Tales Of Graces F Demo Coming To PSN This Month

By Spencer . September 1, 2010 . 12:38am

imageNamco Bandai is giving Tales fans an early look at Tales of Graces F. A playable demo will be available on PlayStation Network at the end of September.


Shonen Jump also brings news about a Tales of Graces F pre-order bonus. Reserve the game and you’ll get a dramatic DVD with an extra skit, a Tales of Graces F PS3 theme, and a code to download three extra costumes.


Tales of Graces F comes out this winter in Japan.

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  • The game isn’t even out yet, and they’ve already found a way to start milking the costumes.

    • Wait… they arent milking anything yet…, they get those stuff if they pre-order, but that’s natural

    • This isn’t milking anything at all actually, lol. Did you forget? Tales of Vesperia pre-orders for the PS3 got Tales of the Abyss outfits for download and they had a demo released for that as well :P

      I’m all for it. A playable demo, nice pre-order bonus (which you’d PROBABLY end up having to pay 300 yen per costume for), and no telling how much new content (aside from the post-game stuff I mean). Hey, if this is called, “milking”, count me in.

  • AdamBoy64

    Sweet. Might grab the demo.However, it might just frustrate me knowing I won’t be able to play it in English.

  • kupomogli

    Tales of Graces F comes out this winter in Japan. Never everywhere else.

  • malek86

    Cool, at least there’s a demo of the game. One bad thing about the Wii is the complete lack of demos.

    • thebanditking

      “Cool, at least there’s a demo of the game. One bad thing about Nintendo is their policy/stance on demos.”Fixed that for you, ;)

      • Aoshi00

        They do have demos on the Wii, just the temporary ones for DS games lol…

  • ill get the demo…. but for nothing, i hate namco bandai US, WHY THE HELL ARENT THEY BRINGING ANYTHING!?THE HELL, is so weird, im even starting to think they messed up in the contract with microsoft when they were localizing Vesperia, and MAYBE, they gave all the rights of tales of games instead of just vesperia for 3 years or something like that?! Well…, i know this is like, 3% probable, but damn, is so weird they are so quiet! Nothing since Vesperia!

  • Simon

    At least you can download this here in North America…

  • Nice! This is just the news I was needing to hear :3I am glad to see we will be getting a demo on PSN by the end of the month (maybe that’s to say that, “Winter 2010” does in fact indicate a December release instead of February. They have released something in February before when stating, “Winter”, lol). I can’t wait to play this. I also love the sound of the pre-order bonus, especially since I’m pre-ordering it the first day I can, heh.I wonder if the three costumes are the new ones we’ve been seeing in screenshots. I hope so. Anyway, thanks for the awesome news post!

  • zhemos

    F Namdai. Racist idiots.

    • I hope that’s sarcasm, lol. I’ve already told this to plenty of other people who are complaining about this, so I’ll relay the message to you as well. It’s fine if you want to get upset about the lack of a localization, but just be sure you’re pointing your finger at the right group.The Japanese branch has nothing to do with releasing it in NA. As far as they are concerned, once they get the game out to their own country, their work is finished. Honestly, I can’t say I blame them either.If we were making a game over in the States and it had no plans of going off shores, I couldn’t care less. You want to know why? Because I would be able to play it since I reside in the country and that’s all that matters.I guess it’s sort of a harsh thing to think, that not many people would willingly admit, but I’m sure plenty of people think it. If Japan, Australia, Europe, etc. don’t get a game, why should you care? You’re already playing it, lol.So, I’m just saying..I wouldn’t blame the Japanese branch of NBGI for this. Their responsibility is to release it to their own country. They have nothing to do with releasing it overseas.That’s where the US branch comes in and tries to negotiate with the JP branch for localization. However, if our guys in the States never push for that conversation, then they are the only ones to blame. It would be like if you were in the auto manufacturing business and you only released the newest Chevy automobile in the US, then Japan or some other country’s residents screamed, “RACISM!”.You wouldn’t really like that, now would you? It’s not YOUR fault they’re not getting the new automobile. If they want to try and bring it to their own country and mass produce it, then they’re going to get off their asses and come negotiate with you. As far as you’re concerned, your job is finished.Anyway, maybe that puts things into better perspective for you.

      • wharcraff

        That’s great to know who to point the finger at and all. The fact remains that there is an american branch of a japanese company who is not localising certain releases from its parent company, for whatever reason. Give it enough time and more people may start asking why does that North American branch even exist if its not releasing a certain amount of localised content.

        • If Namco Bandai Games America isn’t a good enough example, TetsuyaHikari, let me tell you another one that is: SNK Playmore. They had to shut down their American offices because all they did was release King of Fighters and it wasn’t making expected profits. Then there is also the matter of not releasing all their games in the Neo Geo online collection for the PS2. Of the twelve, only 4 of them didn’t make it to the states, Garou, Last Blade collection, Fu’un Super Combo and the Sunsoft Collection. Granted it was at the time that SCEA was being anal about their 2D releases being in a collection, but SNK saw that there was no point in keeping an American branch around.

      • FireCouch

        So you’re saying that because there are very few game developers located in Australia, it’s alright if they never get a hold of any games ever? Because, you know, those other companies don’t have to sell their games outside of their country.

  • goronyan

    i have a weakness for limited editons

  • thebanditking

    Great another Tales demo to rub in my face….I would say I was going to avoid downloading it to spare my self the aggravation, but I know I would cave in eventually. Just really stinks knowing I will likely never be able to play much more then the demo

  • Finalstar2007

    Plz localize it

  • DemonicX

    Nice to have a demo, but I already lost hope for the game being released in the US.. T_T

  • WHY Bamco, Why???!!

  • WonderSteve

    I guess we get to try the demo at least.

    but Who knows, maybe Namco Bandai USA will ask the Japanese branch to request foreign IP block from Sony for this demo.

  • Dammit!!! im really thinking in learn japanese, these games look awesome and that Namco Bandai is not going to localize… U_U

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