Super Robot Wars L Coming To Nintendo DS

By Ishaan . August 24, 2010 . 8:43pm

Ahhh, what a fine day for magazine news! Let’s see…our first round of breaking news involves a new Super Robot Wars game. Super Robot Wars L, in development for the Nintendo DS, scheduled for a November 25th release in Japan.




The list of franchises this time around includes: Evangelion, Fight! Iczer One, Iczer Reborn, Gundam Wing: Endless Waltz, Gundam SEED / SEED Destiny, Voltes V, Combattler V, Macross Frontier, Linebarrels of Iron and others.

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  • JustAnotherTraveler

    Man why are they doing this. They know we want a PS3 SRW or a OG3 (well the best option would be OG3 for the PS3), but instead, they are releasing another rushed halfassed DS title with reused sprites. A handful of awesome series are debuting here such as Rebuild of Evangelion, but why have them debut on a DS title? Talk about a major disappointment. Everyone was hoping the rumors would turn out false, but here comes the worst case scenario of them being true.

    • Guest

      Cheaper to make faster to churn out. Banpresto develops these games still. I was kinda unimpressed with A.C.E. R for PS3 and Macross Trial Frontier dont look that hot either. I dont think theyre given enough production money for the budget

    • RX79V

      I actually hoped the news to be true from the start. Also not sure what’s so disappointing about a new SRW game? If the 2chan rumor stays true, then the next game will be OG3 on PS3. So don’t worry. From the current Famistu scans, even the story is similar to K. I think the producer may be different so I am pretending they are just trying to redeem themselves after K. Kinda excited to see Linebarrels, but they should have kept GxS. (So that we could see more facial deformation. LOL)

      • Kibbitz

        A K-ish storyline? Yeesh. My understanding may be limited and I didn’t read MNeidengard’s translation if he’s done with one, but what little I seem remember about the story in general was less than stellar. I enjoyed most of the gameplay and the roster though, so that really didn’t bother me much.

        And count me in as another who would love to have Gun x Sword again. Especially if they let me rescue the two idiots again. Though, speaking of series I’d like to see, I’d like to see Getter Robo Armageddon again.

  • Eva and MacF in the same game? Man but I wish these could make it over.

    I do wonder how many sprites will be “reused” though – certainly DS-scale Eva sprites don’t exist, nor do Nagahama sprites, and MacF and Linebarrel sprites don’t exist at all.

    • Kibbitz

      They could reuse stuff from J and W with some touchups, but I think they’ll do a bit of work to freshen up things a bit.

  • leafpanda

    Series list:Evangelion (movie)Fight! Iczer OneIczer RebornGundam Wing: Endless WaltzGundam SEEDGundam SEED DestinyCombattler VVoltes VGaiking: Legend of Daiku-MaryuKotetsushin JeegDancougar NovaMazinkaiserMazinkaiser vs Great General of DarknessGodannarGodannar Second SeasonMacross FrontierLinebarrels of IronFound that from another site, though it might not be complete. Nevermind, overall the PS2 SRT did better than the Ds ones, so yeah I guess it is a little strange, but as a DS owner and seeing as I don’t have a PS3, I’m happy.I am actually looking forward to this, Linebarrels of Iron will be interesting, so will Evangelion.

    • Kibbitz

      Sadly, I’ve had more than enough of SEED and SEED Destiny personally, and I wouldn’t mind skipping Mazinkaiser and both Choudenji as well. Still, here’s hoping that at least some new angle comes out of it.

      Also not a PS3 owner, so while I have some sympathy for the PS3 people, I’m perfectly fine with continued DS releases.

      • leafpanda

        I’ve watched and enjoyed SEED and SEED Destiny, but I feel you, its a bit overkill with so many returning series….. Personally, I would’ve been slightly happier if Gundam 00 was in rather than SEED/SEED Destiny and Endless Waltz. But it mainly seems to be bringing back the older series to maybe bring back old fans who passed on the ds games because their favorite series wasn’t in it.

        • Kibbitz

          Didn’t enjoy either SEED, but it was fresh for a while. I personally would welcome more SEED Astray, but I was hoping for 00 too. Wing, I actually prefer standard over Endless Waltz too. Guess we’ll see in time how it works out. More interested in what new system tweaks they’ll be bringing in, if any.

          • leafpanda

            Yeah the support/team system in K was interesting I guess,
            A series that seems perfect for SRT is Asura Cryin’ , a good amount of mechas, a great story (at least in my opinion) that could be implemented into SRT (only problem are humans with special powers) Just finished watching it.

        • Exkaiser

          Overkill on returning series? It’s got an average number of debut and returning shows. Six debuts, eleven returns. W had twelve returns and six debuts. K had eight returns and five debuts. Z, the game with the most debuting shows, had thirteen returns and nine debuts.

          • leafpanda

            Whoops that was just me implying that I dislike the returns.

    • Wow they’re adding Kurogane no Linebarrel!!Might give it a try just for Vardant, if he’s playable

      • Kibbitz

        Which one was Vardant again? I played the PSP Linebarrel game, but I never finished it since it felt so dull and boring.

        • The blue mecha with badass swords, piloted by Reiji Moritsugu.He kinda looks like Thanatos from P3 with the coffin-like extension on his back that holds his swordsI’ve never played the PSP Linebarrel, but I feel your pain :D

          • Kibbitz

            Oh, yes, I remember now. I think we will, but I guess we’ll have to wait and see. Seriously though, the only good thing I remember about Linebarrel PSP is the amount of voiceacting, since pretty much every segment seemed to be voiced.

  • Banpresto, I want a SRW for the PS3!!

    • godmars

      I want one to, but one with sprites. There’s one on the 360 but it uses polygons.

  • Scallion

    I suppose this is to be expected-there were about three SRW games on the GBA.
    Still, this is disappointing. I bet they’re going to use the same engine and sprites as W and K, too…

    • Exkaiser

      There were six games on the GBA. A, D, OG, R, J, and OG2.

      I wonder if people raged when R was announced?

  • seriously? endless walts, gundam seed and gundam seed destiny?

  • IsaacGravity

    Actually, it was A, R, OG, D, OG2 then finally J. Graphical progression and what-not. Still need to get my hands on J and R (for Dendoh and Shin Getter vs. Neo Getter) thanks for reminding me.OG to D kinda confused me at first since D felt like a step back appearance-wise until you actually play it and see what it had to offer.As for the THIS game… not really impressed by the roster no.

    EDIT: This was a response to Exkaiser’s comment.

    • Kibbitz

      What sort of roster would it take to impress you?

      • IsaacGravity

        To be honest, I’m not horribly picky. Mazinkaiser is always awesome and since both seasons of Godanner are in I hope we see more of the other characters. Eva on a portable (not counting the MX PSP port) is new and if it’s really “Rebuild”…

        Unlike many hardcore naysayers I LIKE SEED (it’s just not my favorite), Destiny is another story… I’m more disappointed by (considering we’re getting a few debuts) that we couldn’t at most get Gundam 00 season 1 and we’re stuck with the Endless Waltz mech designs again (don’t like the EW mech designs never will)…

        I haven’t seen Nova, not the biggest Macross fan and know too little about Iczer to make a comment. Maybe its the continued omission of Getter in general that bugs me.

        Either way, it wasn’t meant to be insulting. I’m curious about the originals at this point. If the roster leaves you shaky maybe some cool originals and their mechs will settle you over as I always say.

        • Kibbitz

          I’m actually not insulted, so I’m sorry if I gave that impression. Just interested to see what you want instead. Personally, I’d rather have them give Kouji a holiday and put Getter Armageddon or New Getter Robo. I don’t think I have a favourite series which I’d like to see return again and again, so I’d rather have certain series take longer holidays than others (Mazinkaiser is one of them, sorry =P)

          Nova isn’t something I consider worth watching, but I’m fine with having them as a unit just for freshness. Same goes for Frontier. Originals, well, fingers crossed on quality. I’d like to have a choice of originals again though, like in the GBA era. The fixed sets we’ve had for W and K are okay, but I’d like to have choice once again.

          • IsaacGravity

            Yeah, you didn’t give off the vibe of such but these days, you have to be on eggshells in general with other mecha fans. Esp. when you’re not in the mood for an argument.

            And yeah, more Getter Armageddon all around would be awesome in my book. Would be cool to choose between heroes (and mech paths) again too.

  • I’m fine with a DS release, only if it’s as kick-ass as Advance, Reversal, the two OGs, Destiny, J and W. W may re-use sprites from J, but at least the story and choice of series are excellent.

    K may have a lot of new series, but it felt like a rushed job. And you are telling me L is K-ish? Good gosh, if not for the fact that there’s Macross Frontier, Linebarrels of Iron and Iczer, I wouldn’t even bother.

    Evangelion (movie) – L is (probably a stand-alone game), so how are you going to end the movie’s story in a meaningful way?? Please, only put it in once all the movies are completed and out. Half-baked effort.
    Fight! Iczer One – Thumbs Up
    Iczer Reborn – Thumbs Up
    Gundam Wing: Endless Waltz – Re-hash from W. Yawnz….
    Gundam SEED and Seed Destiny – I had enough of Seed and Seed Destiny. The one time when it’s really interesting is in W, when the Astray and Astray X plot intertwine with the SEED plot. why are they not doing the same?? Re-hash of W, btw
    Combattler V and Voltes V – It does get too repetitive after so many appearances. At least throw in Daimos and mingle the plot. I could even wish for Daltanius to be added together in a meaningful way.
    Gaiking: Legend of Daiku-Maryu – Re-hash from K
    Kotetsushin Jeeg – Re-hash from K
    Dancougar Nova – ???? not interested.
    Mazinkaiser – Re-hash from W
    Mazinkaiser vs Great General of Darkness – Re-hash from W
    Godannar – Re-hash from K
    Godannar Second Season – Re-hash from K
    Macross Frontier – THUMBS UP
    Linebarrels of Iron – THUMBS UP

    Just count how many “RE-HASH” is inside that list. And by re-hash, i mean using (almost) the same sprites and same plot, from PREVIOUS handheld SRWs released in 2007 and 2009 respectively. How lazy can the team get???

    I am GREATLY DISAPPOINTED, especially after all the hype in the previous Famitsu issue.

  • SeventhEvening

    I like the sound of this. While I’d love a PS3 title, I still love carrying a SRT title with me, so I’m perfectly fine with it being on the DS.

    Only one complaint about the roster:
    Why Endless Waltz? Gundam Wing was one of the worst Gundam series IMHO and it seems to be included in every frickin’ SRT and SD Gundam game. I personally feel the only Gundam series that was worse was 00, but since it hasn’t be as over used in SRT, I’d even rather have it.

  • Kibbitz

    Not sure if anyone’s still looking at this, but here’s the PV for SRT L:

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