Atlus Hint At More Naruto Shippuden Games In 2011

By Ishaan . August 24, 2010 . 2:15pm Atlus are publishing Naruto Shippuden: Dragon Blade Chronicles and Naruto vs. Sasuke in the U.S. as part of an ongoing publishing agreement with Tomy. It appears, though, that Atlus’s Naruto plans don’t stop with these two games.


Atlus’s announcement also included this mysterious quote: “Fans can also look forward to more Naruto Shippuden adventures on Nintendo DS in early 2011.”


Perhaps Atlus are also picking up Naruto Shippuden: Shinobi Retsuden 3 or Naruto Shippuden: Shinobi Rumble? We’re betting on the latter.

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  • This totally came out of left field for me.

    • Kris

      Ditto. I mean, it doesn’t seem uncharacteristic of Atlus to publish anime games, but it seems like this is Namco’s territory or something. It’s kinda odd that Atlus would take this on, considering the general view of licensed games as shovelware.

      • M’iau M’iaut

        Perhaps the shine has come off Naruto enough they were able to pick the licenses up cheap enough to go ahead. It certainly underscores why we didn’t see them pick up LA3 or some of the other titles looking for a license. These two Naruto games are their holiday slate.

        Does TOMY Japan have anything that would be a better fit for Atlus’ audience? Perhaps the good old anime licensing bugbear of ‘if you want THIS you must take THAT’ struck.

        • M’iau M’iaut

          Silly me……not thinking this could be Atlus’ gateway to ToV PS3……hey I can dream can’t I.

          If the dream is so, M’iau claims Patty!

      • Naruto’s licensing… is strange. Namco Bandai has the rights to make PlayStation and Xbox games. Tomy has the rights to Nintendo systems. Before Ubisoft had the US Xbox rights.

        D3 used to distribute Tomy’s Naruto games in North America. This is just a guess, but since D3 is now a Namco Bandai subsidiary and Namco Bandai doesn’t have the Nintendo license they may not want to publish competing Naruto titles in North America. Tomy needed to team up with a new distributor and, perhaps, decided on Atlus.

  • Mullane

    I can’t help but think Atlus is starting to sell out. They only have 2 projects going at the moment I would consider the Atlus of old (EO 3 and KITN PSP) and one of them is a port. What’s going on?

    Edit: Atlus USA

    • Kris

      They’re doing CATHERINE of all things.

      • OneOkami

        You’re confusing Atlus Japan with Atlus USA in this context.

    • Darren M

      They seem to have cut down heavily on games they would normally publish in exchange for endless ports and games that their “mature gamer” audience wouldn’t have much interest in. I’m kind of curious to find out what’s going on over there…

      • M’iau M’iaut

        And further, their biggest rivals for our little market have a major release schedule through the early to middle part of next year. And this does not include Neptune which I’d suspect will be NIS’ summer/fall 2011 showcase title. Even Natsume has more announced firepower with Rune Factory 3 and that fun looking Gabrielle’s Ghostly Groove.

        If Catherine is as complete as rumors have it, we might get both it and P5 (if all these rumors from this year weren’t just Catherine leaks) next year. But that’s still a lot of time to give other companies to take your spot.

    • kupomogli

      Looking at their releases in the past couple years it’s either they’re releasing their own games or catering to the casual fan. Some releases are shovelware/borderline shovelware.Other than releases from their own/partnered developers, Demon’s Souls, and 3d Dot Game Heroes, there really isn’t anything aside from the borderline shovelware.I’d say XSeed is the company to look forward to for really good niche titles.


      If Atlus wants to prove us wrong that they’re really releasing niche titles and not just going for whatever is the easiest to translate and will make them money, they’d have got Namco to allow them to localize Tales of Vesperia for the PS3.

      I don’t think it’d be too hard. They already have a translation to work off of. All they’d really have to do is rip off the 360 localization and just translate the additional content. That’s similar to what they did with Demon’s Souls although there’s really not much text in Demon’s Souls regardless.

      • jarrodand

        They also did Shiren Wii this year. It hasn’t been all Atlus/Sting stuff or shovelware, though I’d agree the frequency of their pick ups has slowed somewhat.

    • I can tell you right now that this isn’t true. Not announcing projects and not working on projects are two entirely different things. Besides, look at Trine 2, which they’re publishing…that looks fantastic.

      I would hardly call this selling out. They had an opportunity to grab a lucrative license and they did. They’d be crazy not to.

      • Mullane

        It wasn’t just he naruto thing that brought me to my conclusions, but if I know atlus like I thought I did at the end of last year then we have nothing to worry about.

        Sounds like you know something that everyone else doesn’t? I sure hope so.

        • It’s not so much that we “know” stuff as it is that, after a point, you just understand what a company’s goal is and what they’re trying to do.

          Atlus are a niche games publisher, but that doesn’t mean they don’t have the right to ensure financial stability for themselves and, perhaps more importantly, expand. Also, having a larger pool of resources makes it a lot easier to justify doing something “for the fans.” Like all the fantastic pre-order bonuses we usually get.

          As to their schedule this year…keep in mind they’re also largely constrained by their parent company’s schedule in Japan. I’d point to Trauma Team as a fantastic game they localized this year because the timing worked out.

  • wth…? ATLUS O_O? Lol i will just think this is a way to make more money and get more ATLUS-kind-games …

  • epy

    And yet no Luminous Arc 3… nerdrage.

    • SolidusSnake

      inorite? no body cares about naruto, anyway.

  • Im surprised they didnt say more Naruto Shippuden Wii games, though I guess the Naruto game in particular is the one listed for the 3DS maybe?

    Oh well with this deal with Atlus looks like hopefully more of these awesome bundles and bonuses can come!

    Ive been racking up the Naruto games…

  • superdry

    WTF? Atlus USA publishing Naruto games? What is the world coming too.I would not be surprised if the Naruto games is a way to bring in extra funds to license typical Atlus USA titles. I would love LA3 and if licensing Naruto games is a way bring it stateside then so be it. I always wish Atlus USA success on titles they bring out here even if I don’t care much for them.

  • Serge73

    Come on, Atlus. Bring over Endless Frontier Exceed instead!! u_u

  • masuto

    Tomy? Errr…not as great as CyberConnet2

  • Joanna

    Really odd. I just hope this doesn’t affect the chances of seeing LA3 or Radiant Historia here.

  • Replace DS with 3DS and I will **** every Atlus employee right now.

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