Lord of Arcana Is A Brutal Action RPG

By Ishaan . August 16, 2010 . 4:13pm


To help differentiate it from Monster Hunter, Square Enix’s Lord of Arcana features generous amounts of blood and a mythical twist. And…we can’t tell what else because that’s about the extent of the information this Gamescom trailer gives you.


Hopefully, the Japanese demo which releases on PSN this week will give us a better idea of what to expect from Lord of Arcana when it launches in October.

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  • xavier axol

    I don’t know, but something doesn’t seen right. Whether is game play mechanics or the flow of the game, we’ll see happens when the game hits here in the u.s.

    By the way, I would go for god eater burst. It was an instance hit over in Japan, I mean the older version.

  • Code

    I think this is a good example of the narrow line between violence in MH which I think adds a sense of realism but isn’t the focus, and relishing in violence and focusing on it, which Lord of Arcana seems to be doing.

    God Eater on the other hand looks great to me, it seems like the MH-esque title to get if anything, Lord of Arcana just feels like watching a series of misstep, one after another. Feels like a lot of lost potential, the notion of SquareEnix making an MH-esque action/RPG, just feels like it should have been so much more.

  • It seems like SE is missing in the Action-Rpg n FPS department. They shud really stick wit the turnbased Rpg. Cuz this n Gun Loco both need to be taken off the grill cuz they dun.

    • Proooocedin

      Ignorant, closed-minded comment of the day.

      You’re basically saying a company shouldn’t even attempt to move forward, and stay behind ten years ago.

      • Code

        *scratches chin* Although I’m not saying they should live in the past, or not try anything new — but 10 years ago Square was pretty great ~w~!

        • Proooocedin

          !!! O_O

          … =.= Touche…

      • Thanx for the complament lol. Say wut u want but wut i was tryin to relay, was the fact that they have tried to broaden their horizons. I’m not fully knocking them but I mean come on, FF13 was a venture n people purchased n were for the most part disappointed. Shoot they did it wit FF12. Now they wanna try this game n FPS. I feel that SE fans want the old-school feel wit modern techs. IE FF7 wit Advent Children Graphics. THats all.

  • goronyan

    I don’t think that just adding some gore will make this game more attractive than MH.

  • ShinNoKami

    “Look! We’re mature! We have blood! LOVE US MORE THAN MONSTER HUNTER! WE’RE SQUARE ENIX!!!!”

    …still saying yawn.

  • Proooocedin

    From what I’ve read on Andriasang, this game used to have a total cutscene running time of one hour.

    Then they cut out a majority of that hour. Fail.

  • shion16

    button secuences!!!!!???

    • goronyan

      it’s a god of war with multiplayer mode

  • kupomogli

    If all battles take in a closed area, are they random battles or does a monster touch you and you’re forced to fight the monster until it dies? Takes some of the difficulty away if you ask me.With Monster Hunter a boss monster could run away and you might have to fight the smaller monsters and the boss monster at the same time.

  • Ereek

    I think I’m the only person in the world actually interested in this title.

    • doomspeller10

      You’re not. I’m also interested though I consider myself a old-school square fan, thus, I’m just trying not to see this title as a square-enix one. Sadly, this trailer looks like a cheap attempt at luring in teenagers with the old promise of “play it and you’ll be cool.”

  • In order to make use of flashy attacks, the AI of monster is almost close to a sandbag as I saw 2 trailers earlier.

  • Gore is not always a nice thing, when I play a ARPG, I’d like to feel the impact of my weapon everytime I strike rather than letting blood spill out everywhere

  • lordryo

    I stopped the video at Square-Enix.

  • botton mashing game. Boring

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