Konami Holding LovePlus Stage Event At TGS

By Ishaan . September 11, 2010 . 12:02pm


On September 18th, Konami are going to hold a special LovePlus stage event at the Tokyo Game Show, during which they’ll be running a contest where LovePlus fans can show off their love in public for all to see.


So, how exactly would one go about doing this, considering some of these people are likely already married to the game? Konami suggest cosplay photos, videos, singing a song about your love or virtually anything else you can think of.


For all those that dare to enter, signed posters are at stake. This isn’t a contest. This is war.


We wonder if there’ll be any mention of the future of the series at the event. Somewhere out there are people hoping for stereoscopic 3D dates with Rinko. Until we find out, though, I’m sure there’s a jolly old time to be had discussing how one would display their love (Plus) for Nene to the world.


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  • Aoshi00

    I prefer the part before you become steady lol.. Nene’s my fav because of Minaguchi Yuuko, such a dreamy voice.. the drama CDs are pretty fun to listen to as well, I liked the personal messages from the seiyuu (I’m guessing they’d be at the event?). We need Love Plus Kinect :)

    I’m too lazy to devote too much to the game, but the 3 girls are definitely cute (especially Nene) and I got their artbooks :)

    • Kibbitz

      The thrill of the hunt, before boring relationship maintenance stuff? =P Couldn’t be bothered with the game, but I did find the artbooks appealing. Sadly, money needs to go elsewhere.

      • Aoshi00

        yep, you summed it up pretty well, getting them to fall for you is great, once they’re smitten they’re a little clingy lol (in real life I’m kind of like that too, it’s like after you’re married you kind of lose the spark and take your wife for granted since the mundane stuffs kick in lol, men are such jerks..). The artbooks are awesome, I managed to get all three of them pretty cheap, tons and tons of illustration and interviews and such, they’re pretty hard to get ahold of too. I’ve only gotten Nene as my steady though. Maybe I’ll use the other two saves to get the other 2 girls later, making the tomboy-ish Rinko open up to you is great :) I’m not going to get Love Plus + though since I don’t want to play the game in “real time” schedule for the summer trip events.. I’m looking forward to Dream Club Zero, I think they’re 3 new girls.

  • goronyan

    expect to see a lot of unexpected things this day

    • RAVENKam

      More like a load of rather sticky DSs.

  • So an event full of thousands of Japanese males, all holding their DS’s while giving goo goo eyes to the Love+ video game girls? Wonder whats gonna happen when they realize that 60$ probably are going steady with the same fake girl.

    I hope they put the fight up on PPV.

    • Aoshi00

      Maybe non-gamers kind of see us like that in TGS or E3 w/ our fake video games.. and people back then thought TokiMemo was the end of the word too.. I would like Nene’s VA to sign my DSi or something though..

      • gatotsu911

        Not so much. Playing video games makes you a nerd (though increasingly less so as they become more and more accepted in mainstream society); having an imaginary anime girlfriend makes you a loser, and that is unlikely to change any time soon.

        • Aoshi00

          As mainstream as it is, to people who don’t play video games, they still think you’re playing kids’ stuffs and should grow up and use your time to better contribute to society, it’s a waste of money and time, hence “loser”. Just like comic books have been turned into movies, but if you tell regular people you read comics, they still think of you as a geek/loser. It’s like some anime people think of gamers as losers (spending over 100hours on an RPG, that’s pretty loser-ish and a waste of time), and to gamers watching moe 2D japanimation is loser too. So it depends on what you define as loser. And dating sim isn’t any more imaginary than controlling an imaginary hero to save the world in a video game (hunting monsters and doing quests for 200 hours, or for years in an MMO, that’s loser), all the stuffs are make pretend.

          Other than my close friends, I don’t tell people I watch anime or play video games (though I’m very light on anime and manga these days). As for mainstream, nobody can call you a loser for going to the theater to watch Hollywood movies, but they could call you loser for playing “video games”.

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