The 3DS’s Graphical Fidelity Detailed By Capcom

By Ishaan . September 12, 2010 . 1:25pm


In August, we learnt through an investor Q&A that Capcom’s Nintendo 3DS games will run on the same MT Framework technology used to develop the company’s major high-definition games.


MT, in this case, stands for “multi-thread,” “multi-target” and “meta-tools.” The Framework was originally developed to facilitate production of Dead Rising and Lost Planet after Capcom decided existing middleware wouldn’t be able to achieve the level of performance they required. Through continued iteration and customization for each game, the engine eventually reached the stage it has today, where it is being used across the majority of Capcom’s console games.


A tech report on Impress Watch details that Marvel vs. Capcom 3 runs on the latest build of the engine, MT Framework 2.1, and that the PC version of Lost Planet 2, which runs on MT Framework 2.0, will include support for DirectX 11 when it releases in October. Additionally, it reveals that Sengoku Basara 3 on the Wii runs on an “MT Framework Lite.”


The report then goes on to detail the MT Framework build running on 3DS, ironically not “Lite,” pointing out features such as HDR lighting, realtime colour correction, self-shadowing, normal mapping, depth of field and motion blur.


To highlight graphical differences in 3DS games with and without these features, the following screenshot comparisons of Resident Evil: Revelations (click to view full-sized) were provided:














Impressive, isn’t it? Capcom hope to come close to matching the graphical fidelity of Resident Evil 5 on the Xbox 360 with Revelations. Interestingly, the 3DS port of Super Street Fighter IV uses the MT Framework as well, unlike the console versions, which run on a different engine.

  • Kris

    It’s ludicrous how impressive the 3DS is… but it kind of makes me dread the price tag.

    • andref

      Same here, but the direction the 3DS is heading after seeing the list of games coming out for, I think as long as the price doesn’t go higher than maybe 250 US dollars, the price could be considered justified.

      • malek86

        Even then, I wouldn’t spend $250 on a portable console.If that were the price, I’d wait until it goes down to $200 max (which I’m sure will eventually happen, especially with the inevitable redesign).

        • RupanIII

          Same here, I just don’t play my portables enough for that price tag, impressive as the 3DS looks. I’ll most likely be waiting for the price drop too

        • andref

          Sure I may think it justifies itself but doesn’t mean I would buy it at that price. It is already projected to come out during the spring of next year and around that time is way too many games i could spend that kind of money even $200 on. I need to buy MK, Brink, bullestorm, maybe rage (forgot the release date) and true crime

        • Many of us spent $250 for the PSP when it came out. $250 with no internal storage is gonna be a tough sell in an iOS device world…

          I may just buy a 3DS, but will prob wait for a 3DSlite.

          • malek86

            In fact, I didn’t buy a PSP until it reached $150 or so.

    • That’s the price of graphics whoring, no?

    • I think I heard that Nintendo was lowering the prices of the DSi and DSi XL… so $199 might be the price point of the 3DS.

  • Wow!!!!

  • shion16

    i can imagine the first year of this console
    ports, ports and more ports
    psp games, n64 games, gc games, ps2 games
    not really exciting

    • Jaxx-Leviathan

      I do not agree. I would love ports of games I haven’t had the chance to play yet, even if they already exist on other and older platforms. I’m looking forward to Zelda:OoT on 3DS.

      • shion16

        theres the gamecube version, the virtual console version……

        • ThunderGod_Cid

          Yeah….But have you actually SEEN Zelda:Oot played on a 42″ LCD….*cringe* Old polygons don’t age well.

          The updated graphics look 100x better than the original version.

        • Jaxx-Leviathan

          Like ThunderGod said, the 3DS can do things for the game which the other iterations couldn’t. The gamecube-version was fine but it was just the same old game, except with cowheads sticking out of fishbellys in Master Quest of course. 3DS brings… well, 3D. And I imagine they’ll tweak other things as well, although I’d be happy with a portable, original OoT just as well. And oh no, the virtual console-version… I can just barely play Wave Race because I love that game so much, but all the N64 games on VC’s graphics look jacked up and that does take some of the nostalgia out of the games.

  • This is good and all but they need to devote more of their attention to those Blocky Fingers!!!!!!!! I hate playing modern games where they cant devote more polygons to the fingers, it always takes me out of the game!

    • The term you’re looking for is antialiasing.

      • No, I think he’s looking for higher-poly fingers, not antialiasing. Antialiasing helps with the stairsteps on the sides of polygons and certain textures with special antialiasing, not square low-polygon fingers.

  • cmurph666

    Day 1.

  • xavier axol

    I still have my doubts, but even if it doesn’t reach the xbox 360 or ps3 level ( I’m very impress and I can guess every is as well ). I just wonder the battery life for this little sucker, and why the need of a touch screen when it has a joystick now? How would they implement all those functions without making awkward and too complicated while playing a game?

    • Jellybit

      Nintendo stated they’re going for battery life similar to DSi. Not as high as DS Lite, but not as low as DS Fat (which was still better than PSP, and way way better than iPhone gaming).

  • ForeverFidelis

    Gonna get it. Guaranteed my money, Nintendo.

  • FireCouch

    Imagine what the PSP 2 will look like…

    • Hopefully games will be near PS3 quality

      • If having superior graphics was a key selling point then the PS3 and PSP wouldn’t have been beaten by Nintendo’s inferior consoles.

        • Utilizing and selling a system based on superior graphics has been a profitable endeavour, though.

          • Bruce

            no he’s perfectly right , people want fun games and cheap consoles , that’s why the wii has the most sales

        • screwyouimnotgivingyoumyname

          …by “inferior”, do you mean “consoles that Sony is now actively trying to copy to make a quick buck”*?

          *exhibit A: SonyMote
          Exhibit B: rumor is PSP2 has a touch screen. On the back of the device (LAME), but still a touch screen.

          Nintendo is doing new things, instead of “improving” on the same old boring things everyone’s been doing for 10 years.

          I would like to see a new Ninty home console, but it better be more than just “PS360 level graphics” for a selling point. Cuz that would be nintendo Sony-ing it up, ripping off other products without anything new to add.

    • Shadow_Raskolnik

      Eh, I’ll start wondering about a PSP2 once Sony gets around to announcing it. For now though I’m all for the current handhelds and looking forward to the 3DS.

  • im just worried about the quantity of zombies per time, maybe just one or two max. zombies per room. :/

  • AdventureTimeFinn

    The one without the HDR looks so math.

  • All this makes me feel $250 will be the price of the 3DS, which is funny, because then you’re paying the same for a portable device as you did the Wii

    • screwyouimnotgivingyoumyname

      …but 3DS is at least twice as powerful as wii. It can do graphics that look better than the best looking Wii game (though that might just be because of lazy developers), and it renders them twice for the 3D effect, still at 60fps.
      And it’s a handheld to boot.
      That thing is f%#king powerful, easily worth $250+ (though I would hope it’s in the $200-225 range).

  • It’s pretty funny how I prefer many of the “without” screenshots…

    • puchinri

      I actually do too. It seems like things are clearer in the without screens, and the with just throws on a lot of extra brightness on the color one.
      But both look nice. I suppose it’d be better to see the comparison with a brighter game.

  • MrRobbyM

    impressive. With the 3DS games looking so good, makes me wonder how good Nintendo’s next home console will be.

    • screwyouimnotgivingyoumyname

      If the power can be compared like this
      Then the new Ninty home console will be comparable to a gaming PC that can play Crysis full settings and max resolution at 120 frames per second. In other words, f#%king mind-blowing.

  • EvilAkito

    I’m enough of a whore that I’d willingly pay $300 for the system. This wouldn’t normally be the case, but there are already enough interesting games in the works to justify it. It’s actually a nice change of pace from the usual drought that you see when a new game system is released.

    Battery life is actually my primary concern. I consider PSP to be less of a portable console and more of a home console that doesn’t require a TV. If there isn’t an electrical outlet nearby, you can’t expect to make a lot of progress in your game. I sort of have a feeling that the same will be true of the 3DS.

    • Shadow_Raskolnik

      I don’t know, Nintendo has always been about giving gamers the most playtime they could get out of batteries in their handhelds. Hopefully it will be the same here, I am at least hoping for the battery to hold a 10-hour charge.

  • Sure thing that it will look better than Resident Evil 4 on PC :DROFL

  • Anyone else think the HDR and Normal maps one looks better without the effect? Plastic-looking skin ftl

  • TareG

    I’m so disappointed the PSP2 won’t be in 3D. They missed out on a real opportunity here. 3D works -and its affordable- better on handhelds than it is on the big screen.

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