Blade Kitten Pays Homage To Ty The Tasmanian Tiger With Costume

By Ishaan . September 21, 2010 . 3:31pm


You might recognize Krome Studios as the team that developed the Wii, PlayStation 2 and PSP versions of Star Wars: The Force Unleashed for Lucasarts. Their next publishing deal is with Atari, who are publishing Blade Kitten on PC, Xbox Live Arcade and PlayStation Network.


If you’re late to the party (like we were…), you might want to watch the trailer above to get a feel for what the game’s like. And if you already know enough and the idea of suiting your catgirl up in different outfits appeals to you, you might be better off looking below.



In addition, we can confirm Blade Kitten also features a Ty the Tasmanian Tiger costume. Ty was one of Krome’s earliest projects and was published by Electronic Arts.



Just don’t expect Kit to be topless. She looks like a kangaroo inside the outfit, with only her face showing.

  • doubletaco

    The trailers really haven’t sold me on this game. Running looks slow, and running/attacking not only lack impact, but also look like they’re totally unrelated actions.

    I think Muramasa spoiled me in the 2D Action Game genre.

  • Advent_Andaryu

    The demo was possibly the worst downloadable game I’ve ever experienced.

  • Did not expect that topless comment.

    • I know… I totally wanted to see her topless. ;[

  • nyobzoo

    the voices were passable, the controls could be tighter and not have her slide a few more feet everytime she stops moving, and the moment the gameplay starts and it drops to 5 FPS didn’t help, but reviews I’ve seen so far are pretty good. So maybe down the line I’ll pick this game up

  • Yusaku_Matsuda70s

    I really dislike the style and animation… It’s like those DC/ Marvel/ indie-comic efforts that try to emulate the anime style without really understanding the form or having any grasp of the culture that comes with it. And why is that “western anime” style always so ’90s looking in color and design? Especially in the faces.

    Sorry for the bitch’n. Thanks for the nifty info on Krome Studios.

    • Code

      I definitely understand what your getting at, I think a lot of the problem with the “westernized anime” style that turned up in the late 90’s was partly in it’s application of color and how it’s used, differs from typical Japanese anime. Westernized handling of color generally is much flashier, brighter, more color/gradients, crazy shiny, it relies a lot more on color for creating depth, but when matched against anime style it feels over the top, too much. I kind of wanna attribute this trait to the fact western comics have always had colorists, and color has always been an important factor, where as in Japan stuff spends a long time in black and white when it comes to manga, but also when it makes the jump from a manga to anime, color is handled with animation sensibilities. It doesn’t have the same middle ground western comic colorists deal with. Another trait which I think overall effects the look is western artists (Although I’m not entirely sure that term’s appropriate given this artist is Australian, lol >w<) they tend to play with the thickness in line quality a lot more then Japanese artists. When it comes down to it the fact is anime from Japan has a lot of specific traits and qualities, you can take a look at "anime" style artwork from all kinds of other countries around the world, and it'll usually always feel a little different, it's not always that it's bad so much as because it's not quiet the same as how Japan handles it, it give off a pseudo quality.Although I think to be fair there has been a lot more strides where “anime” has been handled by artists outside of Japan decently, and by early/mid-2000 anime traits in some western cartoons have shed some of that awkwardness.

      • Guest

        All I can think of when you said that was how Saint Seiya manga coloring in the cover art was always duller and less flashier than the anime and how characters like Shun actually had brown hair and regular armor color but in the manga his armor was changed to magenta and his hair to green while Seiya’s armor was changed from straight silver to red and silver

        • Aoshi00

          Well back then manga artists mostly used water color instead of doing it on the computer now, Takada Akemi or Mikimoto Haruhiko’s illustration were good examples, so the coloring was more subdued. Also when Saint Seiya was serialized in the 80’s, there was no full color pages in Jump, when it did have color ocassionally, it was only 2-color (or just one, it was like an orange and white) instead of B&W. Really liked Kurumada’s art back then though for Ring ni Kakero, Saint Seiya, and B’tX, still very old school. The way he drew shiny armors in B&W was really something.The hair color difference btwn anime and manga is of course to make the chars more distinguishable for a kids show to make it more marketable (the armors were all revamped in the first season to make toys), just like Kurama in Yu Yu Hakusho had black hair and red in anime, so basically all chars had black hair like regular Asians do except Kuwabara who bleached his brown as a delinquent. Also Bulma’s hair was changed from purple to the brighter green, which explains why Trunks has purple hair.

  • so why is this crap web-comic getting a video game anyway?

  • Code

    Just gave it a shot, and while it’s not exactly great, I do like it’s focus on terrain navigation and using your vast moveset to work your way around the environments. Yes the game’s definitely slow, it has that sort of delayed feel that Prince of Persia/ICO have, holding R2 helps up the speed.

    Generally cheesy, kinda cute, combat is meh. Despite a great focus on environmental navigation, the game does little to give you an idea of where you should go. I’d recommend trying it if you like anything that has to do with working your way around environments like Mirrors Edge for example — at least from the demo it kind of feels like the game misses the mark but does have some decent elements which show potential.

  • Chow

    It seemed like a decent platformer. I expected it to be more of a Metroidvania game, but it looks like you probably have all your moves from the beginning. As mentioned, the art style (emphasis on “style”) seems kinda weird, sort of like the designs are the kind of stuff you’d see from amateur fanart or something.

    • Aoshi00

      The westernized anime art might look a little strange at first, but I kind of grow to like it, the chars and voice acting are pretty cute. I played the whole demo and found it to be a fun platformer w/ some very clever stage design, the control reminds me a little of Shadow Complex. If price drops a little later I would definitely get it.

      • Chow

        I’m waiting for a sale too. It seemed decent enough, and I almost never buy any digital content unless it’s on sale, or I’m really hyped about it. (Sonic 4, heh)

        • Aoshi00

          Same here, I almost always never buy XBLA/PSN games or DLCs until they’re on sale, not that they aren’t worth it but I don’t mind waiting a little. Good thing is they have demos so we can always try to see if we like it first. Scott Pilgrim was totally worth 800 pts/$10 though, also I was in the mood after reading the comics and watching the movie. I didn’t wait for Shadow Complex either. I actually really want to play Limbo, but 1200 MS pts seems a little steep for such a short game. Hope Sonic 4 would turn out well, they can’t mess up a 2D sonic right?

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