Metroid: Other M Comes On Dual-Layered DVD, Has No Gravity Suit

By Ishaan . August 23, 2010 . 10:28am


Most Wii games come on a regular 4.7 GB DVD. There are a few exceptions, however, like Super Smash Bros. Brawl and Metroid Prime Trilogy. In the case of those games, dual-layered DVDs were required due to the amount of content in them.


You can add Metroid: Other M to that list as well. Due to the sheer amount of content — largely due to the game’s cutscenes — Other M comes on a dual-layered disc. In a second Iwata Asks segment, this time with members of Team Ninja, we discover that even while using a dual-layered DVD, the development team barely managed to squeeze all the content in.


Team Ninja tell Iwata that they were literally shaving mere seconds off movies in places in order to be able to squeeze the game’s data onto the disc without any noticeable visual inconsistencies during the cutscenes.


We also discover that the purple Gravity Suit may not be in the game.


During development, Team Ninja assumed that Samus would go through her usual colour changes throughout the course of the game as she upgraded her Power Suit, and they modeled the iconic Gravity Suit as well. The Gravity Suit is the last major suit change Samus goes through in Zero Mission, Super Metroid and Metroid Prime. It lets Samus travel at her regular speeds underwater and increases her defense.


We already know the Varia Suit is in the game because we’ve seen Samus go from pale yellow to orange. However, Father Brain of the Metroid franchise, Yoshio Sakamoto, felt that the Gravity Suit, with its purple theme, looked odd and out of place during a series of serious events toward the end of the game. Subsequently, he requested the development team to get rid of it and find another way to indicate to the player that they had the Gravity upgrades equipped.


This was the result:


Instead of the purple add-ons to the Varia Suit, the lights on the chest will now glow purple to indicate that the Gravity upgrade is in effect.

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  • Joe

    Booooooooooooooo I love the grabbity suit

    • Guest

      I’m fine with it.

  • I dont like this the game as well seems awesome to me.. but this is not right why changing the awesome purple gravity suit for this stupid glowing chakra or whatever it is… I know its only mi opinion but for me this is not good I hope it would be the only thing that will dissapoint me…

  • It’s alright. No biggie, but I’d prefer a new suit personally.

    Whatever though, as long as it’s fun fun.

  • Jaxx-Leviathan

    I like the look of this, it doesn’t seem all that out of place. I personally think red, orange and yellow just fits Samus and shouldn’t be broken by a strong colour like purple. So this aura-thing is fine with me.

  • YoFace

    I always thought the Varia Suit was more iconic. It’s more by default shown in many assets, as well in the Smash Bros games.Either way, I’m fine with this.

  • Happy Gamer

    i don’t mind the glow but i kindda liked the change of the suit to make it look more powerful and sense of upgrade, progress.
    but in all honesty, when playing this game i will hardly care lol :)
    one of 3 games i pre orederd this year!

  • I have mine reserved. $20 credit for doing it? Even better.

  • metroidmaster

    Actually, the Phazon Suit was the last suit upgrade in Prime……

    • Aha, you’re right! I forgot about that, since the Metroid Prime pulls her Phazon Suit off before “dying” and she’s in the Gravity Suit during the ending.

  • Tch, tossed the CLASSIC Gravity Suit? Yoshio Sakamoto, you are a moron. Samus is the ONLY hero that has made the shade of purple present on the Gravity Suit look like a death threat on the front end of a bulldozer. Hm, I definitely am upset with this…alteration. “look out of place”, does it? HA! Out of place would be the Easter Bunny in a Metroid nest. Out of place is seeing Ridley, Scourge of Zebes, in a two-piece bikini. Seeing Samus in a purple armorsuit of alien origins is NOT “out of place”. By the way… another example of ‘out of place’ would be seeing graffiti on the broad side of the ruined GFS Valhalla proclaiming “Grove 4L”.

  • Unable to squeeze all the content in? That’s pretty strange since I think that the HD games on the 360 use regular Dual Layered Discs too. Of course most don’t have pre-rendered cut-scenes, but I would think that all the HD Textures would make up for the lack of Pre-rendered cut-scenes.

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