You’ll Fight Topless Dragon Women In Castlevania: Lords of Shadow

By Ishaan . August 27, 2010 . 6:32pm


The ESRB have had a go at Castlevania: Lords of Shadow and the game has come away with its very own shiny “M” rating for Blood and Gore, Nudity and Violence — all those ingredients that make for a fantastic game. Wait, nudity?


“This is an action-adventure game in which players control a warrior named Gabriel as he battles the forces of darkness. Gabriel uses a bladed whip as well as large hammers, swords, spears, and axes to kill human and fantasy creatures (e.g., werewolves, vampires, goblins, demons). Combat includes depictions of repeated punching, slashing, and occasional stabbing or breaking of bones.


Blood-splatter effects occur during battle, and blood stains can be seen in the environment. One scene depicts a butcher chopping up corpses and feeding them to vampire creatures; boss fights may also contain instances of gore, including dismemberment of a monster’s arm. Some female creatures (e.g., green fairies and a dragon-like female) appear topless throughout the game.”


I’m sure topless fairies have been done before but what about topless dragon-women? We wonder what those look like. Does it count as topless if you’re covered in scales? I guess we’ll have to see for ourselves.

  • ThunderGod_Cid

    Mr. Burns: “Exxcceeelleeennnt”

    • Guest

      Ref from Celebrity Deathmatch: “I’LL ALLOW IT”

    • Mr. Burns is gay =/

      • ThunderGod_Cid

        No….that’s Smithers.

  • J

    Wasn’t there a topless dragon-woman thing in Symphony of the Night, too? I think they called it ‘Diplocephalus’ or something like that, they were running around at the far-right of the Marble Gallery…

    But that only had a T rating. Of course, it was also sprite-based and not as clearly visible as a 3D version will presumably be.

  • godmars

    Just had to get boobies into a game, didn’t you Konami…

  • x

    Whadda ya wanna bet nips are still suspiciously absent!

    • ForeverFidelis

      Unfortunately, my man, you’re probably right.

    • Covered by scales!

  • Aoshi00
    • kupomogli

      With Dante’s Inferno you could say the nudity during the game is tasteful due to what it depicts. You’re in hell, with that part being the second circle of hell(lust.)

      • Zeik56

        But there was still tons of nudity before you even got into hell.

      • Aoshi00

        yea, but having scythe-wielding baby demons being squirted out from Lust’s nips is still disturbing. And Beatrice’s nudity is too gratuitous and didn’t add much.

      • Don’t 4get those chicks that try to kill u wit their coo-chi.

  • dusk

    It’s probably a new kind of psychological attack designed by the demons to distract Gabriel, or cause him to die of nosebleed. Which makes me wonder if all the male demons would be topless if the main character of this game is a female character instead of Gabriel, like one of the previous Castlevania on DS.

  • Hah, y’know, it might seem mighty immature, but really, that is just what I wanted to hear from the game. Why? Well, Castlevania pretty much always had topless stuff and such in their games, blood, all of that, and it could embrace it with a T rating because it’s 2-D. Now, the move to 3-D has given this an M, but it sounds pretty faithful at least in that sense.

    Hopefully the game holds up. I’m not sure how I feel about a “bladed whip”. Should go “normal whip”, “short flail”, “longer flail”. ;D

  • Chow

    It’s not entirely new to Castlevania, though. The Alura Une and boss succubus among a few others come to mind, though I’m specifically talking about low-res sprites.

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