New Nurse Joy And Officer Jenny In Pokémon: Best Wishes

By Ishaan . August 22, 2010 . 7:31pm

Pokémon: Best Wishes is the next season of the Pocket Monsters anime in Japan, based on the Black and White games. It’s scheduled to release this Fall, after the Diamond & Pearl season concludes. You may recall, a few months ago, when early screens of the GEN-5 games were only just starting to trickle out, we noticed that the nurse behind the counter at the Pokémon Center — well, one of them anyway — had brown hair instead of the usual pink, which led us all to believe it wasn’t Nurse Joy.



Best Wishes is reflecting this change, too, albeit in a different way. While the nurse in the anime series still appears to be Joy, she’s different than the one we’re used to. A distant relative perhaps? And she isn’t alone. The Isshu region’s version of Officer Jenny is different, too:



Perhaps they’re both still in training? If not, this is officially the end of an era. I wonder how poor Brock would cope with the change…

  • Simon

    Ur last comment, I really hope Brock is actually in this new season, I watch my weekly Pokemon and Brock is pretty much a favorite character. Fav is Meowth btw. But from what i read there will be 2 new characters traveling with Ash this season so I dunno if there is room for Brock because one of the character can his place as the comical relief and chasing girls

    • andref

      Well here is another reason why Brock has been replaced. Supposedly the green haired gym leader who i think is from the first gym in the new region travels with Ash and from his description of his abilities he sounds like a breeder but a different kind of breeder that focuses on compatibility and such

  • ForeverFidelis

    Why would they do that to officer Jenny? She just looks bland and ugly now..Nurse Joy looks basically the same, but a tad better

    • MissAshley

      I think Jenny looks beautiful and more confident.

  • Code

    T__T’ heyyy owchh Nintendo, watch out for my childhood!

  • would it be insulting to say the new jenny looks like a lesbian? if so i am sorry for offending anyone.

    • mach

      No, you’re dead on. It’s the short hair and the cop uniform that do it.

      • Female cops already have a reputation for it. Playing into stereotypes; Japanese are good at [re]using them (waiting for a JRPG starring an typical highschooler, 16 years old, zzz).

        • Joanna

          I’ve basically given up on anime/video games not using stereotypes…still it’s kind of annoying, especially considering Officer Jenny actually broke the stereotype: she was in a male dominated job yet very feminine and was taken seriously. Actually, she was the only police officer of any importance. It’s sort of sad to see them playing into stereotypes now. :(

    • doomspeller10

      She just doesn’t look female anymore… I hope it’s not James in disguise.

      • MissAshley

        She still looks very female to me. There are many, many more features from the neck up other than hair which make a person appear female.

  • M’iau M’iaut

    I wonder how poor Brock would cope with the change…

    Oh I’m pretty sure he would still hit on them.

  • Pichi

    They did say that Isshu was a place very far away from the previous regions, suggesting that its a new country. Previous regions were based on Japan. So it looks like they are keeping it true in the anime.

    Speaking of Brock, its rumored he won’t be in Best Wishes and is leaving. Hope he makes a cameo to comment about the new Joy and Jenny!

    • I’m sure he will at some point! Poor guy… :(

    • MissAshley

      Supposedly Isshu mirrors New York City.

      • I would avoid bringing this up, because people might start going in a debate of New York City versus Shanghai

        (even though I’m in the NYC boat myself…)

  • I’m not surprised since the games are trying to do a similar thing by “resetting” the Route numbers and focusing on only new Pokemon. I think it’s a good thing for the anime too, to also have a complete start-over (Although Ash and Pikachu…will never change…age or personality).

    Also I heard Brock won’t be coming back for the new season, so he can stay home with all the other Officer Jennys and Nurse Joys

    • MissAshley

      Ash has aged.

      • Really??? For the new season? That’d be a relief, because I didn’t like the whole “forever 10” thing.

  • Well I am not happy with the changes. No Brock on this one means I won’t bother watching it. New felame friend looks lame and isn’t even in the game. I will stillbuy the games though.

    • I’m thinking the same! If there’s a need to change, then keep up with the game.

  • BadenBadenPrinny

    They should have gotten rid of Ash instead

    • Joanna

      Wasn’t there a siliconera article that speculated that they actually were getting rid of Ash? Of course it’s all speculation at this point. Still it would be nice for a new trainer and maybe a girl side kick that isn’t doing the more girly of the two things. I’m probably asking too much with that last one though. I miss Misty. :'(

      • Iris, the new chick doesn’t look like she’s girly at all (wild child?)

        Although I wanted some version of the female protagonist…she looked like she could kick some ass in battle…

        • Joanna

          I haven’t really been keeping up with the Pokemon anime news (I struggle keeping up with this site already. ^^;;;), so thanks for the info. I actually liked Dawn’s design. I don’t mind if the girl looks feminine or has a dress. What annoys me is that the female trainer is always doing the contests and contests come off as these fashion shows with pokemon (battle with elegance, show off your pokemon’s entrance, etc.), while the male protagonist is doing gym battles, which are more about skill and less about the appearance of their pokemon. I know that you need skill in contests as well, it’s just that, the image of contests comes off as more focus on making the attacks look nice instead of actually having skill with battling pokemon. And it’s really stereotypical (i.e. women care about fashion and looking good) so it bothers me that twice in a row, we’ve got the only girl doing contests. I know most anime and shows are like this, and I know I shouldn’t expect a studio that is predominately male to care about creating something less gendered, but it just gets to me. And I think I’ll stop there. :)

          • Oh no, don’t worry it bothers me too -____- I don’t watch the anime anymore, but the anime news comes out the same place where I check out the pokemon game news.

            I find it interesting that in the R/S/E arc of one of more popular pokemon mangas (Pokemon Special) there’s actually a reversal. The male protagonist (Ruby) loves contests, and the female protagonist (Sapphire) loves battles. I swear if the anime was based off this manga, it would be a lot more interesting.

  • joesz

    The new joy looks like Chansey and the new jenny looks like ash after the sex reassignment surgery.

  • Joy’s eyes have gotten WIDER. That’s to be expected since Sugimori’s art evolves and the anime tries to “sync” up with him, but it gets kind of awkward seeing old characters get updated.

  • Jaxx-Leviathan

    Brock will be sorely missed but perhaps it’s a healthy change for the anime really. Gen-5 is all about “a fresh start” and so I think it’s fitting that some oldie-goldies goes on retirement as well. Of course, they have to keep Ash and Pikachu to keep the series rooted to its “soul” somehow. I can imagine the riot there would be if those two were removed…

  • MissAshley

    Short hair does not equal butch or lesbian, people.

    I absolutely love Jenny’s new haircut. I have had a thing for super short hair since seeing Angelina Jolie in Hackers. And by the by I’m sure no one thought her anything other than a hetero female in that movie.

    • puchinri

      I was kind of disappointed to see comments reflecting that. But I agree, I really like the new haircut. I think the new Jenny just looks cute period. Not ultra feminine, but far from manly or butch to me.

  • SolidusSnake

    CAN’T BELIEVE THIS SHOW IS STILL ON THE AIR. At this rate my grand children will be watching pokemon.

    • Oh they will be, I think we can count on that.

  • gatotsu911

    THIS IS A NEWS STORY, ON A GAMING NEWS SITE, AND I AM READING IT RIGHT NOW. Now that’s a surreal moment, right there.

    • Joanna

      If you haven’t noticed, Siliconera has been doing manga and anime news as well. Not as much as gaming news, but it still has. :|

      • gatotsu911

        The fact that this story is considered “news” in any venue is still kind of astonishing.

  • Alrai

    Joy looks fine. Jenny…

    There’s a lot of ways to rock short hair. That ain’t one of them. That’s a bad haircut, at least with the hat on. It’s like two shrubs are growing on either side of her head. It might look better without the hat, though.

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