This Is What Accelerate Mode Does In Tales Of Graces F

By Spencer . September 15, 2010 . 2:41pm

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Tales of Graces F has a new combat mechanic, accelerate mode, that gives each character unique buffs for a set period of time. Here’s what accelerate mode does for each character.


Asbel – He gets surrounded by flames, an attack boost, and can hit knocked down enemies.

Sophie – CC recovery rate is doubled, instantly moves when doing a front step, attack power up.

Richard – the time to cast spells is cut in half.

Hubert – his weapon transforms into a bow and arrow.

Cheria – freezes time.

Malik – nearby attacks get a boost.

Pascal – gets a “steel body” and nearby allies take half damage.


The Tales of Graces F demo, which has been delayed from this month to early October, will let fans sample this system. Another battle tweak lets players assign artes to the right analog stick.




Tales of Graces F also has new dungeons, like Paradise of the Underworld (top) and the Chemical Lab (bottom). The Paradise of the Underworld stage will be in the demo.


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Notice any new enemies in the screenshot above? Namco Bandai made new monsters for The Lineage to the Future epilogue episode. Tales of Graces F comes out on December 2nd in Japan.


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  • nyoron

    Sound great, I’m looking forward to playing this.

    Maybe even in English thanks to the jailbreak.

    • Jailbreak was taken care of a week or so ago by Sony :P

      If you want a true English release, you’re going to have to hope NBGI localizes it in the US. I’m looking forward to this game as well though.

      A shame the demo got pushed back a little :/. Well, as long as the game itself doesn’t get pushed back, it’s all good.

      • You forgeting about the millions of clones :P

      • nyoron

        They didn’t take care of it on mine :DThe Graces Wii translation team already proved that it’s at least technically possible to do it for Vesperia PS3 (see their twitter And they’ve already expressed interest in doing Graces F, so I feel like barring any unforseen difficulties it’ll probably happen.But if not, I’ll live.

        • your also forgetting the fact sony has started a hunt on all groups related to the hacking of the ps3 + jailbreak ps3 was the only mod usb that was proven to work, all the rest are clones that can risk bricking your ps3 and sony will be able to note that if you try to send it in, so you’ll have to buy a new ps3 if that happens

          • nyoron

            I’m well aware of the risks involved and I haven’t forgotten anything, but thanks for your concern. This is getting kinda off topic though so I’m just gonna drop the subject.

  • i want this game in english so bad…

  • “What Accelerate mode does in Tales of Grace F?” I was hoping that accelerate the localization :P

    • MisterNiwa

      Vroom vroom.

    • Guest

      damn it I was gonna say that….. : (

  • Jirin

    Hopefully if Namco doesn’t localize it, somebody will put a translation walkthrough online so I can import it.

  • Raidou

    Oh… So it’s Trance then?

  • double sigh…

  • DemonicX

    The demo delayed?

    No! =(

  • Kamion

    December will be a nice month…

    Tales of Graces F, Umineko PS3, Monster Hunter Portable 3rd (probably gonna wait on this one), Shining Hearts and The 3rd Birthday…

    I’ll have to decide which ones to get. ToGF and The 3rd Birthday are no-brainers for me :P

    • Kibbitz

      Sadly, I’m a sucker for goods, so my first purchases will depend purely on what goodies come with which shiny game =P Also, I think I have SRT L to buy around then, and a wedding to go to (in case you’re not familiar, you give money in red packets at Chinese weddings). Damn.

      • Kamion

        Yeah, once a Special Edition is released I’ll get a game even if I don’t have the time to play it :(…

        Time is also an issue here. WHEN am I supposed to play all this ;_;

        • Kibbitz

          Good question. Fortunately, I think I don’t have too hectic a buying/playing schedule, as long as they don’t all release LE versions with actual goods I want.

  • thebanditking

    Seriously, I just don’t think I can muster up the ability to bash Namco any more. Spencer please just tell them (sometime) how much we all hate them.

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