Square Shed Light On 4 Heroes of Light Pre-Order Bonuses

By Ishaan . August 25, 2010 . 4:29pm

Square Enix are keen for people to pre-order 4 Heroes of Light in advance of its October 5th release, so they went ahead and announced some nice pre-order incentives for anyone who’s willing to put their money down early.


Limited Edition First Run Poster:



Gamestop Digital Poster:



The image on the digital poster above also serves as the game’s box art.


Amazon Credit:

Pre-ordering from Amazon will net you a $10 Gift Card that you can use for future purchases.

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  • WonderSteve

    What is a “digital poster?” Isn’t it just a wallpaper?

    Any chance Canada can get the limited edition first run poster?

    • I guess so and that is just retarded. Digital Poster. Ha what a laugh.

      • RupanIII

        Seriously, what a crappy incentive lol

        • Aoshi00

          So are they both digital or just the Gamestop one? The Raiden IV .pdf file from Gamestop was really crappy too :(…

          • RupanIII

            Not 100% sure.. but it seems like just the Gamestop one. At least you kinda ‘get’ that one since it’s also the box art pic, it’d be cool if it came as a real poster tho..

      • Ereek

        Didn’t your parents ever teach you never to whine about free things?

        • Alrai

          But this isn’t free. You pay $35 for the game and the privilege of getting the ‘digital poster.’ If this was free (or close enough to free), it would be on their website and you could download it or something along those lines.


          And considering that this is up there, I think it’s fair to call it pretty crappy as preorder incentives go. They might as well not bothered with the digital poster.

          • Ereek

            It is free, they don’t have to give you anything at all. The $30 you’re paying is for the game, not the poster. You’re getting it for free with the game. Unless for some strange reason you’re buying the game for the bonus and not the game itself.As an incentive, sure, it might not be the best. It wouldn’t change my mind either way, but you should never, ever complain about something you’re getting for free, unless you want the publishers to stop giving away bonuses all together.

            I suppose there’s no pleasing everyone. And the way things are going, it seem people are going to expect more and more. I feel bad for the smaller companies, now. If your bonus is too small, people whine and it’s not “good enough.” So you have to continue making it bigger and bigger to please people.

          • Alrai

            Look, look, I don’t think it’s a huge deal either. However, this isn’t like you getting me a slice of cake and me sneering that I like vanilla instead of chocolate, and I think treating it like it’s such is a fallacy.

            This is a mass marketing tool designed to get people to buy a copy of the game early and at full price. And I think it’s fair to critique it on that level and call it mediocre/crappy.

          • nyoron

            I don’t think that Square considers it a serious incentive either. To me it seems more likely that Gamestop pushed really hard for a preorder bonus that they could hawk and Square said “ok fine, have a jpeg”

          • Aoshi00

            I don’t really consider the digital poster “free” either as a pre-order bonus incentive, compared to say free DLCs like Alan Wake’s Signal epilogue or Heavy Rain’s extra taxidermist episode, which would’ve actually cost you if you didn’t get the games on day 1, but if you do they’re throwing those in for free. It’s like a free cell phone signing a 2-yr contract isn’t really free.This one is pretty up there along w/ the Raiden 4 gallery/mini-guide in PDF in terms of crappiness… at least Chrono Trigger DS had a real poster and mini-soundtrack.

          • WonderSteve

            I don’t think people are complaining to smaller publisher. People are only complaining because this is Square Enix after all and they are publishing a title under the “Final Fantasy” brand. This is a slap in the face of the fans.

            XSEED is not that big, but look at what they put in the limited edition of Ys Seven.

          • Ereek

            You paid for that Limited Edition, though. $20 extra. You aren’t paying extra for this.

            But if you aren’t paying for it, how does it cost you anything? If it doesn’t cost you anything, it’s free.
            I’m not denying that it’s not a good incentive – because it’s not, really. However, would you rather them give you nothing at all?

          • Aoshi00

            Well, for me the bonus is worth something. If there’s no bonus, I might wait for a price drop as I don’t need to play it on day 1. Like if a game is $30, sometimes I would rather wait till it drops to $20 in a couple months, but if the bonus is nice enough, I wouldn’t mind paying $30, because to me that bonus is worth the difference, $10. For example, I bought Chrono Trigger DS for about ~$30 and got the free poster and soundtrack, now I can get the game for less than $20, I was in no rush at all because I’ve played it a thousand times, but to me, that poster & mini-soundtrack was worth $10 even though they were “free” given you bought it for full price. The point is the free extra is to entice people to pay the full price instead of a discounted price later.It’s like you get a free ice-cream when you buy something, but instead of ice-cream they give you a stupid cough drop, it’s free, but it’s ridiculous. So I don’t think it’s fair to say those who complain are whining. They’re not giving us this digital poster for free, as in anyone could download it on their website, they give it to people who are willing to pay full price for the game. I got burned by the Raiden IV pdf file before, because if I bought it from Amazon, it was several dollars cheaper and no tax, so that “free” pdf file actually cost me like $5.

  • That poster is adorable! I’m not sure if it’s a good idea to only want the game for the bonus. I’ll pass on this one unless someone convinces me otherwise. =/

  • umm 10$ bonus later..

  • Draparde

    Physical poster = yes please!

    im so behind..i still have to grab Ys seven V_V and soon ill have phantasy star portable 2, and afew other games to get too

  • x

    lol @ calling a jpeg a “digital poster.” Just how dumb do they think people are…

    • Joanna

      Well seeing those “digital galleries” of FFXIII and FFVII sold on the iphone, pretty stupid I think.

  • The chibi poster is simply adorable! But yeah I agree that it’s quite pathetic for a preorder bonus. ^_^;;

  • Joanna

    The first poster (which I assume is an actual physical poster) is cute, but I don’t think it’s enough to sway me to pick this up day 1 when I could pick it up later for $20. If I was starving for something to play, I would pick this up with or without the poster, but I’ve got more than enough to play for a couple of years.

  • Tom_Phoenix

    Am I the only one who would rather have the “digital” poster as the actual physical poster?

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