Kinect Extension Cables Are A Tad Expensive

By Ishaan . August 24, 2010 . 12:24pm When it launches this Fall, Microsoft’s Kinect controller is going to be a bit of an expensive proposition, coming in at $150 USD.


Add-ons to Kinect aren’t cheap either. If you’re thinking of re-positioning your Xbox 360 or your Kinect and you need to buy an extension cable, it’s going to set you back $50
according to Gamestop.

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  • Exand

    I’m assuming since it’s Microsoft that it’s a proprietary USB extension like the USB charger unit for the 360 controller? Because you can pick up a generic USB extension for $5 ~ $10 depending on length…

    • Jellybit

      I’m not sure if this is USB, but it’s a different shape. The original Xbox used the USB standard, but changed the shape of the connector too.

  • Jellybit

    UGH! I was so happy when Sony started using common standards like bluetooth, USB thumbdrives, SD cards, HDMI cables, power cables, usb headsets, usb gamepads, laptop harddrives, etc…, and it was nice when Microsoft started adding support for HDMI and USB thumbdrives, but it seems they’re not done with the crazy expensive peripherals/add-ons. At least they have built-in wifi in the newer models. I really hope companies move toward the common-standards model Sony was trying to push. I know in Europe, they’ve passed laws to make sure cell phone companies work out a standard for chargers, just because they’re filling up landfills with useless chargers from older models and other companies. It’s bad for customers, and bad for the environment. I’m sick of this gouging on the cheap side-stuff.

    • Scallion

      This isn’t the time for companies to be scrambling around trying to snatch an extra buck like with their proprietary bullcrap. It shows what kind of respect they show their paying customers.
      And Sony’s silly memory stick format counts too. Ugh. Those things used to be so expensive.

    • lostinblue

      Sony got it right with that one, for sure. OEM hardrives and stuff…

      this though… ugh.

  • Surprise -_-

  • Feynman

    It will be a cold day in hell when I pay fifty dollars for a cord.

    Amusingly enough, for the price of the Kinect and it’s ludicrously overpriced extension cable, somebody could just go buy a Wii.

    • Aoshi00

      I remember the HDMI cable was sold for $50 when I picked up the PS3 one month after launch, and at the time I went cheap and just used my component cable from the PS2 lol.

    • They could buy a Wii and not be able to do a fraction of the stuff that is possible with Kinect. And they’d be very lonely because the Wii only comes with 1 controller meaning no multiplayer at all.

    • AdamBoy64

      Yes, good point. A system for the price for a peripheral. I guess neither Sony’s or MS’ motion systems are overly ‘cost-effective’. Going to be interested in how they sell.

  • Probably just a modified USB port. Anyone with technical ability could wire a USB to kinect adaptor.

  • Who the hell needs 9+ feet between their Kinect and their Xbox 360? The only people I could see that may need this extension cable are people who have their Xbox hooked up to a projector.

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