Peripheral Manufacturer Think They Know Nintendo 3DS Release Date

By Ishaan . September 12, 2010 . 4:37pm

Keys Factory are a peripheral development company that provide third-party accessories and peripherals ranging across different DS hardware platforms. They’ve developed screen guards for the Nintendo DS, customized stylii, and even provide outsourcing for graphics production.


Now, they’re the company that just might have let slip the release date of the Nintendo 3DS, but not really. In a post on Twitter, someone associated with Keys Factory, going by the moniker, “nocchisan,” posted the following:


The message basically reads: “The accessories we designed for the 3ds that will be released on 11/20 will be sold simultaneously along with 11 different products. Those getting the 3DS, get this at the same time! In time, the homepage will be posting this information too. Ah, but it doesn’t matter anymore to me, does it? w Best regards”


Here’s the fun bit though. Shortly after the post was made, it, along with nocchisan’s entire Twitter feed, was taken down.


So is the 3DS really dated for two months from now in Japan? It’s quite likely, considering Nintendo have a conference planned for September 29th, where they’re scheduled to reveal further details on the device. Expect to learn a lot more then.


Alas, I doubt we’ll ever learn what happened to poor nocchisan. Or perhaps he did it on purpose? He does say, “Ah, but it doesn’t matter anymore to me, does it?” One could interpret that in any number of ways.

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  • JustAnotherOtaku

    “So is the 3DS really dated for a week from now in Japan? It’s highly unlikely, considering Nintendo have a conference planned for September 29th, where they’re scheduled to reveal further details on the device. Expect to learn a lot more then.”

    The date that was mentioned was the 20th November, not 20th September ;)

    • Yea, I’m an idiot. Fixed!

  • joesz

    I think it was rude to take down nocchinoossa’s entire feed.I bet he’s being interrogated in the company or something.So if you are still alive nocchinoossa! and what you wrote was true,then I could proudly say you didn’t sacrifice your live for nothing.

  • Oh man, Nintendo is becoming the next Yakuza. >.> Someone watch out when talking about Nintendo products.

    • Nintendo is nowhere near as bad as Apple. Obtained a product before release and blogged about it? Have the police break into your home!

    • Any company would do the same thing if someone leaked highly confidential information about their plans.

    • gatotsu911

      Also, Nintendo has ALWAYS been exceptionally clandestine in their business practices, on subjects ranging from development to hardware specs to factory emission levels. That they would take swift and ninja-like action against anyone who might leak potentially sensitive information should come as no surprise. Hell, the release date this guy mentioned may not even be accurate; I would be genuinely surprised if the system came out that soon, especially seeing as many of the third-party devs present at E3 (such as Kojima) said they were not even anywhere near completing their own games for the system. If it really does come out this year, I imagine it will have a somewhat slimmer launch library than most of us were expecting.

  • Woot for the 3DS making it out somewhere in the world in 2010, lets hope we get a simultaneous US release date (which would be on a Sunday, like always and Nov 20/21 Japan/US) is a fitting date. It will be one crazy Thanksgiving here! Though even if it comes I doubt I will even get it this year. The games are probably going to be not really good quality, and Sonic/Kid Icarus wont be out on it. And this fall is already super expensive just with the titles already coming out…I imagine that the person who wrote it just changed names, or if the company truly knew his identity and he was going to be laid off anyway since the production phase is over, then maybe he wasnt gonna be there anymore…

  • Yeah, I was figuring it’d be out before the end of the year. The press conference at the end of the month was one hint, the DSi-series price drops were the other.

  • ThunderGod_Cid

    It would more believable if was 11/20/2011.
    Whatever…….we’ll see in 2 weeks.

  • nocchisan has been eliminated

  • puchinri

    Some people on GoNintendo were speculating this was a prank by someone, and I guess that’s possible, but I was hoping it wasn’t.

    That date would be nice, but like someone already mentioned, that’d make for an expensive fall (and I still don’t have a job). I think a release in December makes a little more sense, but I suppose any time until the end of this year would make me excited. (Do we know how completed games like Star Fox, OoT and Animal Crossing are?)

  • Nintendo had nocchisan murdered just like they ordered the hit on Gunpei Yakoi

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