Xseed Would “Love To” Localize Ys IV And V

By Ishaan . August 24, 2010 . 1:32pm


Xseed are already bringing a deluge of Falcom games to North America, starting this year. You’ve got Ys Seven, Ys: The Oath in Felghana, Ys I & II Chronicles and Sora no Kiseki. But they’re also interested in visiting Ys IV and Ys V, should they get the chance.


On Xseed’s Facebook page, a fan asked whether there was any chance of them bringing over Ys IV, V and VI. To this, an anonymous Xseed representative replied: “If Falcom were to make IV and V available to us then we would love to work on them, but Ys VI has already been released by another publisher [Konami] so nothing we can do about that.”


Meanwhile, Laura’s been hammering away at completing Ys Seven. Look forward to reading our playtest next week!

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  • But yet you guys don’t want to localize III? Yes, I know we have it for SNES, but localizing the PS2 remake of III would be much better than localizing IV AND V. I have those games and trust me..they’re not that great at all, honestly.

    I had to practically FORCE myself to beat IV. This is coming from an Ys fan mind you. If you REALLY want them to bring one over, tell them to get their ass in gear and localize Origin for PC.

    • ECM

      Felghana kinda makes III moot, doesn’t it?

      • Yeah Shion, pretty much.

        • ECM

          Hey, I know you!

          • Hahah, well, yes you do.

            But yeah, Ys OiF is good and so is Ys III, but I personally find OiF more manageable.

        • shion16

          me what?? o.o

      • Justinzero

        The 16 bit soundtracks are awesome-sauce. Plus, I’m a sucker for that PS2 remake that plays like the original did.

      • Not when you’re an old school fan like myself it doesn’t. I like OiF, but I like III more. The music is better (although the rock arrange themes in OiF aren’t bad mind you. Typical JDK quality there, heh), the gameplay is better (I prefer the 2D stuff over the 3D when it comes to Ys) and it’s just more authentic to me.

        You’ll hear a LOT of the seasoned vets of the series say what I’m saying right now. You know, something like:

        “I don’t really have anything against Napishtim, Oath in Felghana, or Origin, but I prefer the older style over this one”

        I’m the same way. I’ll play through all of the new ones even if they just build upon the Napishtim system, but I still prefer the older style more. Back in myyyyy day…we didn’t have a guard button, a jump button, OR an attack button and we LIKED it! *shakes cane*

        Sometimes it sucks liking the older stuff though because people look at you like you’re crazy :/

        “What?! No attack button? How did you kill monsters?!”

        “We ran into them from a particular angle and if you hit it at the wrong angle, you took damage! You couldn’t run into them head on!”

        “That’s gotta be the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard…”

        “What do you know?! This is a classic I tell you! A classic!!”

        Can’t tell you how many times I’ve had a conversation similar to that one, lol. Anyway, enough rambling :P

        • ECM

          I played all those games when they were *new*, on my God-awful expensive Turbo CD and enjoyed them…then, including ramming into enemies (which is still the case in Ys Eternal, for example).

          Unfortunately, time marches on, and Felghana, more than the other remakes, pretty much obsoletes Ys3. (Yes, feel free to disagree, but, as far as I’m concerned (and I’m ‘old school’ enough to say I’ve been playing games for 30+ years and, upon a time, ran a print magazine that catered to players like you) the newer game just has a lot more play value than its progenitor, on pretty much every level).

        • b s

          I am VERY INTERESTED to see the reaction of nearly converted fans when Chronicles gets released. XD I mean, they start of with Ys SEVEN and they love it. Felghana comes along and they may or may not like it more (as the system’s a wee bit different), and then comes Chronicles with ramming Adol into monsters. ^o^

          I just have this feeling that it may turn off people that discovered the series through SEVEN. :x

    • xhunter

      III?Seriously?Oath in Felghana is good enough,we don’t need any other version of III now.I also doubt xseed will bother doing PC games.I would just wait for an eventual PSP port of Origin.Also,It could get an awesome remake,like III got with Oath in Felghana.It’s not because you didn’t like it that anything that goes with IV is bad.Also,there are other opinions.Dawn of Ys is one of my favorite from the franchise after 1+2 and 7.

      • Yeah, Oath in Felghana is good, don’t get me wrong. However, I like that old school side scrolling action the SNES/PS2 version had, heh.

        Oath in Felghana is just Ys III using the engine from Ys VI. I’m not too big on Ys VI since I prefer the old 2D ones, Ys I being my favorite, but that’s why I would suggest they bring over III instead of IV or V since the remakes of IV and V use a more advanced system as well, and the graphics are reeeeally funky.

        The music sucked in the IV and V remakes too, lol. The remake for III was excellent though. If they want to finally give us Ys V Expert or Ys IV: Dawn of Ys, instead of Mask of the Sun, on virtual console or something, that would be cool, but none of the trashy remakes.

        Then again, honestly..Nintendo’s ports of Ys are always terrible in one way or another, lol. For example, if you have a PSP and DS, and are wanting to play Ys I&II, get the PSP version. TRUST ME.

        The DS version is god awful, has terrible music, bad graphics, and is glitchy (like Nintendo ports always are). The PSP version looks excellent and it’s practically a port of the PS2 remake, just with a gallery included much like the Ys VI port had (I guess to replace the dream world the PS2 version had which had a gallery and sound mode). Anyway, that’s my thought on the matter.

        PC-Engine and Sharp X68000 is where it’s at though. Then again..I’m an old school Ys fan, so don’t mind me, lol. Enjoy whatever you can get, I guess. It’s a wonderful RPG series which is catered to such a niche crowd, I would love to see it get more recognition.

    • FireCouch

      Guys…Trust him…He’s a Ys fan. He knows what he is talking about.

      • ECM

        Oh, well, when you put it like that…;)

      • kaimanD

        Yeah so am I and everyone else here ~_~

        • I guess what he meant to say was, “He’s an old Ys fan”. Therefore, I’m informative, lol. I’m sure most of the people around here didn’t even know, “Ark of Napishtim” was part of the Ys franchise when seeing it in the States.

          I blame Konami for that one though. Then again, it would have been pretty odd naming it, “Ys VI” over here since the last one we ever got was Wanderers from Ys (III) for SNES and I doubt many even remember that. It’s very rare that I actually run into someone who can name off every Ys title (yes, even Ys Typing), and know anything beyond Ark of Napishtim and the recent PC titles :P

          So, while we all may be fans here (why else would we be posting in the article about Ys? lol), there is an older generation of fans and a newer generation. The more the merrier, I say, but I’d be willing to bet there are only a handful of people that visit this site which know as much or more about Ys than myself. I’m just sayin’, lol.

          • You sound more like an insufferable elitist and nostalgic than an actual Ys fan.

          • Justinzero

            Agreed. I wonder if that bozo hangs out on ALoY at all. I’d sure like to know why he seems to think he’s more of an Ys fan than everyone else here.

  • shion16

    i bought YS seven, its great
    But i wanna play oath in felghana
    the action the music……….Ys games are excellent

  • caddyalan

    I just now searched the Wikipedia articles for Ys 4 and 5. Apparently both games were remade for the PS2 by Arc System Works, and released by Taito around 2005-06. Many of Arc System Works’ recent games have been released in English by Aksys Games. (That said, the only upcoming PS2 games in English are movie/TV series tie-ins. I think it might be a bit late in the system’s life to release these remakes in English…)

    • xhunter

      Yes,but those remakes were very subpar when compared to the originals or the games Falcom released around that time.I also doubt xseed would release those versions seeing as the PS2 is dead and all.

  • Maybe in the furure we can see Ys IV and V in the psp

  • Kris

    This reminds me, I still need to pick up Ys 7.

  • kaimanD

    In reply to Tetsuya, IV and V are much, much, much better than 3 in every way.I’d rather see the whole series over here finally as ports or remakes rather than an enhanced version of a bad game that already has a far superior remake.

  • EvilAkito

    I’d love to see all Ys games accessible on the PSP, but Ys IV in particular is a tricky one, since it kind of suffered the same fate as Castlevania Dracula X by having two different version (well, two entirely different games) with the more obscure PC Engine version being regarded as a gem and the SNES version not being so well regarded. Personally, I’d love to see both versions, along with a port of Ys V, in a collection.

    • kaimanD

      It doesn’t seem to be beyond them to be able to do a collection with both versions of 4 along with 5. I’d love to see a version of Ys IV that Falcom personally made though.

  • cmurph666

    I had Y’s Ark of something something for PS2. Never played it and ended up giving it away.

    Wouldn’t mind giving the game another shot if I could start from the start.

    • kupomogli

      That’s Ys6. Available on both PSP and PS2. If you don’t have a PSP Slim I’d avoid it though.

  • neo_firenze

    What I’d like to see most is Zero no Kiseki (the PSP only sequel to the Sora no Kiseki trilogy that Xseed is releasing in 2011) get a localization. Seems like a logical next step for Xseed if they plan to continue with the Falcom goodness after this run of 6 releases, as it will be the newest available game, looks really slick, and it’s the next in the series after the three SnK games they’re already releasing.

    Talking about Ys IV and V is sort of odd at this point, since there isn’t really a good version to localize. The originals on SNES/PCE are on long dead systems, and the PS2 remakes are subpar (and also on a dead system). Unless Xseed knows something about Falcom’s future plans that we don’t, like PSP remakes :)

    Anyway, Xseed can’t just wish for games. They’d have to have some source material from Falcom on a current system. A potential PSP version of Ys Origin (Xseed localizing the PC version seems far fetched to me) or a new PSP remake/port of IV or V don’t sound too crazy, we’ll have to see what Falcom will do next after they get ZnK out the door.

    There’s always the existing Falcom PSP catalog too. Something like:
    – Brandish (awesome game, also very import friendly)
    – Zwei! (very good game, but a previous article here implied Xseed looked into it and got negative response because of the “cutesy” look)
    – Ys vs. Sora no Kiseki (the just released fighter… but speaking as someone who owns the Japanese one, it seems like a hard sell in the US. Still, with 3 Xseed releases for each of the series already planned, it’s not an insane thought.)

    • Ys IV on Virtual Console. It could happen.

  • kupomogli

    PSP remakes? ^_^

  • cool :D, i hope they sold good with YS SEVEN :D

  • mikanko

    Too bad the PSP/PS2 ports of Napashtim were pretty unplayable if you’d experienced the PC ver. Glad Felghana, which is pretty much the same exact engine, got a good PSP port.

    Dawn of Ys is great, the only thing it could really come out for at this point is PSN(there are quite a few PSN PCE releases on the Japanese store now) or virtual-console, and finding a way to localize a never localized PCEngine emulation sounds far fetched.

    They don’t even have the Bonk games released on the US PS store, and I somehow don’t expect them to start. I have a bad feeling the average Western PS3 owner might only remember the Turbo Grafx as the butt to a joke from the Genesis/SNES era, which is shameful but oh wells.

    I personally don’t think too highly of Ys V. Honestly unless they do Felghana’esque remake of it I doubt I’d ever find the gumption to play through an official localized release of it. Something like Ys Origin coming to the PSP sounds a lot more likely.

  • Justinzero

    I’m curious as to which version of Ys IV Xseed would consider bringing out.

    I’m looking at you T.

  • nunuu

    Still would rather see Falcom’s own version of IV. (Er, this was in reply to Excel-2010.)

  • B-r-a-n-d-i-s-h please! ;)

  • Xien12

    Hey guys. Guess what? Ys IV and V remakes suck ass. The Taito remakes suck ass. Konami remakes suck ass. Third party remakes suck. If you ask anyone who’s a hardcore Ys fan, the majority will say yes they do suck bigtime.Neo Firenze is right, talking about localizing Ys IV and V is beyond weird. CRAZY TALK.

    The Playstation 2 versions of III, IV, and V were not made by Falcom and thus never were canon and the same is true of Ys Strategy, which is contradicted in any case by Ys Origin. FACT.

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