Nippon Ichi Hope To Sell 50,000 Copies Of Criminal Girls

By Ishaan . September 5, 2010 . 4:04pm


Developed by Imageepoch, Criminal Girls is Nippon Ichi’s first CERO-D game, due to its risqué spanking element. NIS are hoping for the game to sell 50,000 copies as an initial goal and their first shipment is likely planned as such.


Nippon Ichi’s best-selling game on the PSP to date is Disgaea 2, with over 100,000 units sold. Second in line at half that number is Absolute Hero Modding Project at over 50k. Will Criminal Girls pull it off as well?

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  • Knowing japan, yes, and maybe even more lol

  • Wow Disgaea 2 Dark Hero Days had that high sales, I wonder how it did international. Anyway, lol, since I love NIS, I would get this if it came out here.

    Hope it does super well

  • krokounleashed

    i will do justice on them.

  • i will help them make tht number by buyin lots of it ^^

  • CoolChibi

    I can see that if they market it correctly, I mean it does have moe/fanservice and you know how much the Otaku love it!

    • Neptune was marketed for all the fetishes it had to offer:
      Mahou shoujo

      And it still didn’t sell very well..

      I hope Imageepoch could make a great game without over relying on the moe/fanservice factor

      • I think it sold quite well for a Compile Heart game, though. Someone who knows more about their historical numbers should correct me if I’m wrong, but I’ve never seen one of their titles sell more than around 23k first week.

        • After checking the datas, yeah I guess you’re correct.. Neptune can be considered sold quite well for a Compile Heart game.. It’s got the same first week sales like Cross Edge.
          I need to correct my poor sales definition in my dictionary ^_^

  • doubleO7

    Aside from the whole “sexualized little girls” aspect of the game (which kinda creeps me out), this actually looks like a pretty interesting game. It might be too risky, but I wonder if NISA would take the chance and localize it? I’d buy it if it were available in English.

  • I’m willin to buy it. It peaked my intrest from day 1. Magic Rayearth mixed wit prison Sailor Moon n Sailor Scouts look, rpg gameplay, plus bonus SPANKING. lol I’m SOLD!

    Now all I need is to understand Japanese more. lol

  • leafpanda

    If only I had a PSP….

  • xavier axol

    I sure hope so! I want a u.s. version. It deserves a chances, a chance for me to spank some nutty girl ;-) but seriously it does seem to have a very fun play mechanics. This could be the next franchise ninpo ichi is looking for. But for me, I’m into phantasy star portable and nuttyness

  • I suppose the question I should be asking is…

    … Dare we?

    • I knew you would eventually ask.

      • It’s trainwreck good. Or bad. You know me by now. It’s… interesting, from a pragmatic point of view, and I like exploring the unknown boundaries.

        • Well, it IS sadistic… :P

          • Are you implying something, dare I ask?

            I’m very professional in all my dealings and I don’t derive sadistic fun out of any of my work – my playtests, my live playtest work, the reports I write, advice I dispense and of course the bea- Er, oops.

            Disclaimer: We’re just being silly. Although the serious question is if we should consider doing a playtest is a good one.

            I think we should talk more about it – It really comes down to demand, and how readers would actually consider such an undertaking. I’m happy to do the restrictions and treat it accordingly – but it’s about maturity, and how readers will accept (or not accept) a move.

            Maybe we should throw it out to the readers in a post for discussion? There’s only one way we’re going to find out…

          • Time for the usual heated e-mail discussion I guess. Send one out and let’s see how we all feel about it? On the reader side, we both already know there’s going to be a very vocal crowd that will want to see this thing. :)

            Quick note to everyone reading: Don’t get your hopes up just yet!

  • gatotsu911

    God, I hope not. If this game sells well in a market where games like No More Heroes struggle to recoup their production costs, there is no justice in the world.

  • Ok, I hate to say this buy why should I bother with a Dev that releases games and aspire to reach only 50k in sales. If 50k is a good number in Japan, i’d like to know where all those other sales came from inside Japan for stuff like Dragon Quest IX. NIS should be trying to aim higher. >.> I used to like their games but now it just feels like to much loli and to little effort. Give me something refreshing NIS and I’d buy it.

    • It’s a PSP game. There is so much pirating involved with PSP games that 50k is a good number to for aspiration. And I don’t think they want only 50k; they want at least 50k. More is definitely better, but they’d be satisfied with 50k

    • So, wait, if someone isn’t trying to appeal to the masses, then they’re releasing a poor product?

      • malek86

        Well, while I like niche products… you know there’s something to be said about the japanese niche market, if one has to put loli spanking to increase sales.

    • godmars

      I’ll take a title a dev puts their creative heart into over one they crap out for sales every time.

      That’s the difference between Shin Megami Nocturne and FF10-2.

  • Kibbitz

    Designs are cute, I guess. I’d really like to see more of the actual system overall, but it seems that there is nothing to see so far.

  • Code

    rar I’d buy it! If it weren’t for the fact I wouldn’t be able to read it, and I think 75% of the fun would be in NIS’s always amazing banter between characters.

  • cmurph666

    Bring this my way NIS and I’ll buy an UMD and a digital copy. That’s 2 down, 49,998 more to go~!

  • Ereek

    That’s a decently conservative estimate, I think they might be able to hit it. I’d bet more on 30,000 though. I’m not sure why, but this feels like a 30,000 title to me.

  • For NIS, 50,000 is good for a game, lol. I guess NIS never really expects TOO much out of their games in terms of sales, so 50,000 is a good number for them to try and reach. You know, as opposed to bigger named companies shooting for over 500,000 or 2,000,000+. This is what’s kind of sad:”Nippon Ichi’s best-selling game on the PSP to date is Disgaea 2, with over 100,000 units sold.”There are games which have broken 100,000 in the first week, easily. It’s a shame NIS won’t ever get as much respect as say, Square-Enix, for their games. It really feels like a lot of NIS titles cater to such a niche crowd, they can’t really generate as big of numbers as other games which have a big title slapped on the cover, such as, “Final Fantasy” or “Metal Gear Solid”.

    Oh well. Either way, I hope it does well.

    • Isnt bought NIS and Atlus in the same situation with needed or aspiring just 50K sales or even less to be a profitable game. I think both companies get respect in their own way, well probably NIS

  • JustaGenericUser

    Hopefully the Japanese get their butts off their computer chairs and buy Criminal Girls so NIS would bring it over here.

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