Katsuhiro Harada Teases Soul Calibur Once More

By Ishaan . August 21, 2010 . 4:33pm

The last time we reported Yoshinori Ono and Katsuhiro Harada’s mischievous antics on Twitter, the two producers also teased fans with the possibility of new Soul Calibur and Darkstalkers games in the future. Presently making the rounds at Gamescom, Harada chose to throw another Soul Calibur tease out earlier today.


On Twitter, Harada-san posted along with the following picture:


“Yeah i found Soooooul Calibur !! I did co-director. My development team will be create new one …..? …..?”



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  • Ereek

    The Engrish is adorable.

  • joesz

    I’m only interested in 3 things:

    1-How carelessly that cd is left on the ps3.
    2-What seems like a chocolate milk bottle near the monitor.
    3-The”Do not put anything related to beverages/food on the table “sign.

    • lostinblue

      The sign on the table actually reads:

      LOSS = OFF
      3 WINS = OFF

    • Actually, that’s not chocolate milk. I don’t even know many Japanese that drink milk, much less CHOCOLATE milk, lol. I remember giving some milk to a Japanese friend and a Korean friend as well one time and their response was pretty similar.

      “It tastes very weird”

      What you’re seeing is probably coffee. They have those in vending machines all over the place.

      • lostinblue

        They don’t drink milk? weird!

        what do they eat for breakfast?

        • Ren

          Rice and maybe fish or something lighter. Just because you americans(assuming you are american or you live in a country with the same breakfest traditions as america) eat things like bread, cheese, cereal, bacon, eggs, pastries, etc, it doesn’t mean that every single culture does it. Some people in japan might do it, but it’s not the usual. Their breakfest is far more robust than what westerners tend to eat, kinda more like complete meal.

          Of course I’m not a pro at the topic, so feel free to correct me if I’m wrong.

          • lostinblue

            I’m european, if anything Americans mirrored us :P

            I realize and respect other cultures, I lived in africa and know beforehand they don’t have the same habits we do. The regular milk there isn’t of the same quality the one in Europe is, and the natives drink sour milk called Amasi; that said I didn’t know about asiatic countries not drinking milk; even because I always thought they had cows around and had pastries done like ours: with milk derivates, as well as cheese? Therefore it struck me as weird, they’ve imported lots of habits of ours over the years, they could have gobled that one up, unless they have something better/something as good, hence the curiosity.

            Small children shouldn’t drink cofee too, and rice and fish are solid, one would suggest them to drink something with it?

          • Ren

            Sorry about the american part and the assumptions I made. From what I know, japanese people tend to drink tea(homebrewed, bottled, cold or hot doesn’t tend to matter, since each person has its own preference) with their meals. From what I watched on a report once, it seems like tea is one of the most drunk beverages on Japan. From where I’m from there’s not much of milk being a breakfest drink. My family and friends only drink either sodas, guarana or juice for breakfest, when we eat breakfest. Most people I know only take a snack on late morning, lunch and dinner, and some only have lunch(like my family).

          • lostinblue

            atou_ren thanks for the last reply, it was really enlightning, thanks! :D

            No need to say sorry regarding “assumptions”, the cultures are indeed similar after all. :)

          • Sakurazaki

            Individual preferences aside, the Japanese drink and eat the stuff we do; they have their eggs, toast, and bacon, and other breakfast foods. The same goes for any other developed country. What makes you think that they’ll be exceedingly different (aside from differences in culture and tradition, obviously)? Modern people will use modern things.How else do you think they get their dairy? Japanese stores have a dairy section with milk for a reason, you know. They wouldn’t have it if people didn’t buy it. They also have several milk commercials there.Of course, tea is much more apparent there than in America, but that doesn’t knock milk out as a beverage.What kind of sources are you basing your assumptions with?If this is a joke, I’m going to say “lol” before I get flamed. Lol.

          • Ren

            First, this is not a joke and I won’t flame you. Second, each country has a different culture, so being modern or developed or not doesn’t matter. In my country, most meals need to have either pasta, barbecue or rice and beans, and it doesn’t matter where the food may be from, if they don’t have one of the previous itens, they are just snacks for most. Hamburgers aren’t, meatpies aren’t, but they are meals in other places. What is a meal or not in japan is for they to decide, and it’s based on they economy and culture, not on western culture absorption.

            I’m not saying that they are “exceedingly different”, but it doesn’t mean that most japanese eat western breakfests. Watch a japanese drama, watch an anime, read a manga, read a japanese book and you will see that a lot of times, their breakfest is just like another meal. It’s not a realiable source, but it’s better than nothing, and you know that ‘fiction imitates life’. I wrote ‘feel free to correct me if I’m wrong’ for a reason.

            I never said anything about they not eating western food or drinking milk(wich are not modern, it’s just your assumption of modern) or knocking it as a beverage, I said they drink a lot of tea because I watched a report about it once, and it said most people had tea during their meals, some saying they wouldn’t drink anything else.

            Sorry if I had just rubbed you the wrong way on my last post though. And sorry if this doesn’t make any sense. It’s one a.m. right now and my head isn’t very clear.

          • Sakurazaki

            (Posting here because I can’t find the reply button :)

            I’m not mad, I’m just trying to understand what you meant, but the way you said some things were pretty unclear and sounded a bit na├»ve; hence me trying to correct you. I can understand, though, that writing in one in the morning does stuff to one’s head.But thanks for clarifying. Obviously, drinking milk is not modern. What I meant by “milk as modern” is the fact that it’s present on the shelves of grocery stores in developed countries, therefore it should be something that the public uses, and doesn’t use sparingly. Such is part of the economy, obv.Also, being modern does matter. Culture is something, but it doesn’t make EVERYTHING. Being developed/modern can show what each country/area has to offer to its community. Japan and America are two developed countries, and (usually) work with each other for that development, so they should have some similar tastes in the products that they present to society.Anyway, I’m done with this :PArguments/Debates/Socratic Seminars have never been my thing…

  • Jaxel
    • ForeverFidelis

      Oh wow Jaxelrod er Jaxel

      I haven’t seen you ever since you were on that Narutimate Hero 3 forum a loooooooong while back.

      Ahaha, wow. Talk about a blast from the past.

      You don’t know me, though. Ha, don’t even try to remember

      • Jaxel

        Yeah… once the Accel series started coming out, we sort of lost interest in the Narutimate series. It was just never as good as it was before Namco and Bandai merged.

  • Kris

    I, for one, was rather disappointed by SCIV. I’m hoping for a return to the less clothing-dependent SCII.

    • lostinblue

      And speedier gameplay! SCIV was notably slower paced.

      • kupomogli

        And balanced. Soul Calibur 2 was very balanced. SC3 and 4 had balancing issues that were like night and day.

        • lostinblue

          True, but I mostly play SC3 in multiplayer with friends so it’s fine, I particularly dislike the new character inclusions though. Looking back I actually like SC2 better, but SC3 is like SC2.5 with a few missteps.

          SC4 was where it got really bad, IMO.

  • Here’s hoping for a new Soul Calibur and not Dead or Alive With Swords 2: Star Wars Spiderman X-men Spawn Edition

  • MisterNiwa


    During the SF x Tekken event he said that he is working on Tekken 7 right now.

    • capristrider

      Wow! working on Tekken 7! And Harada teasing Soul Calibur 5! It’s a full scale fighting games revival!

  • maxchain

    How very fortunate for him! I’d love to find Soooooul Calibur at my age.

  • krokounleashed

    Soul Calibur is so much better than Tekken.

  • raymk

    I want my soul calibur 5 and tekken 7 damn it

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