Atelier Rorona’s Concoctions Examined By The ESRB

By Spencer . August 20, 2010 . 10:21am

Before we get to warnings about jelly creatures and red faces, check out a new Atelier Rorona trailer. This translated video introduces the cast of characters in Gust’s RPG.



Here’s what the ESRB had to say about Atelier Rorona.


This is a fantasy role-playing game in which players assume the role of Rorona, a young girl who performs alchemy tasks and engages in battles with monsters. As players guide a band of alchemists and fighters through a fantasy kingdom (Arland), they can gather alchemy items and fight enemy creatures in turn-based combat. Players use magic, swords, and guns to deplete the hit points of various wolves, jelly creatures, dragons, griffins, and thugs. During the course of the game, some characters are depicted drunk (e.g., swaying, slurred speech, red faces); dialogue also contains references to alcohol (e.g., "He’s drunk and I’m trying to put up with him" and "You should go before you waste any more time with this drunk." Characters sometimes make suggestive comments in the dialogue (e.g., "I’m gonna do naughty things to her while she’s paralyzed," "That was my only chance to legally touch her," and "I got to enjoy every last inch of your body"). One still-image cutscene depicts a character drunkenly groping a woman’s chest. The word "sh*t" appears in dialogue.

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  • Wow they spoil all of the enemy types, lol.

    Im sorry but I had to laugh at the comment about what he will do to her while she is paralyzed. Im still on the fence with the game, seems fighting monsters isnt the main focus of the game :(

    • That paralyzed part reminds me of Eva, heh. I can only imagine what leads to that part in the game. Losing battles?

  • Arcm

    I just want to know when NISA will put the limited edition up for preorder on their store, since it’s getting close to release.

  • DudeOnly

    I hope the story and characters are good enough to make me to play this one i know fighting monster isn’t the main focus of the game but they could have made the battles more interesting

  • ?

    The Premium Box is a Gamestop exclusive? I guess that’s where I’m buying it from. (Unless if NISA’s Online Store has something very cool)

  • “…swaying, slurred speech, red faces”
    But, I don’t drink alcohol :/

    I heard other interesting things I didn’t know before about this game… I think. At any rate, whoa – a premium boxset *exclusive* to GameStop? I know RQ is kaput, but…

  • ugh why gamespot, why not amazon, god T.T

  • The T rating seems kind of harsh. I don’t see anything 13+ in that description. I understand everyone’s values are different, but the ESRB is just too harsh sometimes. An E10+ would have worked, I think.

    • Ereek

      “Drunkenly groping a woman’s chest” is enough to warrant a T rating.

      • If it were animated, yeah. But it’s a still picture. …You know, this is really not worth getting into an argument over!

        • gatotsu911

          What’s the big deal? The game has enough suggestive content to warrant a T rating (a movie with that kind of content would absolutely be PG-13), and it’s not even like the rating is legally enforced anyway, so it won’t impact sales.

          • There isn’t a big deal. You’d be surprised at what modern PG movies can get away with if they wanted to. They don’t try to, of course. I just thought this might have been able to get by with a slightly lower rating.

    • Professionally, that sounds about right, sadly – there’s simply things that just cross US lines, and they’re covered. Sexual references, and alcohol references, mostly, with a dash of violence and swearing.Generally – The CERO is the most conservative (or the PEGI, they’re pretty close) in regards with violence, and the ESRB is by far the most conservative in regards with sex/relationships.(The Australian Classifications Board just has a glass ceiling, but for their comparatives, they’re actually the most tolerant for their tiers, barring a few specifics.)The irony of course is that the Japanese version is a CERO A – there’s literally no ratings advice for it. Japan’s agency decided that Atelier Rorona had no effects.That all being said, I just don’t recall anyone being quite that openly lecherous. I’d have to guess that it would be Tantris that says those lines (Gio’s the last person, Sterk’s the SECOND last person and Yksel has more of a competitive streak than any sort of lecherous behaviour and the girls, well, let’s just say, no.), but for some reason, he doesn’t strike me as the sort of person who uses that language.Either I or my friend would have picked up the open overtones, which makes me scratch my head…

      edit: I forgot about Astrid. I keep forgetting she’s more than just EVIL and the cause of all the world’s problems – She’s the one who says those lines, and yeah, she’s supposed to be creepy.

      • Cultural differences are one thing, but if you compare game ratings to movie ratings in their respective countries, you’ll find that the movie ratings boards are always less strict than their game rating counterparts. I get the feeling this could pass with a high PG rating if it were a movie. There’s just no consistency anywhere, is there?

        • M’iau M’iaut

          But a high PG/PG-13 rating equates to the T rating on the ESRB scale.

          Games such as Rurona at this level and say a Persona (or Catherine it appears) at the M rating, highlight ESRB ratings needing tweaks beyond descriptors. A T+ for example would allow games that have a more mature theme find their place among the ‘violent but not that bloody’ titles that make up most T rateds. Similarly, a M+ would allow sexual/relationship themes to be addressed that are more than bang a hooker and kill her, without getting tagged with that AO rating that will never be allowed to happen in the US gaming market.

          • A unified system for games and film would work the best, maybe with different descriptors between the two systems. They could introduce a 15+ rating, similar to many other countries’ systems. An M+ would really be an AO, so instead of changing it up here, it’d be for the best if more stores would be all right with carrying the AO games. But really, these ratings are rare, even when trying to get them. How many NC-17 movies have you seen? Not many, right? See what I mean? Just use one system: parents will be more familiar with the MPAA scale, and we don’t have to worry about differing values between the two groups.

          • gatotsu911

            The ESRB’s ratings are already analogous to those of the MPAA:
            E = G
            E10+ = PG
            T = PG-13
            M = R
            AO = NC-17

            I agree that there should be a 15+ rating, though, for both movies and games.

          • You make an M equal to an AO or NC-17 and you can say goodbye to any retail sales for M rated games.

          • That’s because retailers don’t carry them. But I wasn’t advocating any change with the M rating. I was only suggesting that stores could start stocking AO games. Lock them away, whatever. If developers want to make AO games, they shouldn’t have to rely on online-only purchases for sales.

  • Ereek

    Hopefully this GameStop exclusive nonsense is a one-time thing. . .

  • Methylene

    I’m still baffled at why mentioning that someone is drunk in a game needs to be warned against.

    • Joanna

      It’s a cultural thing. Western societies and the US in particular still frown upon minors drinking alcohol. So anything that mentions alcohol and that could come into the hands of minors needs to have the warning. Just in case the minor points to the game as their source of interest in alcohol. Of course the likelihood of this happening is really small, so it’s really just publishers taking precautions against law suits.

  • the premium box has me locked on GameStop.But I still have fundamental qualms about this game.Starting with the box, is it just going to be some cheap paper-thin cardboard?Is the artbook for the premium edition garbage?Is the premium edition $60, or more? Is the standard $50?WHY DOES ROROLINA LOOK SO RETARDED IN BATTLES?Are the trophies going to require 100+ hours of grinding like other PS3 NIS games we’ve seen?I don’t know. I think the problem is just the season. I must have the LE of LBP2, and probably the LE for Gran Turismo 5. Will this game be worthwhile or just a mediocre JRPG? I can hardly trust mainstream Japanese reviews anymore — they gave Demon’s Souls average scores when everyone over here could easily tell it was Game of the Year material — and knowing NISA, this game probably won’t be reviewed by our media outlets until at least a week after it’s been released, if not more (sites like IGN still haven’t reviewed Trinity Universe and I don’t think they plan to).

    • DlanorKnox

      I saw it listed for $59.99 the other day on Gamestop’s print out of upcoming games.

      The trophy list for the game is already out, it looks like a pretty easy platinum to me but your mileage may vary. And obviously, I haven’t played the game, so it might be harder than it looks to me!

      • Right, I don’t suspect any crazy difficulty. I’m just weary of grinding in general and with 30 different endings (most of them have trophies as you noticed) I’m curious about how much redundancy there will be in the process of earning the platinum.

  • DlanorKnox

    I already pre-ordered the standard version of the game from Amazon. I don’t think I’m going to get the Limited Edition unless it comes with more than it looks like it does- the artbook would be nice, but I have limited space.

    If the art on the big box was the art on the actual game case, I would seriously be tempted. Having a cuter box is totally worth $10 to me.

  • x

    “I’m gonna do naughty things to her while she’s paralyzed,”

    Maybe it’s me, but I don’t really see the humor in crap like this.

  • I’m gonna support this game regardless, plus it gives me an excuse to get the lil’ extra goodies, OST, artbook, etc. I just hope that its not a flop so that I can at least get part 2.

  • THis whole ESRB thing has really gotta go. I mean we can’t have this in games which feature facial art pics but, every1 can see n hear things like this on T.V. which is free to watch n that stuff isn’t censored. Its str8 BS across the board. I wanna enjoy wuteva I pay for witout that added baggage. Just let us live n enjoy that damn game.

    • I believe if the ESRB were to go, then the government would step in (they never let up when it comes to games), then it’s regulation …argh, I don’t even want to think about it.
      There’s the whole deal now with pushing a law about not selling M rated games to minors. I haven’t been keeping up with that lately, and it seems appropriate enough. Still, there’s quite a bit of overall opposition from game fans/sites. I’m not sure what that means for game companies, either – that’s how in the dark I am. Then again, lots of retailers have registers that require IDs anyway on purchases of these games, so…

      Anyway, lots of kids, including myself once, were dead set against the ESRB, but the more I looked into it, they have my overall support.

    • Joanna

      I don’t know why this bothers you. It’s there for people to know the content of the game if they are particular about certain things like violence, alcohol use, sex, rape, whatever. And I don’t know how it is in the US, but over here, if the show is PG-13 or higher, there is an age warning at the top after every commercial (and for things much worse, there is a voiced warning with all the information, ie, “coarse language and violence. Viewer discretion is advised). So for parents and others for whom this matters, the information is there, while for us that it doesn’t, it’s not that intrusive. It’s also good for the companies because if some parent or person says the game scarred them with it’s violence, the publisher does not have to take responsibility/liability since there was a warning on the box.

  • I had wondered why Gamestop advertised the game at $60. I guess that explains it. I wanted that special edition anyway, so I guess it works out.

  • neocatzon

    lately Gust’s games disgust me.. I missed Atelier Iris

    • SeventhEvening

      The irony is that this game is much more like old Gust games. Atelier Iris is actually the exception to what Gust games are usually like.

  • Ereek

    I take back that comment earlier

    I love you, NISA. You even added the OST.

    You have my business forever.

    • Heh, when I read the newsletter I thought “I know someone who’s going to be glad about hearing this” ;)

      • Ereek

        Of course! It’s like they read my mind. Or read my comment.

        Though, truthfully, I can’t resist a Gust Sound Team OST, even if I have to pay more for it.

  • Will get this. And above all the special edition. This and Ar Tonelico 3 are on my watch list and I can´t wait for them to be released.

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