The Different Faces Of Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep

By Ishaan . August 18, 2010 . 1:18pm


Barring the original teaser, this is probably the best Birth by Sleep trailer yet. It does a good job of tying the game into the rest of the series, and it shows off some of both the lighter and more dramatic moments in the game.

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  • MizuMikomi

    Much better than the previous trailers! I also chuckled when I heard the original secret bosses theme playing for a majority of the trailer… heh. Can’t wait to play this game a 2nd time, I just hope they didn’t butcher any of the depressing scenes.

    • Proooocedin

      Not secret. :/

      It’s just a certain boss’ theme.

  • Proooocedin

    This was a really crappily mixed trailer. While I’m liking *most* of the voice acting (No Christopher Lee? Fail), you couldn’t even HEAR their voices half the time since the music kept muffling it up…

    • xavier axol

      And that’s why they shouldn’t had hired actors, but voice actors instead. I’m just glad that it’s coming to the u.s. :-)

      • Proooocedin

        >_>;; What the….

        Anyways, once again, I’m 130% certain that it’s the mixing, and not the “actors” that’s the problem.

        • xavier axol

          You’re blaming the mixing and I’m blaming the actors. Who cares, it won’t stop me from buying the game and I’m pretty sure you are too. Let’s just hope it sells and pray to god that squared enix move the next kingdom hearts game on the ps3.

          • Proooocedin

            Too late. Next KH is on the 3DS.If you want one on a big boy console, you’ll just have to wait for Nomura to pull his head out of his ass… :/

          • Ren

            Or until Final Fantasy never XIII ends production so their team can start on the new Kingdom Hearts for consoles. I still can’t understand why they didn’t just use the Osaka(BBS and KH3DS) team to do the game. They handled BBS far better than the main team handled the first two games. BBS, aside from the 10 seconds loading times (with max data install on), was the best KH I have ever played on every aspect I can think of, and I don’t think it was just Nomura’s wacky new ideas. Although I’m kinda sad to have bought the japanese version when the american version will come with so much more content than the original.

    • raymk

      That’s funny i can hear all the voices just fine. I can also live with aqua voice, i know someone who kinda sounds just like her.

  • Proooocedin

    On a separate note, HJO is a *thousand* times better as Vanitas than he ever was as Sora.


    • I think it’s because he doesn’t need to raise his voice a number of octaves higher for Vanitas.

  • P4ine

    I really like most of the voices, but what’s up with Aqua? She sounds SO bored, it makes me feel offended.
    Wow. Quite the difference as in the japanese version her voice was my favorite one out of all.

  • I was on the border whether to get this or not, but this trailer and the Amazon preorder bonuses convinced me… dammit, I need to stop giving in to temptation. I’ve never played a KH game, so I hope that won’t lessen the experience.

    Also is the free “release-date” day delivery a special thing for Amazon Prime/Student….because I’ve never seen that shipping option before

  • Masengan

    Wow this new trailer really makes me want to know what is happening since I tried my best not to spoil it for myself, I can’t wait to play it!

  • thebanditking

    Yet another fine example of why I love my PSP, can’t wait for this one either. Comes out on my birthday to boot!

  • Guest

    I still dont get what the hell’s goin on

    • ShinNoKami

      I don’t think anyone does anymore at this point.

      • KHSoraKeyBlade

        I do. It’s not a hard story to follow if you pay attention.

  • Vanilla

    Someone needs to stop smoking.

  • KHSoraKeyBlade

    This trailer blew me away it’s amazing. The only down side is no Christopher Lee, but saying that they’ve added great talent amongst Nimoy and Hamill and having James Woods as Hades(although no surprise) adds the amazing talent. Also I like Bret Iwan’s voice for King Mickey first time I’ve heard it and it’s good. Oh and also the great voices from KHII, Quiton Flynn, HJO, Jesse McCartney(I know but still) as well as the previous voice actors doing the OXIII members. Voice actors aside though BbS is looking even more amazing as new trailers get released :D

  • cmurph666

    I bought a PSP for this… (and Peace Walker… and 3rd Birthday)

    • doomspeller10

      You should try Dissidia as well.

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