Twinkle Queen Gets KO’d Out The Gate

By Ishaan . August 29, 2010 . 4:24pm


Poor Twinkle Queen. If you’re expecting to see it do big numbers in next week’s sales chart, don’t. The very week the game was released, certain retailers in Japan slashed the price by nearly half., too, have discounted the game by about 23%.


Of course, this might help explain why…

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  • malek86

    Why am I not surprised?

    • raymk

      maybe because i’m not either but now it get to buy the game for a cheap price.

  • Wow, that’s pretty harsh. I mean, I know nothing about the game (could be terrible for all I know) but to slash the price in the FIRST week of sale is kind of crazy.

  • mirumu

    For better or worse I’ve got a copy on the way. Got to be worth a laugh if nothing else. It does appear rather jerky in that video footage, but that video looked like it might have gone through a frame rate conversion somewhere too so who knows. Got to be some reason for the big discounts though. My expectations are lowered accordingly.

  • Milestone should had not rushed Twinkle Queen; they’re better off delaying it, to smooth out the stiff controls.

    The last thing I want to happen is for a game w/ TvC controls act like an SNK game, seeing how that aformentioned stiffness makes TQ lean more on the SNK edge, than the VS edge Twinkle Queen is aiming for.

  • I played the game and it’s not great but it’s good

  • Shame. This could have been the second game with a Sakakibara OP to be released in the US (Steal Princess was the first). This new theme was composed by DJ SHIMAMURA too! Bad ass.

  • doubletaco

    You have better free games out there than this game.

  • They should have just released another shmup title :P

    This looks like something a young otaku made in his spare time for PC in his mother’s basement. I’ve already got an all-girl fighter I want to play which looks and plays amazing. It’s called, “Arcana Heart 3”.

    These guys had no business in trying to make a fighting game in the first place, lol. I guess they figured the, “moe” fanatics would buy it. A few things went wrong here:

    A. It’s an all-girl fighter. Therefore, it seems as though it is trying to compete with Arcana Heart on consoles. So way they are winning with THIS title against that, lol.

    B. A shmup company making a fighter? Imbalance much?

    C. It’s on the Wii. Fighters on the Wii generally aren’t a good idea. That’s not where the fighting community is. Granted, they had Tatsunoko VS Capcom, but I still stand by my words even today.

    I don’t care if the arcade cabinet’s insides for TvC resembled the Wii’s hardware. PS3 and 360 were a better choice.

    Well, whatever. Back to waiting for the console port of Arcana Heart 3, heh.

    • That summed it all up! Maybe since these were eroge characters they should have put this on the PC instead. There are a few PC exclusive fighters and (sloppy, incredibly imbalanced and plain broken or not) people play them regularly.
      I wasn’t expecting it to sell like hotcakes, but it’s still too bad. It was a crazy idea, but, sorry, I love seeing crazy ideas happen! However, you can’t be surprised to see it sink if the quality doesn’t appear to be all there :(

  • maxchain

    Yeesh, Milestone can’t catch a break. I think Tank Beat did better than this, and everybody hates Tank Beat.

  • Guest

    I played this game for a minute. It’s pretty bad. Blurry pixelated graphics, stiff controls, jerky framerate. It actually reminded me of Pretty Fighter for Sega Saturn from like 1995 (and thats not a good thing).

  • Jaxx-Leviathan

    Yeeeaah this doesn’t really make me gasp. Lazy animation is a killer in the fighting game-genre, and judging from the earlier video the moveset ain’t all that exciting either. And this might not be a critical point, but does anyone know of any all-girls fighting games which have been successful?

    • raymk

      arcana hearts series and variable geo series have both seen success and both are all girl fighters.

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