Dead Rising 2: Case Zero Is Japan’s First Digital CERO Z Game

By Ishaan . September 20, 2010 . 4:29pm


Here’s two interesting things to note about Dead Rising 2: Case Zero — classified “zombie paradise action” — in Japan.


1. It costs 200 Microsoft Points more than its English counterpart.

2. It’s a CERO Z game.


And by extension of being a CERO Z game — Japan’s very first digital CERO Z game, in fact — it can only be purchased with the use of a credit card. No credit card means no purchase, because that’s how Microsoft are trying to verify people are 18 and above before letting them download the game.

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  • Hraesvelgr

    So people without a CC are screwed, regardless of their age. That’s a smart way to do things.

  • Code

    rar, bizarre, I really wouldn’t have guessed Case Zero would have been rated so highly, maybe I’ve just become blind to the zombie beat down I’m dishing out, but the game never struck me as particularly bloody or gory. Also wonder why it’s 200MSP more. I have to admit Dead Rising 2 is putting me in a bad spot, on one hand I can’t help but feel these “360 exclusive” chapters are going to turn out to be timed exclusives, but at the same time I want the PS3 version, but I hate to risk the chance of missing out on them. But on the PS3 one of my best friends is also getting it, and we could totally play together, but if I get the 360 additional content we can’t play. Damnit, Capcom your just going out of your way to try and twist my arm.

    • MisterNiwa

      This game deserves it’s rating. Believe me. I just completed it, lol.

      • Code

        rar, yeah I played through Case Zero too? Maybe I missed something, frankly once I get that dual paddle saw going I’m all +o+ everything is usually just a blur.

  • Aoshi00

    Finally no censoring for the Jpn ver., but credit card only’s a little extreme isn’t it.. and boo for costing 200 pts more. I haven’t gotten this yet because I’m very bad w/ timed games, like the first Dead Rising, might just get it later since it’s only 400 pts..

    • Code

      Case Zero was alright, but honestly unless it’s nothing too major, for $5 it’s a nice run around for a couple hours, but yeah completely skippable in my opinion. So I wouldn’t be too concerned about passing on it.

  • Guest

    What about PS3 why do they get shafted…

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