG. So yea, definitely fought back a few too. Oh, and obvious choice, Aeris dying. There’s been some revisionist backlash about VII in recent years (prolly due to all the milking of the franchise), but for me I felt more connected with the characters than any other FF (tho VI is right up there too)Two others come to mind right away. In MGS at the end when ‘The Best is Yet to Come’ plays. And in MGS4, two times, the ending with Morricone’s ‘Here’s to You.’ Also, the return to Shadow Moses when ‘The Best is Yet to Come’ drifts in with the blizzard winds, then is quickly swept away. It’s such a melancholic return.. Shadow Moses was fixed in our collective memory as it was in MGS1: a buzzing hub of activity with genome soldiers on patrol, and security cameras humming away. It’s all the more powerful in that Kojima has you play the MGS1 Shadow Moses entrance before revealing how it exists now (barren, half buried in snow, its cameras now only capturing static shots of frozen tundra). The space takes on a haunting quality.. it really makes you consider time, not just as an in-game abstraction, but in life itself; it’s been 10 years- a DECADE- (as of when MGS4 came out) since junior high school me sat glued to the screen playing MGS1 on Christmas break. It’s not just Snake that’s older and more world-weary, but perhaps us as well. Anyway, a lot of people think of it as fanservice but I think there was a much more profound element to this part, and it was very poignant to me.

  • Only two. Metal Gear Solid 4’s ending. I actually started to get choked up.

    And Lunar for Sega CD, when everything that Alex loved was pretty much taken away by Ghalleon. Being that was the first RPG I ever played and enjoyed, I was very surprised by that reaction. I should note that that emotional response was completely missing in the PS1 remake, as they altered that scene (in a bad way, I feel).

  • Kibbitz

    I’m moved pretty easily by either the hero rallying in the face of insurmountable odds by belief in itself by itself or other people, so Super Robot Taisen has plenty of such moments. More recently, there were a few moments in EXCEED as well, most notably when Reiji comes by to save the day once all hope seemed lost.

  • Proooocedin

    I’m pretty certain I let out a single, lonely tear while watching MGS3’s ending.

  • Klaus00

    Disgaea 3 when *SPOILER* Almaz Sacrificed hisself
    Blazblue Arakune’s story
    and the Ending of Eternal Sonata

  • DudeOnly

    Crisis Core even though i knew Zack would die before i started the game i couldn’t stop myself when i saw the ending

  • Can’t remember. I know there was ONE, but maybe someone else will mention it.
    A moment that really stuck with me was the ending to Rule of Rose. The way it ended after realizing what was going on, yeah, definitely tear-jerker worthy – I’d be surprised if most people who played till the end wouldn’t get the waterworks going.

    Since I can’t remember, I’ll list a few close-calls, but in retrospect: Yoshi’s Story, Rhapsody: A Musical Adventure, Starfox 64. I hear Super Marion 2 gets people emotional when they look back – I thought the ending would have been brilliant if they replaced Mario with Browser.
    Oh, if you include visual novels, Kira☆Kira. One of the endings left me wrecked :(

  • Crisis core…. The last moment… I actually bawled my eyes out… The one and only saddest game I have ever encounter..

    • shion16

      +1 T.T

    • I feel you man it totally made me cry. It was just the build up of the whole story. T_T

    • MisterNiwa


    • Seriously; he did nothing wrong and the fact that he fought untill dawn just to try and see his girl made me tear us so bad

      • doomspeller10

        Also when he receives the letters from Aerith and is told how many years have passed since the Nibelheim incident… My eyes almost popped out of my head.

    • NeoTechni

      Agreed. Crisis Core made me cry more than any thing else.

      Lunar 2
      Metal Gear Solids 1, 2 and 3

      • thebanditking

        Yeah Crisis Core got me a littly misty eyed but I’m a big FF7 fan so no surprise there. FF8 got me a few times too during my play through (love that game)and Lunar 1 did me in back in the day too.

  • karasuKumo

    Crisis Core for me, even though I knew the rough ending it still made me cry :'(. That game made me cry twice actually the whole thing with Genesis made me cry, the scene where he is sitting in the chair near the end upset me quite a bit in a good way :D Other than that I don’t really cry or get too upset about many games.

  • Too many to list, but a brief mention of 3 titles:
    1. Shadow of the Colossus
    2. Final Fantasy VIII
    3. Persona 3

  • Too many, every genreation since the 32bit days had enough games that brought tears to my eyes.But I think these moved me the most:

    every Team Elebits game: just too cute, one of the few tears of happiness moments
    Suikoden 1 & 2 “death scenes”
    Fragile: the short Seto monologue scene during the ending
    Fatal Frame 2: normal ending

    The last two hit me the hardest.

  • Aoshi00

    Recent ones would be Lost Odyssey (end of disc 1, twins w/ their dying mother, and several novellas) and Nier (ending B, “you want my cookie dad?”), soundtrack for both of those are amazing. Actually other parts of Nier made almost cry too, haven’t gotten endings C & D yet, maybe they’re even more sad.Otherwise I agree w/ those mentioned by others, like Crisis Core’s Zack Ending, Fragile’s robot backpack (I got the US ver but haven’t played it yet), and MGS3’s epic ending. I’m not ashamed I shed tears for them, that’s what made those games memorable.

    • They are. D is a terrible and wonderful ending.

      • Aoshi00

        I have the artbook that talk about those endings, but I don’t dare to read them yet :)

    • [The Hunter] Doomrider

      How abnormally beautiful Nier is. And how abnormally strange the fact that my favourite part is entirely done in text. The part where, if I’m not mistaken, you’re in the Forest of Myth retrieving a fragment of the key to the castle. The part where you’re answering questions, and Nier and Weiss encounter that special shade, all while playing “Shadowlord’s Castle”, both versions. The crescendo is absolutely stunning, leaving me with goosebumps and misty eyes. Unbelievably good. Kainé’s story is also very well done.Talking about sadness, Crisis Core comes to mind, as it does with everybody else. But Drakengard and Drakengard II are way ahead of anything I’ve seen in other games. Ending A in Drakengard, for instance. Or even more powerful than that, the moment Caim and his soulmate finally find peace in Drakengard II. There’s a a crushing sadness in that scene. A moment of unparalleled emotion in games, but also of very strong beauty.

      • Aoshi00

        Nier definitely has many emotional moments, like when Emil said he doesn’t want to die and want to see his friends’ faces one last time (but Ending B gave us a funnier closure w/ Emil lol), the presentation was just so powerful, or when the articulate Weiss was losing his power of speech, even the shade/robot/twin bros story was very human.. so was the text part as well especially Kaine’s backstory, and the way they didn’t reveal it until your second playthru was tastefully done. Just like a couple of novellas moved me to tears in Lost Odyssey. It’s been too long since I played Drakengard though (I only played a little of the sequel), so I don’t remember the details, I just remember there were many WTF moments that few games ever surpass. The sad thing was Cry On got scrapped, just imagine what a beautiful game it could turn out w/ Cavia/Sakaguchi/Uematsu..

        • [The Hunter] Doomrider

          It is as you say, Nier has many powerful emotional moments, and I agree with all you listed.

          It’s too bad I don’t have an X360, I’d like to try Lost Odyssey, as is too bad that you haven’t played Drakengard II until it’s conclusion…

          There’s a boss battle with Caim (I love to see previous protagonists as oppponents, don’t know why…)! The game is mediocre at best, true, but it’s all worth it to see the ending of Caim and Angelus’ story, it’s beautiful. If you ever have the chance and the will to play it, do so, I guarantee the moment I mentioned ALONE is worth it!

          … if you manage to endure the horrible gameplay, that is… =P


    It hasn’t happened often, but here goes:

    Persona 3’s true ending was amazing. When I watched everything up to the credits, especially when Aegis had the main’s head laying in her lap, telling him that everything was going to be fine and that she could hear the footsteps of the others coming to the rooftop. It was just so sad because by the time everyone else had reached the rooftop, you had already closed your eyes and had died.

    That was pretty emotional for me, especially considering how attached I felt towards the main after 70+ hours. So yeah..I could feel the tears start to come at that point and the credits song just made it worse, heh. It felt very emotional and I just couldn’t bring myself to even say anything.

    Afterward, I just said, “Oh my god..” a good five or six times, lol. It was just such a great game and I couldn’t possibly find any words fitting for the moment. Ending D for Nier had also made me get a little misty as well.

    It wasn’t as emotional as Persona 3, but it still made me want to cry simply because of how Kaine went from being this total bitch to someone, you know..who actually has feelings, lol. Just to see her smile and cry like that made me want to do the same. Lastly, I’d say .hack//G.U. did this to me as well.

    It was when Haseo was fighting in the arena and brought out his avatar, “Skeith”, then he suddenly had this urge to try and kill his opponent. So during his wave of attacks, he was forced out of Skeith and Skeith took control, then began to relentlessly attack his opponent (I think it was Kuhn’s avatar, but I can’t recall off-hand). It was just really emotional because Haseo was just left screaming, “STOOOOOOOOOP!! THIS ISN’T WHAT I WANT!! WHAT ARE YOU DOING?! PLEASE!! STOP IT!!”.

    Granted, I played all of the G.U. titles in Japanese, so it sounded a bit more emotional than the English dubbed version. I heard the dub and yeeeah…I didn’t get emotional at all during the scene because it just sounded so incredibly weak compared to the original audio. Anyway, I guess that’s it.

    Actually..no, I did cry during the ending to FFVII: Crisis Core as well (which I also played in Japanese, so I’m not sure if it was near as emotional in English, I didn’t hear the English version). I mean, I KNEW Zack had to die by the end of the game, but man..it just really sucked because it was like, despite fighting off all of the soldiers and using your limit, it was still hopeless.

    I thought it was executed rather well though. I mean how they make the screen fuzzy while he loses his memories, limit, and such. In the end, you lose your last limit and that’s it. He’s pumped full of holes, then he falls over and it starts raining.

    Cloud shows up and lifts him up off the ground for a moment, holding him in his arms, then Zack takes his last breath and dies. Cloud slowly sets him down, then picks up the Buster Sword and that’s that. It was a really emotional scene and we get a great lead in for FFVII since everything makes sense.

    But yeah, any form of entertainment that makes you cry doesn’t make you any less of a man, trust me, lol. It just means it’s just THAT good.

  • Persona 3 – Main character dying at the end and then the ending theme “Kimi no Kioku” starts….T_T
    Persona 3 – Shinjiro dying…”This is how it should be”
    Some scenes in Xenosaga1-3 had me also crying like a baby.

    • Yeah..the loss of Shinjiro left me a bit sad. I heard you can actually save him in Persona 3 Portable, but I didn’t play through that, so I can’t verify that. As much as I loved having the guy around, I think bringing him back would kind of kill the effect it had on me.

      It would be like bringing Aeris back in FFVII. Some things are just better left alone, I say.

      • Ren

        This may be a spoiler, but if you max his social link with the FeMC she’ll give him his lost pocket watch back wich will help stop the bullet, he’ll will survive the incident, but will enter in a coma, although I don’t know if he will ever wake up again…

    • MisterNiwa


      This was the most touching death in Video Game History, because.. I felt like something inside me died.

    • You might’ve wanted to put a spoiler warning at the front of your post for people who never played the game.

  • kupomogli

    There are no games that have made me cry. I get that emotional feeling when you’re about to but don’t(most of the time I actually laugh it off.) Here’s some of the most emotional moments in video games that did almost make me cry though.In Breath of Fire with Cerl and Alan, Shadow of the Colossus when Agro saves you at the end, Star Ocean the Second Story near the end of the first disc and onward with parts from Claude and Rena, and Crisis Core’s last battle and FMV after.

  • Not like I cried a lot but anyway:
    -Shadow Heart (bad ending canon)
    -Xenogears (lot of sad moments)
    -Xenosaga (same as Xenogear but…with less impact for me)
    -Chrono Trigger / Cross
    -FFVII Crisis Core (We already knew about Zack’s ending, but square-enix made very well this ending)
    -Persona 2 Inocent and Eternal (3 is overated only for his ending but I agree anyway)
    -Phantom Brave? D: (poor Marona)

    If i have to include VNs, Muv luv Alternative ;___;

  • Guest

    “go down into the anals of history”….. hehe, anals…..SMT: Persona 3, The reason why the evokers were shaped like pistols finally made sense…. and it was sad

  • gatotsu911

    Wait, I thought The Boss in MGS3 died simply so that the US could get their hands on the Philosopher’s Legacy? I thought the tragedy was supposed to be that she would willingly sacrifice her life and honor out of loyalty to her country, even though her country was willing to chew her up and spit her out.

    Anyway, I generally don’t CRY at a movie or game, but a couple moments have been pretty affecting for me. There’s Aerith’s death, Celes’s suicide attempt (from FF6), and even the ending sequence to Chrono Cross. But probably the most emotionally affected I’ve ever been by a game has been due to something far simpler and more understated: the first time I was playing The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, when I was 10, when Link leaves Kokiri Forest and says goodbye to Saria. For whatever reason, that moment really affected me, and my little 10-year-old self actually did cry about it later. I think it had something to do with the fact that I really identified with a little boy feeling like an outcast and being picked on by other children; and then saying goodbye to his only friend as he goes off into the vast, grown-up world to fulfill his destiny… that was heartwrenching.

    • gatotsu911

      Oh yeah, also the ending of Silent Hill: Shattered Memories brought me pretty damn close.

  • cmurph666

    Metal Gear Solid 3. ‘Nuff Said.


    If Visual Novels count, Clannad made me cry every 10 minute. Lol.

    • Visual novels totally count. We treat them with the utmost respect around here. :)

      Tsukihime didn’t push me to the point of tears, but it did stir me up a couple times where I had this really heavy sort of feeling but I guess the emotions didn’t quite know which way to come out. One of the times was at the scene in the park when Shiki’s waiting late at night for Arcueid. Another was the ending. Overall, Tsukihime was a very romantic game imo.

      Divi-Dead had the exact opposite effect. I remember playing it on a rainy day and it was kind of peaceful but in an eerie “waiting-for-death-to-claim-you” sort of way.

      • Day2Day

        As for Visual novels, Air made me bawl my eyes out a few times…
        Both the Anime and the Novel, actually…
        The ending’s extremely sad…

        Oh, and Persona 3… TTwTT Minato… And Shinji…

        I haven’t finished P3P yet because Dragon Quest IX got in the way, but I imagine finishing the game with Minako won’t be as sad without the anime cutscenes…

  • I’m a crier. I cry easy. I empathize up the wazoo.

    So, Flik, Gremio, Ramda, Locke, Zero, Mayu, Serge.. you name it, I’ve probably cried during said cutscene.

    …except for Aeris. Yeah, I can’t explain it either. Maybe it’s denial.

    • Naw, I hear ya man. Despite being a pretty quick to cry guy, I really didn’t feel much at all about Aeris. = It almost felt like they were trying too hard to push her on you as the generically innocent love interest.

      • NeoTechni


  • Oh dang, I missed this!

    Well, I’m certainly a crier. Surprised? I know, that’s the normal reaction since I’m such a manly dude. But I allow my sensitive side to show through, y’know how it goes.

    Let’s see here… I cried at the end of Zone of the Enders, BOTH times I played through it, which really amazed me. The first time, I was 11, so I really related to Leo and I didn’t find him whiny or anything. Second time, I was 16, and really? It was no different, it made me cry, for certain.

    I also cried when I was little at the secret last boss in Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards. Zero Two doesn’t really have a back story in the game, very much, but for some reason I came up with a huge plot involving how the Zero Two was a fairy from the last planet and was rejected by all of the friends and stuff, and then it went to Dark Matter and was possessed into the thing you fight, so the six year old me felt deeply sorry for it, and combined with the emotional music was bawling.

    Assuming VNs count, then Narcissu got me.

    Another type of game like that that made me cry is Snatcher… When a certain character has a certain thing happen to them and them main character has a certain attachment to them, it got me really bad…

    Xenosaga had lots of sad moments for me, definitely. The entire plot of Ziggy got me, I just felt so sorry for him.

    There’s probably more too, that isn’t coming to mind right now. Heh.

    • Aoshi00

      ADA from Zone of the Enders and PF from Fragile got me too, dang the emotional AI, the ending song from ZoE was really beautiful though. I think I cried when I watched Short Circuit when I was a kid, when Johnny 5 was being beaten to a pulp. Xenosaga definitely had many touching scenes.

      • Yes, the ending theme to ZOE is one of my favourites. I also get emotional with nostalgia when I hear ZOE2’s opening, since I played a demo of it long ago…

        I still haven’t finished ZOE 2nd Runner, due to a buddy and I accidentally swapping memory cards. Oops! ):

        • Aoshi00

          wow, we’re totally in the same boat. I really liked ZoE but haven’t beaten 2nd Runner yet. I think it was because I kept dying in one battle and gave up. It would be pretty hard to go back to the game now after so long..

    • Oh God, Narcissu. I remember I was actually at a hospital myself when I played that. It had the most depressing effect ever. I was feeling down the entire day. ><

      • If you want really scary, I was asked to do a bit of testing on that, and I was sent to hospital while I was doing the testing.Although they didn’t have pallative care while I was at the hospital, uh, just say I got a little closer to the topic than I liked.

        (I’m listed on the credits as a QAer, as Setsuna.)

      • Joanna

        I think Narcissu is one of the only video games that have made me cry. Others have made me sad, but rarely do they bring me to tears. I think it had to do with not only the mature subject matter (accepting death), but also with the way Setsumi was built up as a character. She was genuinely likable and she wasn’t your typical, “oh come save me and give me a shoulder to cry on” girl. She was vulnerable, very vulnerable, but the author gave that vulnerability real depth: she fought it, she hid it, and she finally accepted it and overcame it. Way too many video game lack in the character development section, often giving us shallow emotional bundles that are hard to relate towards. Anyways, I think I’m getting offtopic here, so I’ll stop. ^^

  • Final Fantasy 8 bridge scene.

  • Lufia 2. Jesus christ. Also MGS3. That’s it, for me

  • malek86

    Can’t remember a game that actually made me cry. Must be because I usually don’t get sucked by the game’s story. The whole gameplay part makes it difficult for me.In a movie or book, you are only there for the plot and characters, so if something happens to them, I could feel something. There are a few instances of movies that brought me close to tears (though admittedly it’s difficult). But for games, I tend to react in gameplay terms: for example, when Aerith died in a tear-jerking and emotional scene, my first reaction was “they’re giving me back the Materia, right?”.One genre where I could really get invested in story and characters are adventure games like Monkey Island, because the gameplay is somewhat lacking. However, as most graphic adventures are either silly or downright humorous, they can’t really make me cry.

  • Phlo

    The memories of the two children playing on the dam in Fragile.

  • Oh lord. Mass Effect 2 hit me twice in succession. Even with it being in the first 5 minutes of the game, the destruction of the first Normandy left me with a few tears. You spend the entirety of your first game with that ship, and you have memories of talking to the different crew as well as your squad mates down at the bottom. Watching her being blasted apart and the crew scrambling to evacuate really got to me.

    On that same topic though, when they first reveal the Normandy SR-2 (like, half an hour later). . . . yeah. The grand pan over the new ship and rather epic (music and graphically) showing really brought a manly tear to my eye. Good show Bioware.

    I also remember crying over the end of Xenogears. Not from a sad ending or anything like that, but just because of how this epic tale had wrapped up with so much emotion. I was partially sad it was over, but also just overwhelmed by everything that had transpired. The level of storytelling in that game still leaves it my favorite JRPG.

  • In Lost Odyssey when Cook n Mack lost their mother. That was such a sad moment. N while I think about it. That was the first time i eva cried from a DAMN videogame LMAO!

  • Nier made me cry little bitch tears by the second ending. By the fourth, I couldn’t even take it. :<

  • Crisis Core to me was the saddest final scene that made me cried. Also E-102 Gamma death scene in sonic adventure made me cry when gamma reliease what he really was.

  • Kris

    Damn, spoilers abound in here. :(

  • regreto

    Final Fantasy 7 and Lost Odyssey :(

  • puchinri

    I cried at the end of Klonoa.
    But I can’t remember any other game I cried at the end of recently.
    Oh, Professor Layton and the Devil’s Box brought a tear to my eye too.
    That was bittersweet to the max.

    • Aoshi00

      Layton 2 had a great ending, I won’t say anything, but you’ll love 3 :) I only played a little bit of 2 in Eng. though, sometimes I just don’t feel like going thru all the puzzles again..

  • tsukasa1288

    I cry easily so my list is pretty long. I’ll probably end up forgetting a few as well.

    Persona 3 and 4
    Metal Gear Solid 2 3 and 4
    Shadow of the Colossus
    Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess
    Valkyrie Profile
    Final Fantasy 6 7 8 and Crisis Core
    Valkyria Chronicles
    Lost Odyssey
    Elite Beat Agents/Ouendan
    Yume Miru Kusuri
    Kana: Little Sister

  • Tales of the Abyss almost made me cry. Right after Akzeriuth fell into the Qliphoth, when that child sinks into the mud…

  • Well. The sheer amount of tears I´ve shed for video games. Since spoiling the scenes would be pretty low of me I´ll just stop to name some titles.

    Persona 3
    Persona 4
    Final Fantasy VII
    Grandia 2
    Chrono Trigger/Cross
    Lost Odyssey

    To name a few.

    I can´t begin to remember all the times tears of either joy or sadness have filled my eyes when playing.

    I´m so emotional sometimes I wonder if it´s truly my real self.

  • metal gear solid 4 because of the buildup leading to the climax which when it occurs is touching

  • Jaxx-Leviathan

    Hm, feels kinda hollow saying this now after reading about every second post in here mentioning it, but Persona 3. I cried due to frustration during one fight and then at the end. But the end wasn’t because Minato died, honestly I didn’t know he died, I just thought he fell asleep. But it was just that I had given the game my all, invested myself and my feelings completely… and then it was over. No more story or progress with the characters (well, at least not then, glad it got build upon in later versions). That just tore my heart out and I had a good, long sob.
    Another game which had me cry in frustration was Diddy Kong Racing for the N64. Racing the walrus for the gold, it took me forever to finally beat him and up ’til then I had one rage-quit accompanied by tears and swearing (my only rage-quit ever).
    I’m pretty sure I cried happy tears during the ending credits of Super Mario 64.

  • Man, am I the only one that thinks it’s sad when Chidori died to save Junpei’s life in P3?

    That scene was so full of emotion for me.. Especially when Junpei went berserk afterwards.

  • EggmaniMN

    Mother 3.

  • xxx128

    svc chaos…after the horrible patchwork game cvs that capcom has put out, for me there was no way snk could do any worse…right?

    Few months later svc chaos came out and put the street fighters onto the neogeo for the first time. I was so looking forward to that since, well ever. When the final product appeared it was crocodiles tears for me ;_;
    This is still a huge scar on my videogame soul :(

  • doomspeller10

    Crisis Core and Terranigma’s ending (though I didn’t like Cloud screaming at the end, I thought “shut up man, you didn’t you anything to help him!”). Somehow, I don’t regret Aerith’s death. I also almost cried with X-men origins (psp), but that was because it sucked.

  • goronyan

    Noumi Kudryavka good end1, although it’s not soo gorgeus as Saya’s ending from Little Busters. All key games made my cry.

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