Final Fantasy Versus XIII May Not Make It Out In 2011

By Ishaan . August 26, 2010 . 11:30am


Yesterday, Tetsuya Nomura revealed on Twitter that while games like The 3rd Birthday and Kingdom Hearts Re:Coded would see full trailers at the Tokyo Game Show in September, Final Fantasy Versus XIII and Agito XIII were a little more complicated.


Nomura stated that the two games were going to be shown off as part of the same brief presentation under the Fabula Nova Crystallis brand, rather than receiving individual trailers. According to Nomura, neither title has a finalized release date, which explains Square’s reluctance in showing them off.


An interview with Yoshinori Kitase, conducted at Gamescom by Gaming Union, sheds a little more light on the situation.


“We have no release date information to update. Unfortunately we can’t say anything about that,” Kitase replied, when Gaming Union asked as to whether Versus would make it out in 2011. “We can’t commit ourselves to 2011 either,” he concluded.


Keep in mind, Kitase could possibly have meant a localized version of the game wouldn’t make it out by 2011, taking localization time into account.

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  • BluCup

    Nomura’s so incompetent. Square needs to give him the boot and hire someone new to run his team and maybe restore some of my faith with the company.

    Seriously hate that guy.

    • Because everyone else at Square has been putting out kickass games left and right, eh? I really wish you guys would stop with the Nomura bitterness. Like it or not, he’s Square’s most popular designer and probably the one with the most global perspective.

      • My biggest beef with the guy is that he is completely incompetent in the time management departmen t, he has atleast 15 projects un the works and an untold amount of unannounced titles in the works. If he’d just focus on a few less titles he might gdt some of them released. Beyond that, he can stayh, I like his vision for kingdom hearts

        • Ereek

          Question: How do you know it’s him who wants to do all of the titles?

          Everyone always seems to assume that Nomura is the one planning these, but he, too, also has to follow orders from those higher in the company. If they want More spinoffs for the funding of larger titles, then Nomura doesn’t have a choice either way.

          Putting Nomura’s name onto a game is like making it a brand name. It’s like putting Kojima or Sakaguchi. He may not have a lot of influence in the game development itself.

      • Well, I’m sure people would stop with the, “Nomura bitterness” if he would stop bringing it upon himself. Just because he’s, “Square’s most popular designer” and “probably the one with the most global perspective” doesn’t mean he’s the best there is or COULD be if we were to replace him. You’re confusing popularity with work ethics.

        The man has entirely too much on his plate, he un-fulfills promises, doesn’t keep dates to save his life, postpones sequels and makes side-stories/prequels/non-canon crap/etc. and trolls fans for years as he milks the franchise, and the fanbase. The only reason he has acclaimed as much fame as he has is because he has found a way to keep people interested by dangling the same carrot in front of their noses the whole time. This is why I got sick of him and feel as though he should be replaced with someone more competent (popularity doesn’t equal skill/qualifications).

        I said it before and I’ll say it again. This man SERIOUSLY needs to stop counting his chickens before they hatch. I would rather he focus on one project, finish that, THEN work on another one.

        You know, instead of going by his regular schedule:

        A. Talk about a new Kingdom Hearts game in the works. B. Talk about Final Fantasy XIII: Versus. C. Talk about Final Fantasy XIII: Agito. D. Talk about The 3rd Birthday. E. Talk about a possible sequel to The 3rd Birthday before the game even releases. F. Make sure there are plenty of zippers in all of the games. G. Work on Final Fantasy XIII: Versus more. H. Work on new Kingdom Hearts game more. I. Announce delay in other games and spread attention over 3+ projects. J. Rinse and repeat.

        I would take him working on one project at a time rather than trying to juggle multiple projects, causing a delay in the release of one (or more). See, as much as Kojima trolls as well, at least he just says stuff like, “This is my last Metal Gear!”, then makes a new one anyway.

        I would take that over what Nomura is doing ANY day of the week, thank you. If you honestly think that Nomura couldn’t be replaced, that’s kind of sad. That’s like saying, “Nobuo Uematsu is the greatest composer for Square! He’s the most popular and has the most global perspective!” and not believing anyone could ever be as competent as him, you know..despite Masashi Hamauzu actually doing a really great job as well, after Nobuo Uematsu left.

        Much like Nobuo Uematsu, I believe Tetsuya Nomura has done some good things in the past and I won’t deny that, but..don’t make it seem like he can’t be replaced or rather, if he IS replaced, that the company wouldn’t be able to find a suitable replacement. That’s just crazy talk there. Regardless, I’ll stop with the, “Nomura bitterness” when he stops doing things to make me bitter.

        • Ereek already said what I would have though. Who’s to say this is Nomura’s fault?

          Do you really think anyone would voluntarily take on 7 games at once? Do you know exhausting and stressful it can be just to work on a single game? Nomura, like everyone else at any company, is likely at the mercy of his superiors. The more talent you have, the more people will use you. That’s how it works.

          • Because it’s easy to blame an obvious scapegoat, that’s why. That said I do wonder if they’re perhaps stretching resources a little thin in general – if Versus doesn’t land in 2011 then it *will* have had what can only be characterized as an “extended” development cycle.

          • Ahhh…, is hard to be the leader, all team’s bad actions will be reflected on you

    • FireCouch

      Yeah, what a jerk. Doing his job and all. How dare he work on multiple projects at the same time. Jeez. All he thinks about is himself and never gets any work done…

    • Incompetent? After helping to do some great and nice rpgs this is what he gets? Do you have any idea how complicated to make a game is? Do you have an idea of how many freaking teams take to make a game? Do you want to get a half assed game with 20 hours of gameplay? I don’t want that, so he can take all the time he needs, WHILE he gives a high quality game, and this is exactly what we might seem to get from FF13 VERSUS and AGITO, and he isnt working in just that anyway.If you are in such a hurry, go take a job from Square Enix Japan, and “kick him” to take his place. I understand he is taking a long time, but i dont think he deserves to be called “inconpetent”, we dont even know what happen in his work.

      • Aoshi00

        But after so many years, we still got an half assed game (FF13) :(… But that’s thanks to the other Toriyama..

        • haha yeah,well, at least it looks pretty hardcore, im strictly againts of games that think that graphics are everything, but woa FF13 did look gorgeous, too bad Square’s new experiment didnt work that well (linear system and such), but i was amazed by the graphics, my eyes burned, and spilled blood, HOW CAN EYES SPILL BLOOD!?

          • Aoshi00

            The graphics was good, but like you said it was linear as all heck (I swear I never thought anything was linear until I played FF13), everything felt so boring, and the world overall lacked imagination. The potential was certainly there, but Cocoon was never fleshed out at all in the game, the novel’s episodes made it much more interesting. So many people said they just don’t feel like finishing this game at all. I had to force myself to finish it. I never had to force myself to finish Lost Odyssey or Blue Dragon.

    • thebanditking

      Yeah lets fire the only good person left at S-E, that way they can focus on more awesome FPS games, lol. What are you nuts? Did it ever occur to you that he is working on so many titles because from a global sales perspective he is one of S-E’s biggest money makers? Yeah that’s a sure sign of incompetence……

      • Guest

        Deus Ex isn’t being made by Square-Enix. Just published by them. S-E even published Batman AA and CoD MW2 for Japan. Doesn’t mean they developed them

        • mikedo2007

          uh, interesting fact: Did you know Deus Ex is having help from Japan involving CGI, if you look at the credit from the E3 trailer I’m seeing Japanese name on the credit?

          Animation Director: Hiroshi Kuawabara
          Visual Work Director: Kazuyuki Ikumori

          When I saw the CG animation on Deus Ex: Human Revolution, the animation does somewhat remind me of Final Fantasy 7 Advent Children.

      • Yea… We have too many FPS and TPS… Its making the RPG gamers weep.. Btw,Too much mundane killing in a game is boring…

    • OneOkami

      Nomura, I believe is simply stretched too thin. Thats something I would probably take up with Square Enix’s project management in general and not Nomura specifically. I can understand your frustration, though. I will agree he has way too much stuff on his plate and needs more focus.

    • Well he needs to stop being so multifocused and ignoring what fans want. I do not see people online begging for *unannounced* games or *kingdom hearts fanfiction games* to be honest.

    • I would take your exact statement and substitute Wada for Normua.

  • Ooh, what a shocker. I wonder when they are gonna announce FFXV…

    • Aoshi00

      Last Story is it (or FF14), just like Lost Odyssey was FF11 to me :)

  • JustaGenericUser

    Gee, what a surprise.

  • Ereek

    I know I’m stating the obvious, but three XIII games is really spreading the talent a bit too thin, even though they already have some 10 development teams.

    Well, I’d be happy with Agito.

    • At least we can rest assured they aren’t going to turn Agito into a Monster Hunter clone, now that they have Lord of Arcana. That’s a relief.

      • godmars

        And yet how many projects have they not only announced but released before Agito? How much sooner could it or vsXIII been out if their resources weren’t so spread out?

  • Not suprising. What the heck is Nomura thinking?

  • Well I want to play it before the end of 2012 since like many say is Armageddon.

    • I think if all the gamers have their heart and mind string together in hope for this 2012 thing not to happen, we may get our a** saved for many years or decades to come and get to play all of the promising games in the future aye? So start praying that we all will get to play FF versus!

  • karasuKumo

    AHH! I thought the news couldn’t get worse, I might as well commit Seppuku! You would have thought Agito would be out in 2010.

  • Truly the worst news I have heard all day! I was sure that this game would be out in 2011. Square Enix fails me yet again :( This game, lol, is the most anticipated Final Fantasy for me, the characters shown are all awesome as well. I hope they at least release whatever trailer they show online quickly (ie no later than New Years!).

    Other studios dont have issues with pumping out high quality titles in relatively short succession (missing 2011 puts it almost at 3 years since FFXIII (?) in Japan) unless they are doing Xbox 360 development too?! arhg, lol.

    • karasuKumo

      I agree it looks better than XIII! It better be worth the wait :|

      • Aoshi00

        After FF11-14 I have zero faith in S-E when it comes to FF (I don’t care about MMO), I keep my anticipation of Versus low in order to avoid disappointment, I hope they surprise me.

  • Guest

    Localization should not be more than three months now that they were on record to doing that for F XIII and saying even after that, that they were focusing on shortening that time difference even more.

    I understand that time was delayed when the Versus team had to take time off to help the XIII team finish their game, but that’s over a year ago now so Nomura should really focus on getting this game done because S-E already tarnished image is riding on that game now. Not any handheld KH or PE games

  • YoFace

    I’m still trying to figure out what this game is about ¯(º_o)/¯

  • thebanditking

    I don’t care when it comes out, take your time ship it when its done. Better to make a game that is the best it can be, rather then ship it early and patch it (with paid DLC) later.

  • ForeverFidelis

    Ahahaha, oh wow

    The least they could do is stop trying to hype us up for the game. I don’t want to be excited for something I won’t even get to touch until the year I graduate

  • With all the bad news from Squeenix these days, I’m just waiting for them to really drop a bomb like saying that Final Fantasy XV will be a 360-exclusive WRPG/FPS developed by Double Helix or something.

  • Argh! Not again!! But I will still wait though…

    On a side note, I think its kinda sad for SE… they are somehow stereotyped for FF series, and then KH… I mean its both luck and a curse… They can never be like Sega or capcom… Free to create anything and no one really cares..If its good, people applause, if not, people just leave it alone… If SE fails in several things miserably, people do not hesitate to toss them far away…Its tough with all the high expectation… Some people even mock them for their pretty boys creation…

    I think we all pressure them too much that they start to loose sight… Hope they get well soon… XD

    • I think using the name ‘Final Fantasy’ causes people to have high expectations and/or judge so severely. Of course other games have a high expectancy rate as well, but people tend to whine less when they don’t like something about the.

    • Rebochan

      Er…Sega? Really?

  • Square-Enix really need to hire some consultants to optimize production and improve their marketing and PR. They come off always as pompous,inefficient and incompentent.

    They need to either hire more programmers and get the games out, or simply produce less games.

  • They should just call it Final Fantasy 15 at this rate :P

  • Raccoon

    I don’t get it: Final Fantasy XIII, Versus and Agito were all announced at the same time, long ago. Why XIII had to be finished so soon, when the release of Versus might be as far away as 2012? I would have been glad to wait until the end of 2010/beginning of 2011 for FFXIII, if a better (i.e. more complete) game was the result.

    They should take all the time they need to make a good game, so I don’t think that a late release of Versus has to be a bad thing. Nevertheless I would appreciate more info and media about it. After more than four years in the making, we don’t exactly know much about Versus, now do we? Would be disappointing for me when they won’t show something big at the TGS in three weeks.

    • Aoshi00

      I thought exactly the same w/ 13, I would’ve preferred if they took more time w/ it, that felt very rushed and incomplete for me, I’m sure they were pushed by Sony to boost PS3 sales… I had to read the novel in order to feel “satisfied” w/ the game, and even then the game still left a bad taste in my mouth…

    • I think that was a bit of a calculation error at the PR department. It would have been better to announce the games a little later.

      In case of Agito, being moved from cellphone to psp, it does make some sense that it is being delayed though.

  • Aoshi00

    On the bright side, PS3 still has a lot of juice left w/ its new 10-yr cycle, at least we wouldn’t be getting a new FF while the system was being phased out like FF12. It sucks the wait is this long, but I prefer them taking their time and not commit themselves to a deadline. Make a game worthy of the FF title, you have not done that in many yrs S-E..

  • I wish i would just stop reading posts for this game; getting my hopes up; and then nothing.

    Same thing happened with FFXIII and by the time it was released my motivation to play it just wasn’t there. I like the game but I’m still not finished and don’t plan to finish it for a while.

  • Seizmik

    If only that ‘other project’ was the Final Fantasy VII remake that 98% of FF fans want.

    What really annoys me is that Squenix(and EVERY game publisher) can’t just go: “We have this game to do, let’s do that one first and then get another one” – This was in fact the philosophy of the founder of Square, Masafumi Miyamoto. I know nowadays this is impossible, as the developers will just go to a different company, which would lose Squenix business; but there has to be a line.

    Game developers always say “it takes a lot of time to make a game well” this goes without saying, but not if those publishers put a lot of work into that game.
    Take Atlus, for example, the developers and publishers of one of my favourite series of games, Shin Megami Tensei: Persona. Atlus Manage to keep the project under wraps until the time they KNOW they are ready to release; Persona 3 was confidently announced in Famitsu in March, stating a release in July – which they got down to the day.

    The problem with Squenix is Enix. Some people may be nodding right now in agreement, some maybe curious as to what I’m talking about, and others thinking where I can shove it.
    My point is that Enix always had a problem with releasing games on time, which Square didn’t have(to the same extent) but, in my humble opinion, were still better. In fourteen years since the beginning of Final Fantasy Square has bashed out ten top-class games, but by 2015 we can be safe in assuming that no more than five or six(including spin-offs) will be made, and two/three of them will be worth playing.
    On Enix’s side we have seven Dragon Quest/Warrior games released after fourteen years since Dragon Warrior was created in 1986. Out of those seven games I’ve played 5 and enjoyed 2, however those two blew me away. Since 2000, the year of the Sqaure-Enix merger, two DQ titles have been released and I didn’t like them, and likely I won’t enjoy the next one.

    My point being: even if it cost Square Enix an absolute bomb(maybe more than the 100billion yen they put into the merger in the first place) it would probably pay off well for both companies in the end; with more titles like the world renowned original games the two companies also became world renowned for.

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