Tales Of Graces F Dated For December 2

By Spencer . September 7, 2010 . 12:37am

imageNamco Bandai set December 2 as the release date for Tales of Graces F, a PlayStation 3 port up of Tales of Graces. The Wii version arrived in stores on December 10, 2009. The HD version has new hi-ouigis, dungeons, and a playable epilogue which takes place six months after the events in Tales of Graces.


And, of course, costumes. You can’t have a Tales port without bonus costumes. Pre-order Tales of Graces F in Japan and you’ll get a code to download a set of Tales of Destiny inspired outfits for Asbel’s party.


From left to right: Sophie, Asbel, Richard



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  • Finalstar2007

    Its really truly sad that we may not get this game outside of Japan. why is it that Namco is this crappy about having more money? why dont they release the Tales outside of Japan? i would seriously buy 2 copies just like what i did with FFXIII on PS3. still waiting on Vesperia. why Namco? i just need an answer. i want to play these games.

    • Yep let me chalk this up on we aren’t getting this. :(

    • neogeno

      For people who dont know, the Tales Studio is in some serious debt and are facing some tough choices right now. Heres a post from Tales Union about it.


      • thebanditking

        I’m seeing a trend though when it comes to the posted losses:Tempest (NDS): 200,000Innocence (NDS): 230,000Symphonia: DotNW (Wii): 220,000Vesperia (360): 200,000Hearts (DS): 250,000Graces (Wii): 190,000All on systems that are not typical platforms for Tales of games (in Japan). Ignore Symphonia for a moment and look at past gens releases/sales:Phantasia (SNES): 550,000Destiny (PSX): 900,000Eternia (PSX): 660,000Destiny 2 (PS2): 760,000Symphonia (GC): 320,000Symphonia (PS2): 400,000Rebirth (PS2): 600,000Legendia (PS2): 400,000Abyss (PS2): 600,000Outside of some great performances on Nintendo platforms, the series still sells best on the PlayStation platforms. With even Legendia outselling fan favorite Symphonia. Console wars aside there is no denying that Namco’s biggest misstep this gen was not supporting PlayStation 3. Looks like with the recent announcements they have realized this already.

        • neogeno

          My thoughts exactly. It just seems so odd that they would choose not to develop their games on PS3 when that was where the bulk of their fanbase seemed to be mainly settled.

          • thebanditking

            Low initial sales of PS3, plus high development costs likely helped them make these decisions. Though I would bet that they too were duped by the Wii’s high installed base hoping that like Symphonia, they could tap into Nintendo’s market. Though like most 3rd parties they failed to understand, that the Wii is not a more successful Gamecube, but a completely different market/demographic. As for Vesperia well, my initial comment still applies but also Microsoft throwing around money to Japanese publishers helped that deal go through. Though as was the case with Xbox 1, MS’s gamble that big name PlayStation franchises would put the 360 on top (in Japan) proved wrong, and Namco’s willingness to take the money left them with a big debt. Though I would say that by now with the PS3 release they have broke even on Vesperia, and will likely do the same with Graces after the PS3 port.

            The problem here is not that Japan is losing interest in RPG’s or the series (FFXIII and Vesperia PS3 prove this), rather Namco’s lack of understanding that putting Tales on everything under the sun, is not the way to build a franchise. In my opinion (and as sales would dictate) Tales fans are also PlayStation fans/owners. I think most of Japans game publisher/developer woes this gen stem from this as well. They got too caught up in the larger western markets without really understanding them. MS was eager to get JP support and most JP devs saw the 360 as their “window to the west”, so they took the timed exclusive deals MS offered and them and expected the money flow in. While this proved beneficial for Capcom, it left others swimming in debt. They thought that the market had shifted from PS2 to 360 and that the demographics were the same, though in my opinion they were wrong. What happened was the market changed with the 360 (and Wii) expanding it to new users rather then taking the old ones ( I actually feel the game market is larger then most believe). Thus when JRPG developers went looking for their former customers they failed to realize most were still playing PS2. That’s why I feel most JRPG’s would do better on PS3, because its where that fan base still is.

        • You’ve made some pretty well-reasoned comments on this article.

          Hearts sold the best among the “loss list”, which is interesting to me because of its dual-version release. I wonder how much that affected the profitability of the game? It seems pretty obvious that the “CG version” was a gambit for overseas localization, ala SO4—but by the time it came out Tales Studio was already in deep trouble, and somewhere along the line Namco Bandai USA nixed any “risky” localization prospects…

          No wonder they’ve been whoring out the PSP with so many ports. Even if the sales aren’t colossal, the cost/income ratio is pretty low and they need whatever profits they can get. NIS was doing the same thing for a while.

        • malek86

          Namco made a tonload of money on the PSX and PS2 because they were the market leaders.That wouldn’t be all that easy on the PS3, which is definitely not the market leader – although it’s getting better this last year. Not only that, but HD development costs are making things even worse. In the end, Vesperia PS3 didn’t sell up to PS2 levels, and I doubt it would have, even if it was on PS3 from the start. Only the Wii could reach those level of sales, but unfortunately, Wii owners apparently aren’t interested in RPGs. So there goes this generation’s market leader. And they’re left with one console which is only successful outside of Japan, and one console which is not nearly as widespread as the PS2.This is a relatively bad situation not just for Namco, but for pretty much all japanese developers (aside from the big ones who are trying to expand to the west – some succeeding, some not).The only saving grace is in portable consoles… and in fact, we are seeing a whole lot of RPGs for those.

          • While I’d normally agree with you on portables, Tales games have sold about the same there as on consoles this gen. Even their big PSP games (Eternia, RM 2 I think?) sold about the same as Vesperia PS3. Sure, 300k on a handheld probably makes more money than 300k on one of the HD twins, but still—sales are trending down.Though it does seem weird to me that in all the flailing around on different platforms for Tales games recently, they never put a mothership title on PSP….I think a lot of Namco Bandai’s problem is their refusal to admit that Tales games just aren’t selling as well as they used to and start lowering their expectations (or their rate of production) accordingly.After the Tempest trainwreck, sales expectations for Innocence dropped to 150k. When it managed slightly over 200k, their expectations for Hearts jumped to 400k. That estimate just isn’t justifiable—only about three Tales titles have even come CLOSE to that this gen. And now we know they still lost money on Innocence even after sales expectations got a reality check.Seems like all kinds of poor management going on.

          • malek86

            Perhaps it would have helped if they didn’t release a title every three months. Quality control can only go so far. Fans too.

            But it’s easy to see the PS2 was a far better console for RPG makers. This gen, it seems the market is too fragmented.

          • thebanditking

            True but Final Fantasy 13 did extremely well on PS3 and most of the platforms RPGs manage to outsell their 360 counter parts or outperform the 360(JRPG to JRPG of course). This is all without the PS3 being the market leader,and the same goes for the Wii. So it truly just believe it to be the case that most PS3 owners like JRPG’s more then the other platforms demographics.

          • malek86

            If by “extremely well” you mean selling less than any other mainline FF in the last 16 years (basically from FF5 upwards), then fine, but I hope you understand what a difference it makes not having your game on a super popular console. For comparison, look at what DQ9 did.

            That’s the effect of not being the market leader. Sure you can put your RPGs on the PS3, but you can’t expect PS2 numbers. This, plus increased development costs, means that probably RPGs just ain’t worth it anymore for the bigger companies. But we’ll see.

            If only Wii owners bought RPGs… things might be different.

  • zhemos

    Please stop torturing us, Siliconera.

    • thebanditking


    • Agreed. Why torture us like this?

      We know it´s coming out in Japan, but we outside of Japan will probably never see it.

      • We’re not trying to torture anyone, we’re trying to inform our readers about what’s going on in Japan and other parts of the world.

        Some people may want to import it…

        • If I could read Japanese I would probably import it without a second thought.

          And yes, you are indeed informing us about that is happening around the world. That is the sole purpose with this site, along with giving us reviews and playtests.

          Which I think we can all agree on that we are very happy for.

          But with such an anticipated title and how much everyone wants it, getting to know more information like a releasedate is like torture when you want the game but know that there is likely never going to appear translated.

          So it isn´t really your fault. It´s namco bandai´s fault for being such idiots and never releasing these titles that everyone wants.

          • I’m looking forward to the fan translation in progress of the Wii version.

        • zhemos

          My post was meant as a joke, please continue posting stuff about the Tales series. ^^

          • Will do! I think some people, like me, took your comment seriously and you know we pay attention to those kinds of things here.

  • i hear not alot of ppl buying here state wise and it cost more then they make to bring it over

    • Guest

      lol thats a load of BS. You know how seemingly difficult it was for Tatsunoko vs Capcom to make it here? Yeah Tales is nothing compared to that…

      • malek86

        Can you think of a different reason?

        • Vanilla

          Honestly, I’m willing to believe they’re just downright stupid. They don’t even want to let other companies publish the missing titles in the series for them. Even if RPG’s are niche, there’s enough of a vocal demand for Tales (a well-known series basically passed around by word of mouth) to merit some kind of receptiveness but I’m not seeing that at all.

          • thebanditking

            Namco won’t do it because of brand confusion, simple as that. If NIS, Atlus or XSEED brought the titles over and made them successful, not only would Namco look like fools (pride is still a large part of Japanese business) but then Namco would also run the risk that when they begin to publish the titles under their own name again that consumers would become confused as to whose brand Tales of actually is. Now seeing how well versed we all are in the game industry its not likely this would matter as Tales fans just want the games, but Japanese businesses are very protective over their brands (more then any others, outside of Coke or Disney) and big companies like Namco/Bandai are hard to get through to, and usually have little understanding of their series fans outside of Japan. So unless someone ( XSEED would be my pick for localization) can convince them, that bringing these out under another company name, would not potentially harm Namco’s perceived ownership over the series; we are once again back to begging Namco USA.

        • they didnt had teams left for naruto and dragonball localizations

        • thebanditking

          Too much outstanding debt, is likely the cause of this dilemma. looking at the sales data for the series this gen (not including Vesperia PS3) its not hard to see how this situation got out of hand. I would bet that most of the DS releases covered their costs but the two games on Wii and Vesperia on 360 most certainly did not. I will also bet that Namco puts any localization done on to the Tales Studio debt tab as well, thus making it easier (if necessary) to close the studio and have all incurred costs under one umbrella (also makes it easier for bankruptcy filing). This matter is made worse when you consider how low Vesperia and Dawn of the new World sold in the States and EU. The more information we get the more I understand why we don’t get these games. All of the PS2 titles likely broke even or made profit before localization, thus bringing them over here only meant covering costs of localization (at least). Which is a much easier decision then choosing to localize a game that has not covered costs in Japan, and then adding the localization costs, hoping that the other regions will eventually cover the debt.

  • Kamion

    Yay. I stopped playing the Wii version once this was announced. Was two thirds done with the game, too. The story isn’t the best but the battle system is awesome. Can’t wait to preorder this. Too bad we’ll only be able to play it in Japanese… Forever (Probably).

  • malek86

    Same week as MHF3?

  • *double sigh*

  • I wish they would just release this as a niche game and stop having delusions of grandeur. Sure, the series has had some success in the past, but I’d much rather them release the games in limited quantities than not at all.

  • MrRobbyM

    Richard looks like a really bad cosplayer.

  • Nice! This was the news I was REALLY holding out for, heh. Seems like I can get it just in time for my birthday then (12/11). I shall treat myself to something excellent this year :3

    Great post, as usual Spencer.

  • goronyan

    thank you for the info Siliconera!

  • I hate Namco-Bandai ;_; Not even the Wii version came to America…

  • BWAHAHAHA. I’m sorry, but they just look so WRONG in the Tales of Destiny 2 outfits. Especially since adult Asbel’s personality is nowhere near Kyle’s personality; that pose is so OOC it cracks me up.

    Actually, neither does Sophie’s (I can just imagine her going, “Asbel, what is ‘sexy’?” XD), but for Richard, considering how, uh, flowery some of his victory poses are, I think the Judas pose fits him perfectly. :p)

    This is why I love the Tales series. XD

  • mikedo2007

    Now hold on, please recall Troy Baker said he recorded additional dialogue for the PS3 version of Vesperia. So it looks like Vesperia may come out in US probably soon.

    Also for the Tale of Grace, please recall the Wii version had a bug and probably delay plans for US localization.

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