Steins;Gate Getting Downloadable Content

By Ishaan . August 23, 2010 . 4:33pm


For a visual novel, Steins;Gate is doing fantastically. It sold well on the Xbox 360, and it’s now being ported to the PC. Additionally, there’s both an anime series and a novel adaptation of the game on the way. 5pb have reason to be pleased.


Players like the game, too. And so, 5pb are releasing downloadable content for fans of the Xbox 360 version of the game. It’s being called a “Production (like a theatre play) Enhancement Pack” and releases in mid-September for 400 Microsoft Points ($5). Here’s what it includes:


  • “All sorts of production enhancements”
  • Additional event CGs
  • Image song from the PC version “A.R.”
  • Additional CG of 4C, Ruka’s papa, and Feiris’s papa
  • Additional achievements.


For those that don’t own a 360, the Steins;Gate PC port is due this week on August 28th.

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  • Excellent. So with a PC version, this means the game will finally be translated successfully?

    • Guest

      oh yeah you’re right good lookin lol

      Anyways I guess the story is what draws this in, I just wish these type of games started to be more innovative in presentation. Statics images get boring to look at. That Catherine game from Atlus looks impressive

      • goronyan

        “Statics images get boring to look at. ” Well, Visual novels are most text and audio with few images. I recommend White Album (PS3) if you wanna see “some” innovation

      • Joanna

        I guess I’m one of the few people who actually likes static images…

    • goronyan

      lolwut have you ever saw an pc visual novel game ported to 360 being translated? me don’t

      • But the game was released on Xbox 360 first. It’s just now getting the Windows version.

        I’m saying people might be interested in translating the Windows version. Maybe?

        • dusk

          You guys might not know this, but there has already been a chinese fansub group subbing Steins Gate. What they do is they play through the route on the xbox 360 while recording it, and then they translate and edit the dialogs boxs from japanese into chinese. So what you get is a .mkv file that goes through the storyline while you watch.

          Anyway, the point is seeing as how they have already released 17 vols (up to chapter 5 in the game), they have all the scripts ready. And when the pc version hits the market, we would probably see a chinese fan-translated version first, probably ages before a english translated version happens.

          Below are a few examples of the chinese version.

        • goronyan

          Chances are good for fan translations, and I think this game might work with some translations tools, but i don’t expect any official translation. (I though you’re thinking about an official one, my bad).

  • and obviously, X-Rated version comes next

  • The PC version have that features included?

    • The website says the content is roughly the same between the two versions.

  • Aoshi00

    I think it’s nice they put the extra contents from the PC port as DLC for those who’ve alrdy bought the 360 ver, so they don’t have to miss out on the new stuff or double dip on the PC ver, they should’ve done that w/ Vesperia so the 360 users in Jpn wouldn’t feel like beta testers when they didn’t get the new PS3 ver extras. I wish I could give this game a try, but $70 is just a bit too much for a visual novel, I think they should end up on Games on Demand for about 3000 yen very soon.

    • Joanna

      It’s namco, I doubt they would do that since the tales fans are pretty loyal and would buy the new version (not to mention Namco’s pretty mean in general. I’m almost certain if the Japanese headquarters wanted to push Tales of in “the west” it would happen. Like Nintendo Japan told NOA to publish Girl’s Mode/Style Savvy). Didn’t Namco do two versions of Hearts? That just proves they know fans will shell out for the games.

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