Facebook Files: How Has Your Taste In Games Changed Over The Years?

By Ishaan . September 5, 2010 . 12:01pm


When it comes to playing games, there are all sorts of gamers out there. People that have been doing it since they were 5; people that only got into it while in their teens; people that stopped playing games and picked them back up again after a gap of several years. The list goes on.


So here’s the question — how has your taste in games changed over the years? Have you become more open-minded or the opposite? Do you find yourself with a lower tolerance for quirks you might have let slide a few years ago or are you just as tolerant as you used to be? What genres have you picked up or dropped? How has your perception of the industry changed?


Frank wrote:

Well, since I’ve started gaming (back in the early 90’s) my preferred genre is (are?) RPGs and adventures, though I’ve come to love Survival Horror.


The biggest change that I see in the industry is that quality has gone right out the window. It has been nearly 4 years since the current generation of consoles launched and I can only think of four or five games for each console that I would consider worth keeping.


Tommy wrote:

When I first got the SNES, I was a wimpy kid, so all I played was Tetris Attack and Mario Kart. I stayed away from Super Mario All-Stars that came with the game because I was afraid of dying. Then I was introduced to RPGs, Megaman X, and Super Metroid.


I think those three things on the SNES changed my perspective on video games well… forever. I got better at various game genres over the next few years after that and eventually the first game I actually completed, without any help, was FFIX. I literally was jumping for joy around my apartment when I did that.


Now-a-days, I enjoy playing almost any game, but I usually go for the more niche games just for the heck of it. Although, perhaps that attitude about games has distracted me from many things.


Samwise wrote:

I don’t deal with quirks much in games, I rarely finish them anyway. It’s interesting, I don’t think I really like games that much, to be honest, I just really enjoy the good ones I do like. Imagine that, the realization was tough to make, but it has to do with the modern games usually missing something that I used to like…


Now, I used to try to play RPGs but I realized I don’t like those much and generally don’t play them much. Nowadays, I mostly just play adventure games or action-adventure games with some arcadey stuff in between. I suppose, that my taste in games hasn’t changed, and it hasn’t even evolved. It’s just become more clear, what it is I enjoyed about certain things, and why my surroundings effected me to enjoy what I do the way I do.


Raphael wrote:

Like everyone that posted above i fall into that first category, I started gaming when i was around 6 or 7 and i wasn’t really particular with genres back then but if i remembered correctly there was an abundance of side-scrollers(shooters and platformers), I never really took gaming seriously well not since the PSX and its ensemble of epic RPGs.


But up until today im still an open book when it comes to genres with the exception of FPS’, Rhythm and Sports games, But of course RPGs does have a special place in me.


About todays gaming industry it bugs me to see clones upon clones of FPS’ receiving exponential numbers of sales.


So, how have your perceptions changed from your early gaming days? Are you more understanding of the industry now? More cynical? Finding your optimistic side as we head into a new realm of technology? How has your taste in genres changed? Fire away below!

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  • Zeik56

    When I was younger I pretty much refused to play anything but RPGs. Generally JRPGs. Occasionally I would dabble with something a little more action-oriented, like Zelda, but that was about as wide as my range went. I was also like one of the only teenagers who had absolutely no interest in M rated games with tons of blood and violence. I didn’t feel like there was anything M rated games could offer besides unnecessary blood and violence.

    My gaming repertoire has expanded quite a bit since then. RPGs are still my favorite genre by a noticeable margin, but now I like playing everything from action games to shooters (3rd person more than 1st though) to puzzle and strategy games. I’m also much more willing to play M rated games. While I’m not one of those people who refuse to play anything but M rated games, nor do I still much interest in games like GTA, I have come to see the benefit a higher rating can provide certain games.

  • MrRobbyM

    I’m pretty much the same as Zeik56. The genres I played when I was younger were limited to RPGs(mostly JRPGs) and adventure. Rarely would I ever play a shooter or any other kind of game really. Stayed away from lots of blood and violence but now I can tolerate it, as long as it’s not way overboard and tasteless.I’m still pretty much the same now but I’ve taken a liking to more WRPGs, TPS and some FPS games with good storylines(which is rare, but KZ series has a good backstory). Most importantly, I’m much more picky with games now. There has to be a good level of polish overall and charm to a game if I’m going to enjoy it. Overall, I’d say my tastes have been westernized a bit but my favorite genre are JRPGs.(Sadly, I agree with Frank. To me there are a LOT more than just 4 or 5 but games overall just aren’t as well rounded as they used to be.)

  • malek86

    My gaming taste changes continuously. While i like several genres, I usually tend to prefer different genres every few months (well, some of my staples are RPGs and FPS). And, as a general rule, I can’t stand any kind of management games.For example, two years ago I was in my FPS phase. Then, I got into the JRPG phase. After that one, I got into the shmups phase. Then, I got into a racing games phase, and right now, I’m back into the JRPG phase.Some years ago I would have never touched anything that had got lower than 80% on review sites, while now I only trust my instinct (and at times I’ll actively try out games which received poor scores, if they “inspire” me) – mind you, that doesn’t always work, so I got a couple stinkers, but also several hidden gems. Also, I feel that, recently, I have started to especially favor the niche games over the mainstream ones. And I’ve also started liking hard games better. And again as a general rule, I tend not to spend more than 30 euro on a single game anymore.As for my views of the industry… I don’t especially care. They can do whatever they want. I appreciate several genres overall, so I’ll always find at least a couple interesting games to play. So I’m not complaining either way.

  • I suppose as a younger person I played most of what my friends enjoyed. And game rentals every weekend so there’d always be something new.Recently I’ve become pretty bored with video games, both the typical eastern styles and western styles are going pretty stagnant, so now I’m more selective and usually spend my time with games that are offering something fairly new or unusual. That, and I’ve tried to appreciate older games from before I was into this.

  • This does not necessarily answer the question but I find myself unable to play sub-HD games anymore :(

    1080p has spoiled me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! PS2 games look like crap on my new TV.

    In terms of genres I still prefer RPGs and SHMUPs, but I’ve opened up to puzzle games such as Picross, Puzzle Quest, etc. Especially the ones I can play with my girlfriend like Dr. Mario Wiiware.

    • MrRobbyM

      I’m kind of the same way :/ Some Wii games look okay on my HDTV but I can’t play PS2 games on it. I wanted to play MGS3 again not long ago and I turned it off within 10 minutes because it looked like crap on my TV. Thankfully my aunt has a big SDTV and I can play there but a lot of last gen games are almost unplayable for me on any HDTV.

      • Aoshi00

        Actually I didn’t play MGS3 until I got my PS3, and I have to say it’s one of the better looking PS2 games on a HD TV, maybe the upscaling helps too (I went on a MGS1-3 binge just in time before MGS4 came out) . I’m playing P4 now on my 46″ HD it’s not half bad, I just have to decrease the sharpness. In general, I have also been spoiled by HD games (one reason I rarely turn on the Wiis, yea wht US and blk Jpn Wiis), but I also find myself playing lots of old and new games from XBLA.

    • Belenger

      You can always play older consoles with an upscaler, for 480i there are plenty of options that wont cost you an arm and a leg for 1080p, unlike older consoles that come with a hefty price to look decent on big ass screen, unless you are spoiled by pretty pixels :/.

  • sdragon21

    When I was younger, I was more into the pickup and play type of games for the SNES, I.E. Contra 3, Castlevania 4,etc, etc. But during my Freshmen year of High School back in 2003, one of my friends introduced me to Fire Emblem on the GBA, and I’ve never looked back since.

    Nowadays, I’m more into RPG’s, and am trying to collect PS1 RPG’s and SRPG’s I missed out on the first time around. I’m also acquired a taste for Fighters and Action games like Devil May Cry and Ninja Gaiden. I of course still love games like Mario, Zelda and Metroid, but I tend to spend more time on my 360 or PS2 as opposed to my Wii.

  • Hraesvelgr

    So Frank’s standards shot up since the 90s, then.

  • shion16

    I lwent from good looking games to good looking creative gamesFor example….I have a PSP since i was 15, and i began playing their RPGS and action games(monster hunter, Crisis Core,God of War etc)Now my favorite psp games are Patapon ,Spaces Invaders Extreme,Lumines , Loco roco and some Nippon Ichi games :P (and im gonna buy echoshift).Its just that the rpgs and action games doesnt show too many evolution , its the same thing once and again but with diferent designs or attacks, and i like to taste new experiences

  • FireCouch

    When I was young I played any game available to me, meaning most genres. Now that I’m older, I’ve stuck with RPGs, some action adventure, and Rhythm.

  • Valkyrie Profile 2: Silmeria is the picture used above. Do I get a cookie for knowing that?

    1. How has your taste in games changed over the years?

    I would say that it hasn’t so much, “changed” as it has, “matured”. When I was a kid growing up, back in the 80’s, I didn’t exactly have a set of standards I wanted met. I just took what I had since gaming was better than no gaming at all. Looking back on it, there are a couple of games I can think of that I KNOW I wouldn’t play today, even if it was the only thing I had to play, lol.

    Back then, it was basically, “Beggars can’t be choosers”. So, after the SNES came out and I saw there was such an improvement over it’s predecessor, I realized that I didn’t have to settle for some garbage anymore. There were plenty of great games on the SNES which helped pave the way for expectations of what kind of quality to expect in the future with our games.

    So, I guess I honestly became a little more close-minded as the years went on because I realized after playing more and more of them, I didn’t have to settle for bad games anymore. If I don’t HAVE to play games that are of bad quality, then why would I? Now, the only problem with that is..in our current generation, I feel as though we are straying away from that good quality again and there are only a handful of games I can actually call, “really good”.

    A lot of them I just feel like, “Meh. I could play it or not. I would be fine either way”. I’m sure a lot of people can relate. Well, I doubt many from the newer generation could because they haven’t seen the quality in the gaming industry evolve since the 80’s, so it’s kind of harder to understand the perspective we have since our history ranges from 87 or so to 2010, as opposed to the newer generation which started with FFVII or Halo.

    I don’t find myself buying as many games these days as I used to, I’m a little more hesitant towards purchases, my “sixth sense” is a mess these days, lol. I remember being able to just look at a game in the store, on the shelves, and thinking, “Now THAT looks like a good game”. Now it feels as though companies are making us misinterpret what the game is about by putting completely random crap on the cover or just making it completely overcrowded so it just looks tacky. I feel the same way about trailers now too.

    At some point, I just couldn’t really tell as well if X game was going to be good or not when I used to be able to do it like ALL the time. It’s just a sign of the times though, I suppose. Back in the day when you bought a game, you knew what you were buying right then and there. These days, it seems like some companies want to misrepresent their titles, promising certain elements in the game, and never delivering.

    Now it feels that companies are just wanting to make that extra buck instead of caring about the fanbase and/or consumers’ interests. That’s a whole different tirade though, lol.

    2. Have you become more open-minded or the opposite?

    Definitely the opposite. I have certain expectations which must be met these days in order to keep my interest and if a company thinks I’m going to buy their game simply because it’s shiny, think again. You better have some solid gameplay and at least a decent story.

    My tolerance for laziness has diminished over the years, so I’m definitely not as open-minded as I used to be. “Fool me once, shame on you” I say.

    3. Do you find yourself with a lower tolerance for quirks you might have let slide a few years ago or are you just as tolerant as you used to be?

    You’re talking to a guy who went through Myst and all sorts of crazy puzzle games as a teen. I hate them now, lol. If you want puzzles in your game, they better be as simplistic as the ones in Nier (the people who played it will know what I mean :P). I guess I burned myself out on them back then, so I don’t really care for them anymore.

    I’ve got Resident Evil to blame for that as well though, heh. So yeah, I have little tolerance for puzzles in my games these days.

    4. What genres have you picked up or dropped?

    Hmmm..it’s interesting really, lol. There was a time I was big into FPS titles, then one day, I just thought, “What am I doing? It’s just the same crap over and over again. Kill as many as you can without dying” and dropped them. I picked up the genre again when Killzone 2 came out, then I felt right at home, heh.

    I’ve also been sort of on and off with shmups as well (mainly because of them being ported to XBOX 360 mostly). I remember playing a Galaga arcade in a pizza parlor as a kid and loving it, then I moved onto Gradius later on, Radiant Silvergun, etc.

    Once the PS3 came out though, we were promised a Gradius VI and it never showed. After that, we just didn’t get any shmups. PERIOD. Well, that’s why I’m glad we finally got the Gundemonium ReCollection on PSN though :P

    Let’s see..I dropped puzzle games for the most part. I used to actually be big into sports games as well. Well, soccer anyway. I dropped that during my teenage years though.

    I’ve also been kind of on and off with action titles. Ya know..I guess the ONLY genre I’ve ever stuck with since day one has been RPGs, lol. Some things never change :P

    5. How has your perception of the industry changed?

    Well, I’ve already covered this a little bit, but I’ll fill in some of the blanks. As a kid growing up, I really felt like the companies behind the games showed more support towards its fans. I felt connected, ya know?

    These days, I feel like we’re total strangers and they don’t listen anymore. Now when we try to talk with them about something, the company doesn’t get involved. They just give you the typical “machine-generated” PR statement which basically amounts to, “I don’t know”.

    Plus, I feel like a lot of companies are just out to make a quick buck. Now, that’s not to say that some companies aren’t actually genuinely wanting to make games for the fans and care about them, but a LOT of them have changed their perspectives over the years. It seems some of them have connected the dots and realized, “better graphics always equals better sales”.

    So they slack on the gameplay mechanics or story because they know a lot of people will buy it anyway due to the graphics. I know far too many people that are like that, unfortunately. It looks nice, so they buy it.

    I guess from a business perspective, I can understand WHY they are doing it. It works. It gets them the money they want.

    I just wish more companies would look at the big picture though and realize that it’s not all about the money. Yes, that’s part of it, but in the beginning it wasn’t about the money. The gaming industry did NOT take off like a rocket, I can assure you that much, lol.

    This was not something they were making a lot of money from in the beginning and even before Square truly began to sprout its wings, they almost had to file bankruptcy. It was a hobby for a very niche crowd at the time, so the money wasn’t good at all. Yet, the companies stuck through it and made some really top quality games and happened to strike gold with titles such as Final Fantasy, Metal Gear, Mario Bros., and Zelda.

    So, I’ve lost some of the respect I used to have for these companies because sometimes it feels like they are milking the franchise and I just have to shake my head and wonder, “Did you guys really forget what it was all about?”. Yes, there are some good quality games out there today, but I’ll tell you this much. If I would have seen the glossy looking FFXIII released back when I was playing FFI, I would have been completely flabbergasted.

    Why? Because FFI had more free roaming in its game than FFXIII did. There was just no excuse for them to substitute graphics for gameplay in that title. It’s sad when an 8-bit RPG offers more exploration than a PS3/360 title.

    Well, in closing, I’ll just say this. I’m not entirely sure if I like the direction the industry is going in. It worries me at times and I feel as though we might have another crash at some point.

    I don’t know what is in store for us in the future, but I guess in a way, that’s kind of exciting. There could be great things in store for us or it could be the complete opposite. Nobody knows what will happen, but let’s just all take a seat and enjoy the show for now.

  • … I meant to say the Super Mario All-Stars that came with system. >=(

    Maybe I should use a Word program to write the long responses so I can spot my errors more easily with a bigger font then copy and paste them on to the discussion board.

  • When I started playing games at around age 5 or 6(roughly 1994) I really dabbled in all genres except RPGs. It wasn’t until like 1999 that I really started to dive into certain genres and decide which I liked and which I could do without. Legend of Legaia had just come and was my first entry into the world of RPGs. I’ve pretty much been playing RPGs ever since. I got the fighting game bug thanks to KoF2002 and loved horror games when I got Resident Evil Directors Cut(greatest hits by that time) for graduating elementary school.

    I guess my tastes have changed a little bit though, in the golden age of RPGs(PS1-PS2 imo) I went out of my way to get every RPG that came out. I guess now that less RPGs come out and the prices are usually so high(HD consoles of course), I’m much more selective. I think between the 360/PS3 I only own 4 RPGs. Hopefully this will change as prices drop and more interesting ones come out. Every game I own now is either a horror game or fighting game, the fighting game boom that’s been happening lately and online support have certainly attributed to this.

  • I’ve been gamin since I was in the womb I bet. My dad got me started n now, I’m unstoppable. My genre was side-scrolling wit my dad playin Contra, Super C, MEGAMAN 1-6, Tiny Toon Adventures, Yo-Yo Noid, etc. I have really embrassed most of the genres since then except for FPS n Sports. To me FPS is just frustrating was mad bullets n doods still alive n Sports it looks like the same mechs just different title. I LOVE the RPGs, Music, Rythm-Action(space channels 5), Side-scrollers, Hack N Slash etc.

    I think that since the 2nd gen. games were over, many people in the indusrty were focused on the high tech stuff instead of the gud ol’ fashion gameplay aspects. PSX n PS2 was full of fun n adventure but the ps3 games r mostly full of FPS games same crap just wit different names. I can’t take it. I just hope that the gaming indusrties don’t forget about those of us who want the QUALITY of games we fellin love wit. Yea, graphics r a plus n gaming changes n experiences cud b gud but where r those FF7,8,9, Chrono Cross, Legend of Dragoon, Xenogears, Crash Bandicoot, Fear effect, Vagrant story ect.(Ya’ll kno wut I’m talkin about) games at!

    There were alot of Greastest Hits for the PSX, n PS2 n I feel that its gone, granted there r sum that hit the Greatest hits or platinum list but I think that they’re few n far between.

    Final Statement: Bring back the old dog but wit new tricks!

    • RupanIII

      Tiny Toon Adventures!! Man kids shows used to be a whole lot better too

      • Oh yeah buddy, you know it!

        Batman The Animated series, is the only cartoon I ever got Tetris Effect for, because I watched 10 hours of it in one day.

        Damn, that’s a good show! And TTA is pretty amazing too!

        • RupanIII

          Yea, Batman TAS was great! I’m glad they’re releasing a lot of the classics on DVD finally (Animaniacs, Pinky and the Brain, Golden Age Looney Tunes, etc) there’s still more that need release tho, like Taz-Mania and Eek! the Cat

  • ThunderGod_Cid

    It has pretty much stayed the same since the late SNES era, it’s just that nowadays developers are taking less risks with new franchises.

    HD games are taking 10x longer & 30x more money to produce the same quality game as “back-in-the-day”. And because it takes longer to develop, I’ve been seeing games with shorter play-times, that use DLC or online multiplayer as as a means to inflate the playtime as a trade off.

    And Trophies/Achievements…..urgh…probably THE worst trend in gaming, next to Regenerating Health.

  • Aoshi00

    My very first game was probably SMB or Contra on the NES. I had a Famicom back then, so it was mostly sidescrollers and turn-based RPGs. Up until the PS2 days my fav. genre was mostly action games and JRPGs, but ever since I got my 360 (for Blue Dragon and Lost Odyssey), it has expanded my taste quite a bit, it has introduced me to shmups and now I play everything even FPS or TPS (though I suck and much appreciate auto aim, Vanquish demo was awesome), even sandbox games like GTA, RDR, or Prototype. What I can’t get into is sports and racing games. And in recent years, I pretty much lost interest in RPGs unless they have really good story, mostly because I don’t feel like spending dozens of hours on one game. But I love the Western RPGs this gen thanks to Bioshock or Mass Effect which I would never touch before.What hasn’t changed is I have never liked portable games even back in the gameboy days, and I still don’t play much portables, so more JRPGs on portables in not good for me. I have to say sidescrolling beat’em ups still have a special place in my heart, that’s why I’m loving Scott Pilgrim right now. I’ve just finished vol. 6 of the graphic novel last night before finishing the game and watching the movie today :)Another thing that has changed is I don’t care much for overly anime style in games anymore, like Trinity Universe or Agarest do nothing for me, guess you have moe to thank for that. P.S. I loved dating sims back in the Saturn days when I was a teenager, but I don’t really like visual novels nowadays.

  • Well, considering my gaming started when I was literally four, I started on the ‘glorious’ days when gaming was relatively simple. I’m not really sure if Missile Command and Donkey Kong was considered glorious, but it was entertaining, and it worked.

    The most amusing part is that my parents immediately banned gaming after they made the initial mistake of picking up an Atari 400 because it’d “Keep me busy.” I’m a bad (and an early) result of using video games to babysit people. I spent nearly two decades since playing cat and mouse getting the things myself.

    Since then I’ve grown up, worked, and found my way into the reporting side of the gaming industry (Which shut up all the people around me who disapproved of it, simply cause they’d be taking away what covers my bills now), but the years in between were interesting…

    I think it was that which gave me an attitude where you simply get what you can take, however you can take it. It makes for an interesting perspective and contrasts with a lot of opinion I’ve seen because I find the idea that people are somehow entitled to a game (or a localisation) positively absurd and silly.

    But that’s perspective for you. I’ll consider any game on its merits, regardless of what it is. As long as one can pick it up and be entertained by it in some manner, it works. I can’t think of any particular genre that I haven’t touched.

    I tend to have little tolerance for games that try to make you sick by shaking the camera in first person view to emulate fast movement though. This is strange because I remember cutting my teeth on every single early FPS, and being reasonably good at it.

    Apart from that – if a game strikes me as curious, try the game and if you don’t like it, move on after trying it, regardless of what the genre or the publisher is. I haven’t the time to complain about things that might happen or haven’t happened yet. It’s easier to meddle in the things that CAN be changed (which I sometimes can do.)

    • If you want to see the worst example of a camera like that, take a look at the demo for Kane & Lynch 2. It actually made me angry that they’d take the shakey cam to that level.

      • Well, the latest one I remember was actually Resident Evil: Darkside Chronicles.

        I like the game and all, but I generally draw the line of ‘This game makes me feel sick.’ unless of course, I’m not doing the game for fun.

  • DDanny

    If anything, my taste in RPGs, the genre I play the most, has changed. Before, I would play pretty much any kind of RPG, now I’m a lot more seletive.
    As the years went on I started growing tired of the ever so usual “let’s save the world from the lord of evil with the power of friendship/whatever” that seems to fill JRPGs to death. Part of that is probably due to playing(being spoiled by) WRPGs, where I didn’t have to be stuck as some dumb goody-two-shoes and could enjoy a non-linear plot.
    To sum it up I got a lot more seletive when it comes to characters/plot in RPGs.
    The rest of my tastes in gaming haven’t really changed. It’s not like I can be seletive about horror games when there’s like so few of them >.>

  • RupanIII

    I started out when my dad got me an NES, playing all sorts of games, except for RPGs, which I didn’t really get into until the PSX days. I think they just seemed so vast and expansive that it was overwhelming or something. But that FFVII demo disc that came with Tobal #1 changed all that, and I went on a JRPG binge haha One thing that’s changed since those days, I used to play lots of PC games. Nowadays I feel like the variety/creativity of PC games has gone downhill, so I don’t play them as much. Seemed like there was so much more than just WRPG/FPS back then (Whiplash, Bad Mojo, Gubble, Worms, 7th Guest, etcetc) I also used to take my GameBoy everywhere, but now I’m not as into portables anymore. Oh, and I’m more of a solitary gamer than I used to be (ironic in a way when you consider the proliferation of online play)- I always used to game with my folks, friends, family, etc from NES to PS2I think I used to always look ahead and be excited by new games back then, buying mags and reading previews for hours, but now I’m more backward-looking, trying to play what I missed during gaming’s heyday. I enjoy that stuff more and there’s plenty I missed. I still love to play the older stuff and support new niche titles and games that put gameplay first. Sure, there’s nostalgia involved, and I’m not against wrpg/fps even tho I don’t really play them, but overall imo gaming has narrowed in terms of gameplay/aesthetics, and evolved only superficially, and in a direction that I’m not as interested in. Gimmicks, games are just commodity, graphics>gameplay, real is brown , companies (western and eastern) seem less and less to care about fans vs. the bottom line, etc. Anyway, in short, this gen has made me more cynical about the industry & where it’s headed, and I think we’re in need of a revolution that goes back to the most important basics, like gameplay.

  • thaKingRocka

    I am more willing to play a game for a single aspect that interests me than I ever have been in the past. A proper income has allowed this luxury to some extent, but so has the internet. Demos are now the norm, so I explore so much more in gaming than I ever could back when I used to have to ask at the gaming stores if they had any demo discs I could have for free. I am more open to different ideas, different art styles, different play mechanics, etc…

    As open as I am, I remain a true blue arcade gamer at heart and find myself incredibly happy when modern games implement the arcade standbys from my most beloved bygone era.

    • Oh, demos are probably the greatest thing to become a regular part of this generation. They’ve both saved me from so many bad games and turned me on to other games I wouldn’t have played otherwise.

  • cmurph666

    There was when I used to like Square, Up to and including FFX. Then there was when I didn’t like Square, which was almost everything after FFX.

    • Aoshi00

      I agree w/ you 200%. FF6-10 were so great, FF 11-14 (13 x 3) not so much.. and you know the rest..

    • I think FFX is still my favorite of the series (of course, FFXIII is probably a very close second favorite). Still, I had no interest in FFXI and I absolutely hated FFXII.

      Also hated FFVIII, but that’s besides the point.

  • cjeromek

    I’ve been playing games for as long as I could remember. I can’t even remember the age I started. I was never really good at it. I was the proof that the right media could improve video game sales. I was infatuated with sonic the hedgehog because of his cartoons. I loved all the game franchises like Mario, megaman, and sonic but I never had any of the skills to beat them so I just like my brother beat them for me. All that changed when we played final fantasy iv (at the time know as ii). It changed everything for me. As I saw my brother play it, I realized quite a few things. One, the game had an actual plot unlike most games I was used to at the time. Two, the gameplay didn’t require any reflexes. And finally, it required me to think, to use my head. After final fantasy I discovered there was a genre out there made specifically for me. Unfortunately that genre has died down so I’ve had to move on. I’m much more open minded with games now as I’ve developed some skill but there are times where I can barely finish them now.

  • evospace

    I’ve been a gamer ever since my parents got me a nintendo. I played pretty much anything back then. Then more of JRPGs in my SNES and Playstation days. Recently I’ve been playing more of Visual Novels for story and 2D fighting games for action. I never got into FPS because I get dizzy playing them, however.

    My taste probably haven’t changed much, since whenever I play a classic or a port, I still enjoy it. Though I rarely touch console RPGs, strategy games, and MMORPGs today because they feel long and tedious. There are some exceptions like Star Craft II, however.

    Now a days, character art style matters a lot when picking up a game. Since the game is most likely going to be a clone of something, I would rather play it with a character I like looking at.

    A thing I noticed about today’s games is that everything became incredibly easy. Unlimited continues comes by default. I want something that requires a pencil and a paper to write out enemy patters or solve a riddle, from time to time.

    • Aoshi00

      Challenge is good and nothing beats the fun of figuring out how to tackle a boss, but I have to say at my age I appreciate easier difficulty, I think Platinum Games has it right, easy even babies can play and sadist for the hardcore, otherwise you’re just alienating players. Like I’m pretty put off by Peacewalker’s difficulty, not to mention my fun was hampered by the control, I can’t even make the game easier. All I wanted to do was just to see what happens to Big Boss after MGS3. I played thru MGS1-4 fine, but not PW, the small screen and one analog stick prove formidable to me.. Most of the times I just want to advance the story instead of being stuck (once you’re dead, you start all over again, wasting a lot of time). Like I need to depend on hints and guides online for a lot of Prof Layton puzzles, otherwise I would never see the ending. I’m playing Sonic 1-3 on XBLA right now and I barely managed to beat them (by cheating w/ saves), I can’t believe I beat those games 20yrs ago as a kid w/ no saves. Contra or original Castlevania hard were fine for me 20 yrs ago (actually Castlevania was frustrating even when I was a kid), not for me today as a working adult. I just want to play games as a relaxing passtime instead of pulling my hair out, not every game needs to be Megaman 9/10 hard (even 10 has a more forgiving easy mode).Long story short, I guess my gaming skills have changed to “casual” as I don’t have as much time to invest in gaming anymore.

      • One of my proudest achievements was when I finally beat Battletoads. I think from that point on, I’ve always loved a challenge from a game. I love hard games and I love when they don’t dumb things down for more casual players.

        That said, I think you are 100% right about Platinum games having the right idea. I’ve seen girls I’ve had over who don’t normally play videogames get all happy when they can do all these insane combos by button mashing in Bayonetta, totally unaware that I set it on Easy Automatic for them. Meanwhile, I’ll play it on the hardest difficulties and look forward to the challenge. I think more companies should learn from Platinum, just so both ends of the spectrum can have fun.

  • puchinri

    I think I’ve managed to expand my tastes a little, and I first realized it in regard to manga, but it breached games too.

    I think my problem is I used to be picky about graphics and just wanted games that would deliver over the top story and cool looking characters (FF7 and 8 for instance). But I think playing games like Thousand Arms and Rhapsody that were just qirky or simple in comparison to those and growing into other games brought me out of that.

    Now I kind of have to have niche or quirky games, but I do like almost anything, as long as it doesn’t try to be serious and fail. My tastes of what’s my favorite have changed a lot though. Games like Opoona, SMT and Grandia series stuff have become my favorite types (along with being a Nintendo and mild Sega fangirl, alongside some other companies).

  • puchinri

    Well… I think I deleted my comment, but I totally forgot about my perception of the industry.

    I think I used to be a bit disappointed in game (because I got greedy off of certain types of games), but now I am super disappoint.

    I think the industry is kind of polarized between quality innovation and passable mainstream. With an interesting middleground that’s really good quality, a middleground I think comes off as niche but always becomes kind of popular or mainstream.

    Since my taste in games have changed and I consider games like Opoona, SMG, Grandia and SMT to be my favorites, I think I can be pleased with where the industry is headed, because the companies I like tend to continue to make good to great titles (on average). But looking at the industry as a whole, it’s a mixed message, though mainly disappointing.

    I feel like there’s a lack of diversity in one thing or another. You may get a different type of story amongst this crowd of games, but at heart, it’s all about the same characters and same story. Sure, these JRPGs have great designs, but you’re still getting the same moe or FF-based package from half of them.

    I feel like as the industry takes two setps forward, it takes some scary amount of steps backwards. But it’s also nice that a lot of developers realize that. …But what they say about it can be worrisome (they’ll say the industry is messed up, but many don’t think they have any hand at all in that).

    I think the way fans are is kind of weird too though. I have a friend that hates the life out of Nintendo, which would be fine, except he hates it for reasons that just don’t make sense. When gamers speak out and are heard, but what they’re saying doesn’t make sense, that doesn’t help either. And then there’s the fact that some voices are heard over others, or some are ignored. (Sega is fortunately giving Sonic fans what they want, but Namdai/Bamco obviously doesn’t think it has a western audience.)

  • ShinNoKami

    Mmm… I remember way back when I was just tall enough to reach the arcade buttons, I used to play those beat em ups… Every time the family went to the mall, I’d toss a few tokens in to play the Simpsons, Golden Axe (At least I THINK it was Golden Axe), Metal Slug and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.
    I got older and I moved on to Tekken and Virtua Fighter… along with Samurai Showdown. Tried King of Fighters, didn’t like it.
    When I owned my first console (NES, the Japanese one called the Famicom), I was playing platformers and the usual fighting game.
    But when I got my PSX… hoboy.
    Apart from the usual platformers (Spyro is STILL a favourite), I developed a healthy appetite for what is now my standard gaming fare: JRPGs. :D

    As for my tolerance, I feel that I’ve become jaded and a little elitist with all the graphics whores popping up nowadays. XD;; I guess my head goes back to the day when games were cartoony-ish and there was little to no realistic-graphics-HOMG-SHINY so when someone complains, it just makes me think about how shallow newer gamers are getting.
    Hmm… Can’t say I really dropped genres. I just ended up liking one over the other. XD;; I still like rhythm games a lot as well as the usual platformer. I don’t enjoy racing games as much as I did then.

    About today’s industry, I gotta agree with Raphael. Won’t go into the details but yeah… it’s kinda sad seeing FPS clones getting crazy ass sales.

  • I used to be a jack of all trades and would play everything bar racing and sports games. As time has gone on I’ve become far more specialised in my tastes.
    I rarely play RPGs because I dont feel the time investment is worth the gain I get out of them.
    I find 3D platformers utterly uninteresting, though honestly I’ve never really enjoyed them.
    Even games I’ve found fun like Twilight Princess I end up abandonning after a few hours for whatever reason.
    At this stage all I really olay are the occasional first person shooter and any fighting game I can get my hands on. Once I started playing fighters competitively pretty much all other genres started losing their interest to me.

  • Back in the last Gen, and backwards i was satisfied with every game i owned, if it was a RPG, i would love the game! and i would even play a few action games (Devil May Cry). But Ever since this Gen started it seems to me like game production quality has become a mockery of the days of old. I used to have a Library of games from RPGs to actions games, and now i only own maybe two RPGs that i really enjoyed when i played them. Games in General have become too expensive to keep throwing $60 down for new releases, and plus it seems like the only games people prefer to make are shooters, which i dont mind a good shooter every once in a while, but not every month a new shoot needs to come out and try to out best previous shooters.

  • On a side note, the big thing I was actually talking to a friend of mine about is that when I go back and play a game without trophies (say, the older PS3 games or my old PS2 stuff), I no longer care AT ALL about collectibles or in-game rewards, as there’s no proof that I ever did it. I’ll now completely ignore sidequests in those games and never spend anytime collecting stuff unless it makes my character(s) stronger. In games with trophies, however, I’ll do stuff I completely hate just to get a trophy. I actually like the trophy system and I love comparing my trophies to my friends, but I think they’ve definitely changed how I have played.As far as how my taste has changed, I have been playing videogames since the days of Colecovision, and I remember a time when I would play EVERY game that came out. Didn’t matter what genre, didn’t matter what game. If it was out, I’d play it and enjoy it. When they used to have arcades by my house, as a kid, with the exception of Tempest, which I hated because you had to use that rotating controller thing, I would play whatever was in front of me and like it.When the NES came along, I discovered a genre I hated (namely RPG’s, as Final Fantasy and Dragon Warrior bored the crap out of me, at the time), but, overall, there were few games I didn’t like. When the Genesis came along, there were more genres I learned to hate (puzzle games, sports), and there was the occasional game I just couldn’t stand.When the Sega CD came out and Lunar finally won me over to RPG’s, they became my favorite genre, next to fighting games, and I imported many of both (especially fighting games) for my Saturn. When the PS1 came out (which I bought because neither the Lunar remake or Grandia were going to be localized for the NA Saturn, but were for the NA PS1), it became my favorite system.When Final Fantasy VII came out, I became a Square fan, and, with the exception of Parasite Eve 2 and Bushido Blade 2, when they had a game, I bought it. Period.Of course, once FFXII came out, Square had changed for the worse (as that game really is awful, I don’t care what anyone has to say), but for a while, they were my favorite company.On the Saturn, I also discovered FPS games, through Duke Nukem and Doom, both of which I spent many hours on, until I realized that they were giving me motion sickness. I didn’t play another one until Clive Barker’s Jericho on the PS3, which I actually liked, because it reminded me of Doom. No squad tactics, no big, complicated set pieces, just you versus a million things that charge at you, wanting to kill you.Now a days, I wish there were more console JRPG’s (the PS3 is pretty much the king of them this gen, as I thought it would be when I decided to get one, BUT compared to previous gen’s, the selection of JRPG’s available is paltry). With the exception of Fallout 3, I’m actually pretty bored by Western RPG’s and really dislike how they’ve overtaken Japanese RPG’s. I never liked the Gameboy, I never liked the Game Gear, and I don’t like the DS or PSP (although I may have to buy a portable system or two, if a tour I’m arranging next year happens. Hadn’t been aware of how much free time you have on the road until a bit ago).I don’t like FPS games for the most part, this gen. I loved the Orange Box, but I was underwhelmed by the Halo and Killzone series. Resistance, I only like 2 and that’s only for the 8 player co-op.I hate deathmatch for the most part and only really like competitive play in fighting games. I really wish more developers would stop thinking multiplayer is the answer to everything and focus on making strong single player stuff.I don’t care about the differences between system graphics that all the kids these days seem to care about. I loved the PS3 version of Bayonetta, for example, since I don’t have another tv running the game on the 360 at the same time while I play. Having worse graphics on a game didn’t ruin playing Street Fighter II Turbo on the Genesis for me and it wouldn’t change it now. Of course, I would obviously prefer my games to have the best graphics possible, but if I don’t give a crap about framerate and all that uselessness. A fun game is a fun game. Period.I also can honestly say that, for a while, I could definitely call myself a Sega fan boy. I looked down on the very idea of buying an SNES or a N64, once I drank the Genesis Kool Aid. When Bernie Stolar killed the Saturn, I lost faith in Sega up until the Dreamcast came out. When the Dreamcast was killed, I actually went so far as to boycott Sega for years. It wasn’t until I saw Valkyria Chronicles that I realized it was time to give them a chance again.I do prefer the PS3 out of all the current systems, because it has the most games that I want. I don’t like Microsoft’s business practices, but I would buy a 360 if it had, at least, 20 exclusive titles that I wanted. Same with a Wii. Neither do. I believe, strongly, in the power of exclusives. They’re what defines a videogame system (that and whether or not your online is free or not). I hate that everything has to be multiplatform these days. I would much rather each system have its own identity and then, if the games you want are on that system, you pick that one up.Anyway, this has turned a bit off topic, so I’m done for now.

    • I always decide consoles, like you say, with games that interest me (must be worth more than the console itself, so 300$ worth of games interest me for a 300$ console), and controllers.

      However, say I had all a 360 AND PS3 (I just have 360, but I’m not complaining too much), I would care about the graphics/sound/whatever thing, unless it was a fighter, in which case I’d get it on 360 because I have an arcade stick for that. But regardless, it’s basically like, yeah, given the choice, I’ll take the best version, but otherwise, it’s all the same.

      Framerate IS a big thing for me though, since it can totally effect a lot while playing.

      • Yeah, but these days $300 is only five games (sad, isn’t that?), so it’s not hard to find five games for a system to like. All three of the current consoles (and both of the portables) have five games I’d like to play. That’s why I upped my number to 20.

        • Holy smokes.

          I never really though of it that way! Since I generally don’t look into buying those new systems to begin with (since they’re way too expensive as is), I never really thought about that rule.

          And you’re right.

          Wow. Only 5 games is 300$…

          • malek86

            Not when you buy games at $30 each. One doesn’t always have to get everything at launch day…

          • Good point. Since I never do, that ALSO factors into the calculation!

          • I believe, very firmly, in supporting developers that I respect and like to the fullest. The only games I ever get at reduced prices are ones I don’t feel very strongly about. If it’s something that I play the demo and think, “Hmmm…well, that was fun, but I can live without it,” I’ll wait until it’s $20-30.

            If it’s someone like, say, NISA, who have been very good to PS3 JRPG fans, I will buy their stuff full price, first day.

  • If there’s one racing/driving game that will never change in my opinion of it, it is Outrun. Dang, I love the arcade classic, I love OR 2, I love Outrunners.

    So that’s actually a nice thing to have, a constant. If I haven’t played OR in a while, I can go back to it, and it’s like a wonderful warm blanket on a cold night, except it periodically electrocutes me so I don’t fall asleep! :D

  • Roses4Aria

    Hmmm. Back when I first started gaming as a kid, I was definitely much more into platformers than anything else. Probably because it was my younger brother who got me started and I played the sort of games that he liked along with him. I liked RPGs, but unless it had Final Fantasy-style graphics, I wasn’t interested. I can remember browsing my local Gamestops and shaking my head at all of the anime-ish JRPGs and wondering how anyone would want to play a game with such cartoony-looking characters.

    Fast foward several years and I play RPG’s almost exclusively, especially JRPG’s, and I haven’t touched a platformer in years. I probably have Kingdom Hearts to thank for that. As someone who got into things like anime and manga later in life, more towards my young adult years, it definitely affected my tastes in game-playing. Now I could kick myself for wrinkling my nose and passing up all of those used copies of Tales of the Abyss that I came across at Gamestop over the years. I’ll probably never stumble across that again! :(

  • Lol.. I agree with Raphael, so and very much. I do not understand why clones and clones of FPS, in fact, most of the shooting games are selling just so well. I think people dislike grinding and dungeon crawling that need allot of patience. I do not start games any earlier. The time when I really started gaming is during the Millennium era which is the 2000s. I do play the original Mario during the 90s but that is about it. I never really like it anyway. Tetris is alright, but, it bores me after a while. The only game that I played with Game boy colour is Harry Potter and the sorcerer’s stone and Harvest moon which was borrowed and Pokemon Silver.

    Well, I played just any games in those days from shooting to hack and slash to strategy to racing to platform adventure. Just any games I can get my hands on, because I just like the notion of me playing games. But, right after high school I start playing RPG on PC and that is when I got hooked with it until now. I did not change much since then, just that I come to dislike shooting games due to it being too generic. Now, gaming had somehow become another media in experiencing a new world for me, just like reading a fiction book. Also they act mostly as a reminder to the lessons I learned before. Besides, I do not play games just for the sake of pressing the gamepad frantically without much aims or depend it to kill my time as much as I did years back. So yea…

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