Dodonpachi Resurrection Coming To iPhone In Three Days

By Ishaan . August 23, 2010 . 9:31am


Dodonpachi Resurrection is headed to the iPhone in three days, according to Cave’s account on Twitter. Like EspGaluda II before it, Dodonpachi features two modes — one that’s identical to the arcade and another developed specifically for the iPhone, with its own scoring system.


When Dodonpachi Resurrection releases on August 26th (Japan time), it’ll come at a commemorative price of $4.99, £2.99 and €3.99 for four days. Keep in mind you’ll need a third-gen iDevice to play it.

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  • neo_firenze

    For iPod Touch, assuming this is the same as Espgaluda II, you’ll not only need a 3rd gen iPod Touch, but a 16 or 32GB version. The 8GB has less processing power and isn’t supported.

    Espgaluda II did get me to upgrade my 1st gen 8GB iPod Touch though. It’s by far my favorite iPod game, and even though touch controls sounded horrific, Cave did a smashing good job on making the controls surprisingly excellent. It’s no replacement for a good arcade stick and a vertical monitor, but it’s a damn good way to kill some time when you’re out and about. I nearly had my first 1CC of Galuda II while riding in a car on the way to a camping trip this weekend (iPhone mode, normal difficulty, auto-bomb… so not super impressive, but I’m getting better!). Not exactly a situation where I could lug my 360 or a JAMMA rig ;)

    Also, looking forward to trying the iPhone arrange mode on Daifukkatsu (er… Resurrection). The Espgaluda II iPhone mode is really fun, and showed some real thought at making a mode that is well suited to the hardware.

    • No matter how many chances I give them, touch controls for Cave games just don’t work for me. How do you do it?

      • neo_firenze

        How many chances have you had? Galuda II iPod is the only touch control Cave game I know of, and even though I went in with full expectations of it sucking, I was shocked at how well it did control. Does the DS Ketsui have a touch-screen mode (I’d check it myself if my DS was handy)? Wouldn’t know since it has d-pad too and that’s obviously a preferable choice – but even if it did, the implementation may have been different it was done by Arika and not the Cave team that did a great job on Galuda II iPod.

        Also, apparently for Daifukkatsu, Cave has been working on different “button” layouts to give more options and improved comfort. Intrigued to see how they do.

        I do find full on Arcade mode Galuda II to be a bit tricky with the touch screen “buttons” to enter/exit Kakusei mode in the full control scheme options with all four buttons. But I tend to play iPhone mode anyway since it’s pretty fun, and I have much less issue with that. The actual character control movement is surprisingly effective to me, since you can touch anywhere and subtle movements work WAY better than I would have expected from seeing so many other touch games do it so much worse.

        • Ketsui didn’t have a touch-screen option. If it did, I would try that since I trust stylus controls much more than finger pointing. At least that covers much less of the screen. It was a problem in Lunar Knights, but at least the stylus can be held an awkward way to minimize it.

          • neo_firenze

            Have you actually played Espgaluda II iPod/iPhone? Not just played lots of touch screen games, but actually Espgaluda II itself. I have a massive distrust for finger-pointing and touch control too, but it blew me away at how good a job Cave did on Espgaluda. A lot of people who are initially skeptical (rightly so, I think) end up being extremely surprised once they actually play the game. It’s especially shocking when comparing to how awful the experience is on 99% of touch screen software that tries to do precision inputs or movement.

            Also, you can always try using a stylus. But note that you’d probably have to buy a special iPod stylus, since the iPod/iPhone multitouch screen is made to sense fingertips and won’t register a normal stylus. There are plenty of 3rd party ones that claim to work though.

          • I’ve played it twice, once on each mode. I cannot move my hand fast enough to get anything done. I’ve also heard nothing but disgust for any iPhone stylus, which doesn’t surprise me as they’re just thick plastic sticks with a bit of sponge on one end.

  • I’m totally droppin’ the 5 bucks on it. These things don’t EVER go on sale. =]

  • thaKingRocka

    Downloading now. :)

  • Actually it’s not coming to the “iPhone” it’s coming specifically to the iPhone3GS & iPhone4 wish they’d actually say that in marketing instead of saying “iPhone” seeing I can’t play it on my iPhone. That’s like saying a DSiWare game is coming to the DS! It’s not… it’s coming to the DSi.

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