Silhouette Mirage Is On Japanese PSN

By Ishaan . August 26, 2010 . 1:36pm


While you may know them best for games like Ikaruga and Sin & Punishment, Treasure also developed side-scrolling shooters like Silhouette Mirage back in the day. Working Designs were the company that localized and brought the game overseas.


The PlayStation version of Silhouette Mirage (the game was originally for the Sega Saturn) is now up for download on PSN in Japan for 600 yen. As always, Hardcore Gaming 101 is a fantastic resource for reading up on games like these.

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  • YoFace

    Oh man, I love this game. I had to hunt down a copy to play it. And with games like these, is why I loved Working Designs.

    But chances of this one being put on the PSN are slim. Would love to be wrong. In the meantime I’d have to look at how to download from the Japanese PSN…

    • Aoshi00

      You could set up a Jpn PSN account w/ a Jpn hotmail or yahoo e-mail address, and fill out a fake Jpn physical address, then get a Jpn PSN yen ticket on either ebay or P-A. You could do the same w/ Jpn Live.

      Looks cute, but I’ve never played this before, will see if it’s worth picking up.

  • BlueBlazer

    I L-O-V-E-D this game
    it represents part of my life qhen I was 6-8 years :D

  • Chow

    *Looks it up to see which other regions it came out for originally*

    Aw man? The only thing keeping me from getting it right at this moment is the hope that it’d come out in the North American store. I know, it’s doubtful, but still.

  • EvilAkito


  • Happy Gamer

    im proud to say i own the original copy of this game. working designs how i miss u. this game was way too hard for U.S. version tho. i got the saturn copy later and it was not only easier, but i felt it was more fun. i thought WD went overboard with difficulty.

    i really miss those pretty case designs and instructions from WD :(

    • Aoshi00

      So the Jpn Playstation ver. would be the same as the Saturn original in terms of difficulty? This reminds me of Dynamite Headdy or Gunstar Heroes. I just watched some videos on youtube. Art looks a bit strange though..

      • Happy Gamer

        hmmm wow thats a pretty good question. I would assume so. I personally thought the game balance was great in the original. id play this game again just to enjoy the original experience. I wish they ported the saturn version as most 2d games at the time, was superior to the PSX version.

        i have so many games from that era most ppl never got to play if u lived near me aoshi id grab a case of beer and pizza and watch u go thru em all lol.

        p.s.- when u buy stuff off JPN psn it just charged ur card right? possibly with foreign transaction fee and depending on currency of the day etc.
        i never bought stuff from PSN JP store as of yet i might give this one a go.

        • Aoshi00

          Yea, I remember most games were better on the Saturn.. I live in Jersey, how about you?You can only buy games on Jpn PSN w/ a Japanese credit card though (one that is registered w/ a Jpn address), otherwise you can buy PSN tickets and redeem it on your acct and deduct it from there just like our $20 cards, they come in 1000, 3000, & 5000 yen usually, they’re pretty costly though.. I got a 3000 yen for 40 something, so I’m being very cautious spending them. Like how this guy’s selling it on ebay, not cheap, I guess he’d just give you the 12-digit code.

          For the Wii or DSi it’s a different story, Nintendo was actually kind enough to let us use a US credit card (so there would be a foreign transaction fee, just kind of like sales tax), but you would need a Jpn Wii or DSi system, kind of ironic..

          • RupanIII

            They sell them at too. I keep meaning to get one but yea, they’re a bit pricey. You live in Jersey? I’m pretty close to NJ, just on the NY side. If there were any good arcades anymore we could have a Siliconera-NY-metro-meetup or something haha

            If I knew how the industry was gonna change so much I would’ve hoarded all those deluxe Working Design sets back in the day lol

  • JustaGenericUser

    I hope the PSN version gets localized, I can see XSeed picking it up.

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