Umineko no Naku Koro Ni Headed To PlayStation 3

By Ishaan . September 19, 2010 . 3:01pm


Developer 7th Expansion’s popular Higurashi no Naku Koro ni series of visual novel thrillers has come a long way from its doujin — or indie, if you prefer — game days, and is now more of a pop-culture sensation in Japan than merely a “game.”


Over the course of its lifespan, Higurashi has been developed and remade and even re-imagined across the PC, PlayStation 2, Nintendo DS, PSP and even the iPhone, spanning genres from visual novel to third-person shooter. The popularity of the franchise has spawned an anime, a live-action film, a radio drama and numerous print interpretations across a manga and four light novels.


The spiritual successor to the series, Umineko no Naku Koro ni, featuring an entirely new cast and new story set on the haunted island estate of a wealthy family, has seen just as many interpretations across numerous formats, too. There’s the original PC games, an anime interpretation, a radio drama, a manga series and light novels.


Now, Umineko is being re-developed for the PlayStation 3 by developer, Alchemist, who are also responsible for the Nintendo DS ports of Higurashi no Naku Koro ni. The original leak came by way of Japanese retailer, GEO Online, who posted a listing for the game on their website, and now there’s off-screen footage of the game from TGS, too.



Alchemist’s Higurashi ports on the DS feature significantly better artwork than the original PC releases, and judging by the video above, one can presumably expect the same stylistic upgrade over the original PC version from the PS3 port of Umineko as well.

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  • woot battler in all his 720 beauty

  • JustaGenericUser

    Huh, I wonder why I hardly ever see visual novel ports on the PS3?

    • goronyan

      most of them goes or are ported to the 360

      • plus visual novel regulation on the ps3 are very high standard last i remember is that ;one it most be FULLY voiced,have some sort of online support, HD character design outlook, and lengthy content. thats are i remember there was more but i cant think of it on the spot right now

        • JustaGenericUser

          Hahaha, oh wow. That’s what it is?

          Oh, we can’t forget the fact that Sony (of America) don’t like games without english voices and they hate ports for either being older, for silly reasons, or for just being a port despite the fact it was never released in the US (see: Sakura Wars 1+2 on PSP). Does Sony just not want games or something? Or money?

          • It’s an issue of quality. SCEA doesn’t see visual novels as full games, even if in english. It’s a cultural difference. Some people in Japan accept these as games that can be charged at typical retail price, but the notion is that American customers might feel deceived or cheated upon playing it.

          • plus, can we be totally honest here?

            now i own EVERY Sakura Taisen game, i play plenty of visual novels, i’m no hater.
            but SCEA is not losing a whole hell of a lot of money refusing visual novels.

            i wouldn’t be surprised if NISA told us they lost money on the Sakura Wars 5 project.

            visual novels aren’t going to sell to anyone (in America) but an EXTREMELY niche fanbase.
            a fanbase so extremely niche it probably really doesn’t even dent SCEA’s financials one way or the other.

            so when they’re not going to suffer or benefit one way or the other, they’re ultimately free to be idealogues about it.

          • NISA actually has told us they lost money on the Sakura Wars 5 project, it didn’t do nearly as well as they hoped considering how long the localization took.

      • JustaGenericUser

        I know they get ported mostly to the 360, that’s why I’m wondering why PS3 isn’t getting those ports.

        Though apparently William Hsia may have answered my question.

  • nyobzoo

    does 1080p really matter in visual novels?

    • something about being able to put more characters on screen for more dialogs or something of that sort

  • keriaku

    Everyone put in your support to get this localized by Atlus or NISA! Be vocal!

    • Probably won’t help anything, SCEA doesn’t allow visual novels, dubbed or not, on PS3 in the North America territory.

  • Day2Day

    I would happily buy this… I adored the anime and it’d be really great if this sold well, and convinced game companies that there is a market for visual novels here and we saw more really popular ones localized…

  • neetloaf

    Even though there’s like zero chance of this getting translated (officially or by fans), I’ll probably end up getting it anyways. I have a good enough understanding of the story, and I kind of just want it for the better art and other positive tidbits anyways.

  • mirumu

    None of those links seem to have any screenshots from what I can see, but Famitsu had some pics up a few days ago.

    Definitely a significant upgrade from the current PC version of the game. Personally I’d love to see some company offer to license the the translation done by the fan group Witch Hunt.

    This is of course assuming the dialog in the original game is similar enough to the PS3 version, and that Sony’s arm could be twisted to allow it to be published. I wouldn’t want to bet on those odds.

  • Guest

    Instead of just mouths moving or the occasional neck turning, I’d want full body animation like in PS1’s Blue Breaker Burst fighting game (which was also ADV style story mode) and actual gameplay elements otherwise this is yet another waste because no way this is being released outside Japan due to SCEA not recognizing VN as games and Japanese developers need to start thinking globalization if they want to stay afloat this gen because they are failing.

  • shion16

    i want a second season of the anime!!!

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