Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 2 Scheduled For October

By Ishaan . August 25, 2010 . 1:04pm


Get ready for more Naruto this Fall. Namco have got Ultimate Ninja Storm 2 scheduled for an October 19th release date. Ahead of its release, they’ve released a localized playable demo on Xbox Live Arcade and PlayStation Network that you can grab now.


Namco are also keen to point out that this is the first time an Ultimate Ninja game has included online play, and an evolved Support Character system. Story-wise, the game is broken into three chapters, which have you seeing through the eyes of Naruto, Sasuke and Jiraiya.

  • andref

    The demo actually was not that bad but after playing just a taste i hope you aren’t just limited to only one jutsu

    • no it wont be just one jujitsu there is going to be more like in the first one they have to be unlocked

      • andref

        K, thanks for the heads up

        • cedo66

          it depends on how much you hold your attack for exemple in the demo if you charge you chakra than press and hold the attack button for a short time than let it go naruto will do rasengan but if you holdt it form much longer you will do giant rasengan. I assume that in the game if you hold it much more longer in the kakuzu and hiddan fight you will do shuriken rasengan.

    • It depends what you mean. In the first one, each character had two or three jutsu that you chose from at the beginning of the match. In the match itself, you are limited to one jutsu, e.g. Sasuke may have Lightning Blade and Fireball Jutsu, but in the match itself you can only use the one you chose. Most likely this one will follow suit

      • andref

        I see… that is kind of a let down if you can only use one specific jutsu per match

  • Wow the demo is awesome, possibly the best Naruto game, no the best shonen anime game to date, its just that fun, gorgeous and awesome. October cant come fast enough, possibly the best ever. I cant get enough of Naruto

    • Asura

      GNT4 is the best Naruto game, hands down. Gameplay matters too much to put UNS2 over it.
      UNS2 will just be the most pretty.

      • Pretty much this.

        The gameplay is just buttonmashing like the first, no real effort went into making it a better game. I expect 8 to less that that, scores.

  • karasuKumo

    Anyone who hasn’t seen this It’s the latest GmaesCom trailer ^_^

    This game looks better each day. My biggest hope is good DLC imagine being up to date with the latest anime’s characters and moves.

  • ForeverFidelis

    Hey, hey

    Somebody please tell me that the XBL demo isn’t for Gold members only…

    • Sorry, it is

    • cedo66

      all you have to do if you dont have gold is to wait maximum one week because gold make you get the things earlier even more earlier tha PS3

  • This is great! The one problem I have, though, is that the game as a whole will suffer since it’s multiplatform and the 360 disks can’t hold as much as if it were a ps3 exclusive. But I’m still buying it day 1 and will without a doubt feel like I got my money’s worth

    • stop with the retarded misconceptions, fanboy. okay?

      This could be so much better with real AA if it wasn’t paired down for being developed to PS3 Engine that faults for not handle AA with the lack of EDRAM. See what I did?

      • It’s not a misconception at all. A single layered blu-ray disk can hold 25 gb while a dual-layered can hold up to a whopping 50 gb. Xbox 360 games are on dual-layered DVDs that can hold 9 gb. Where’s the misconception?

        If it was originally developed on the PS3 and then ported to 360, it’d have to be on multiple 360, disks a la Final Fantasy XIII, however such a thing doesn’t work well with a fighting game because changing disks so you can play certain characters is quite an annoyance. They probably could have added more characters to the roster if it wasn’t for disk size.

        But like I said originally. Without a doubt I’ll feel like I got my money’s worth still. Why don’t you actually read the comments to which you reply before you call someone retarded so you’re not the one who ends up looking retarded, m’kay?

        • by your stupid analogy UNS1 had 200 charactes, 100 locations & 300 hours of video… and now it’s downgraded to 10% of that in the sequel? stop with the asinine misconceptions.

          Who cares about your 30Gbs final fantasy if the game is just 6 gbs anyway and the rest are 16Gbs of fmv. if you talked about space used in mega resolution textures, and yet in 1st party games it’s the same shitty texture work, it even uses blur AA in almost all of games because it can’t handle simple MSAA, making it worse.

          buy a Xbox 360 for multiplatform games, and get your money’s worth(having superior versions): that’s the prime directive of this generation, and this is a multiplatform game. Deal with it.

          • That makes no sense. I never said anything like that. The game as a whole can’t have as much because it’s not exclusive to the PS3 and is therefore limited to a smaller disk size. That’s a fact. Stop misconstruing my words in order to fuel your troll-rage.

            And yes, you’re absolutely correct, every single PS3 game has absolutely no texture work. Everything looks so smooth. 360 on the other hand, has completely realistic textures that I think I’m watching a movie, not playing a video game. /sarcasm.

            You call me a fanboy yet read your own posts. You clearly think all PS3 games are completely inferior to all 360 games. That sounds like a fanboy to me. Basically all multi-platform games look the same, textures and AA are generally the same, too, with a few exceptions [Darksiders]. This isn’t 2007 [which even back then, some multi-plat 360 versions had its own share of worse variations]. The only difference between exclusives and multi-plat games at this point is simply the amount of content. God of War III was an amazing game, yet it could never fit on the 360. Why? It was a whopping 35 gb.

            “deal with it”? Look at my original post. I specifically said I’m still going to buy the game and feel like I got my money’s worth. I was never not dealing with it.

          • listen dude its on the 360 and the demo is running smoothly your the only nigga getting worked up about disk space theres no need to worry about it if its already been decided its on the 360.

          • AceintheholeK

            dude these xbox fanboys are funny to me they get so bent out of shape about there little 3 rings of death 60% failure percented hoe360 the system wasnt well put together they didnt think about the lifespan forcing u chumps to buy a new system sooner that expected and it is inferior to ps3 so just let it go fanboy your system is crap thats why ps3 is getting mass effect 2 and 3 may i add why dont u go play crack down 2 or something fanboy thats trash too Lol

          • Weird, there’s no button to reply to Dashawn. So I have to post here. I wasn’t getting worked up. I know the game runs smoothly. All I was saying is that if it was an exclusive it could have more, more characters, more levels, etc. Does everyone skip my first post? I said I’m still going to buy the game and feel I got my money’s worth. I’m not worried about it. The game looks and plays great on both systems and it’s an easy-to-see marketing decision to put it on both consoles. I’m not surprised they’re doing it. I was just stating a thought of mine, not trying to insult the game.

  • Aarachnid Malik Davolcanese they could add more stuff to the story like more characters and stuff its not full and idk if you have read the naruto manga but its still going on past the sage naruto part. the series is not done yet and the sage naruto part is the closest climax in the series to the manga the anime right now is right at the sage naruto part. In other words there staying close to the anime timeline and there most likely going to make a naruto ultimate ninja storm 3 continueing past the sage part. there going to leave the consumers and fans wanting more.

    • cedo66

      yes he’s right because if they give all the naruto story that is not even out on the weakly shonen jump it would spoil everything even if we know they’re communicating with masashi kishimoto.
      Proof= the latest trailer about the villains you can sees at the end that pain talk with naruto right before the fight. thats also probably why minato is the las character to unlock in the game because he helps naruto from freeing the ninetails completely. ninja storm 3 would make them make more money because there is already some really big fights like the five kages vs sasuke, naruto controlling the nine tails ect… and by this time the quality and the other things would be more better!!!

  • ps3 version is better than xbox just so every1 knows

    • Yah772

      maybe if you’re drunk and high, sure that’d be true

  • Yah772

    ps3 version isnt as good as xbox, sorry nerds

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