The Other Metroid: Other M TV Commercial

By Ishaan . August 19, 2010 . 8:03pm


It’s interesting to note the differences in the way Metroid: Other M is being promoted in Japan compared to Nintendo’s marketing overseas. While our trailers emphasize the action and story — not that some of the Japanese commercials don’t as well — Nintendo are going out of their way to promote the title as a new-age Famicom game in Japan, likely to lure the fans that dropped off during the Prime games back.



Other M releases in about two weeks in Japan. It should be interesting to see if the sales charts bring tears of happiness or despair when we finally see how the Japanese gaming community views the game.

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  • Aoshi00

    The voice in the live action ad sounds good, is this the same voice of Samus as in the game? They should’ve just made the whole game 2.5D like Shadow Complex.. not that I don’t like what I see from the current game.

    • Code

      rar, same, if it had of been outright 2D, or 2.5D I’d have been more sold on it. I even remember when playing Shadow Complex, thinking how great a Metroid game would be with it’s sense of depth >w<; For me it feels like Other M is trying to do too much, when it's audience would be more then satisfied with something more straight forward and traditional.

      • Aoshi00

        I would’ve preferred if it’s a straight 2D sidescroller w/ 3D graphics, looking good on a console (not like Castelvania on GBA/DS or Megaman X remake on the PSP). When I was playing Shadow Complex, I thought how beautiful and cool it would be if a new Metroid looks like that. I hope the other parts play out well. Man, how could you get 200 pts for Shadow Complex, I couldn’t even find all the upgrades, I still couldn’t get access to the whole basement lab :(..

        • Code

          rar, detective skills and the map >w<! But yeah agreed a Metroid game done in the same manor as Shadow Complex, I'd have pre-ordered already. Other M though, I'm cautious about, and am waiting for a little more feedback on how the game is, if it's good/bad or what, before I put my money down.

  • Wow, a lot of Metroid fans in Japan fell out during the Primes?
    Those were amazing games. They just hate all first-person shooters I guess?

    • Aoshi00

      plus motion sickness…

      • Code

        I always remember hearing Metroid in general was very well received in Japan, even before Prime? I always figured it was in part why Nintendo considered it a good match for a US studio. Although I could see why Prime might not be all that popular with Japanese players. Funny how it works, first and third game never got me, but there were times where MP2 turned my stomach.

      • Happy Gamer

        that whole motion sickness thing im not sure where that theory comes from. personally i think its ridiculous because none of my family in japan and family in korea that play games (cousins etc) have motion sickness for FPS games. they simply don’t like it. my father’s side of family that live in Korea don’t mind FPS in fact, rainbow six was def what got alot of ppl into FPS there.

        i dunno at least nobody i know that is japanese have this problem. they simply don’t like it.

        i could be wrong. but that is the strangest theory i have ever heard and i keep hearing it on game boards so i had to say something lol.

        i really tried looking this up for statistical analysis done with right amount of population group etc. but found nothing but speculations.

        its not that im offended about this, but rather, im super curious why myself FPS is a bit more shunned there than here.

        my conclusion was, preference and maybe even some cultural elements.

        • Happy Gamer

          i forgot to add something quite important. Both countries (im half and half of a pretty rare combo imo. japan and korean)
          are not very fond of or rather, don’t really feel the need for excessive change. it’s not a bad or good thing just cultural. rennovation over innovation.
          this is not always so but could explain why some may not like this ” new” genre and prefer 2d gaming as opposte to 3d.
          also, u gotta remember even when some ppl may say i have motion sickness, you have to realize Japanese are not as blunt about their opinions as Americans let’s say. it’s just in our culture. it’s more polite to say something like motion sickness than “i don’t like it.” in many cases. penny for thought.
          I was raised this way as well altho i have adapted western way of thinking and made sort of a balance between the two.

          but if motion sickness were real, that sucks lol. kuz there are plenty great FPS games out there.

        • I’m not so sure – It might be strange, but I used to play a million FPSes (I played out the Wolfenstein 3D days) and after I mixed in a significant amount of other games into my gaming lineup, I found that I struggled with FPSes due to motion sickness.

          Not all of them, mind you, I still can play games like Quake 3 (I have NO idea why) and say Counterstrike Source, but stick me in front of Modern Warfare and I’ll get severe headaches. I’ll grit my teeth to play them if I have to, but it can kill the fun somewhat.

          It’s not just FPSes either oddly enough – Resident Evil Darkside Chronicles was a good example of other games that can make me want to lie down after a short amount of time.

          Part of it could be how they handle running, basically the screen jittering effect to emulate running and your unstable movement.

          The oddest part? I travel on planes, can get on a boat fine and go on a cruise, and can spot things from absurd distances away. Put me in front of some modern FPSes on the other hand and well…

          • Happy Gamer

            hmm wow thanks for sharing thats very strange. i actually remembered when i had motion sickness from a game and it was actually when i started to use LCD screens from my large crt. i dunno why but i had motion sickness from like everything. i exchanged my old PC monitor and TV at same time so i had it for both for a bit. then it went away. the monitors are good as far as no ghosting, refresh rates etc. but i guess my eyes were not used to a certain signal/movement?

            also, i tried narrowing down the motion sickness thingy with of they those people wear glasses or not. it could make a difference actually. but i have seen people who said they get motion sickness from movies theatres that do not wear glasses so i dunno.

            i also did a bit of googlin since yesturday and found out motion sickness can come from eye movement that comes from something u are not used to, brain fluid (boats), and also quite a large part psychological.

            about you grinning ur teeth to play lol. i mean games are awesome but don’t push urself dun wanna get ya sick. i’d give u scalp massage if i knew u in real life that thing owns headaches and sickness! i give them to my mother alot

          • From what I understand, it’s because I’m processing signals that are conflicting – I know I’m not moving, but my eyes are trying to be tricked into the idea I’m running.

            All I see is a screen shaking to emulate movement, but I keep expecting to see things on the edge of the screen, and I don’t, because the edge of the TV isn’t moving when the screen says it is.

            Essentially, I’m sensitive to movement cues – if my eyes say I’m supposed to be moving, and I’m not, the rest of me protests.

            I play everything and I’ve been doing various work with them for a good part of my life, so it’s life to deal with games that can hurt.

            The funniest part about my issues is the fact that I don’t wear glasses, considering I have very good natural sight.

            You are most likely right though – a lot of it IS what we’re used to. I do believe if I played FPSes more constantly, I’d be much more resistant to the effects.

            I do know however (annoyingly) that First person games can induce a real case of motion sickness (or something that they call motion sickness since I’ve never actually gained motion sickness, from, well actually being in motion) although I do wonder if it can happen to an entire population…

          • RupanIII

            I get motion sickness REALLY bad. It sucks cause my less hardcore gamer friends all play FPS and I can never join them. I’ve certainly tried. I remem playing Counter-Strike for 10 minutes and I felt like I was about to lose my lunch. GoldenEye, Battlefield, etc. I think it’s gotten worse. I used to be able to play through Jumping Flash 1 + 2 completely back when they first came out. I downloaded them on PSN recently and started to feel nauseous after like 30 mins.

            If a camera is too wild I start to get it too. Like MGS4 and Peace Walker. I can play them without feeling too nauseous, but it gets to me a bit. I know Kojima has said in interviews that he gets motion sickness too, so it’s harder for him to play his more recent stuff. Too bad he ‘Westernized’ the camera in recent games :P

            I’ve read something similar to what Melinda said. I can’t remem where I read this so I can’t say how accurate it is mind you. Basically that your eyes are telling your brain that you’re moving, but your body is still, so it’s getting mixed signals. The brain figures you’ve been poisoned or something because the signals don’t add up, so it tries to make you vomit.

        • Aoshi00

          I don’t think it’s a theory, no one has anything against the Jpn or anything… remember the Nintendo team was talking about in an interview how they had to optimize the gameplay and camera angles and so forth because they said the Jpn audience get motion sick easily in expansive 3D games where you have full control of the camera (that partly explains why NSMB on DS and Wii sold much more than Galaxy). Also I read Amazon Japan’s user reviews frequently, I don’t think they’re that 100% polite and reserved anymore. They are, but they’re frank when reviewing a game, just like us here. They would lay out the pros and the cons on many aspects instead of using the blanket motion sickness term. I know FPS is probably their least favorite genre (but there are Jpn gamers who play FPS too, a minority compared to the West), and being in the first person perspective w/ free camera being disorienting was clearly one reason. They prefer games like Lost Odyssey of FFX w/ a static camera even for RPGs, many Jpn gamers and developers professed so themselves. The cultural part was like most of the Jpn gamers prefer being given a clearer direction/objective, guided by the invisible hand so to speak (even though FPS is linear in a way too, but it looks expansive).

        • Code

          From what I’ve read on the subject, motion sickness is tied pretty close to your family, and if none of them get motion sickness very easily, chances are you won’t either. Myself I don’t get motion sickness too often with games, but have discovered a couple games that do really make me really motion sick. Metroid Prime 2 was one of them, which is strange considering the first game and 3rd game don’t make me sick at all. To me what caused it in MP2 was I felt the landscapes in the first half of the game were very up and down, with lots of small drops. Particularly though in the “Dark World” I always felt because the game makes you rush for the safety pylons you had very little opportunity to gauge the environment around you.In Metroid Prime 1 and 3, for the most part you could look around and read the depths of the environment at your own pace, but when you rushing for pylons in MP2 you don’t get that same chance to get your bearings on your environment which I think lead to me getting more motion sick from it. I always find it curious when mentioned that games like Super Mario Galaxy set people off, since it’s pretty much exclusively first person games that make me sick. Although even out of FPS there’s tons I can play completely fine, I loved Time Splitters, and Team Fortress 2 >w<'

    • gatotsu911

      But they were WESTERN DEVELOPED. That’s practically sales suicide in Japan. And yeah, they don’t seem to be big FPS fans.

    • Guest

      Name one Japanese made first person shooter for a console other than….Time Crisis….

      • symytry

        Breakdown ;)

    • They liked the more traditional version (side-scrolling) better than first person shooters, though they didn’t hate them it just wasn’t what they were looking for. The sidescrolling was challenging, which by the way was not that hard at all, but for some people it is that hard. Im not even pro yet!!!!
      It aslo gives a sense of mystery to the game not knowing were you’re supposed to go. They are in general the best, but MOM (Metroid Other M for those who dont…) is about to change that. In fact they are starting to think this could be a possible permenant image for the metroid series. They might remake all of the classic games and new sidescrollers in the MOM version.

      I hope nintendo’s dream comes true….

  • The Japanese one is far better,i hate all those live-action trailer……
    The black wind howl . . . . :/

  • I like the live action actress’ face more than Other M’s version.

    • lostinblue

      I like the Other M boob-size better though :D

  • Icon

    The U.S. ad is so much better. It treats the game like an event, that you can’t miss it, that it’s a really special game for the Wii. The Japanese one does nothing exciting. Notice how the U.S. one plays down the sidescrolling gameplay, however. BTW, the franchise hasn’t really been a huge deal in Japan, ever. I don’t know why people think otherwise. That’s probably why the commercial in that country is kind of lame compared to the elaborate one we got.

    • Joanna

      Yeah I agree with you. I usually prefer gameplay in my trailer but the US one made Other M seem so epic, while the Japanese gameplay one was very mellow in comparison.

  • kylehyde

    I think that both commercial are great on their, one produce the nostalgic feeling and the other is very appealing to the new metroid era.

  • Jaxx-Leviathan

    Oooh, the anticipation for the initial sales chart… I’m looking forward to knowing well it’ll fare.

  • ThunderGod_Cid

    I prefer the JPN commercial over the US one, simply because it shows actual gameplay, and to me that’s what sells a game.

    As far as I’m concerned the game has already been bought.

  • I Dont understand Why I feel Like Prime series more that Other M ( T_T )

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