Touhou Project Getting Anime Series…Kind Of

By Ishaan . September 25, 2010 . 10:31am Anime production studio, ufotable, responsible for producing Type-Moon’s Kara no Kyoukai movies and the anime cutscenes for Namco Bandai’s upcoming God Eater Burst, are turning the Touhou Project into an anime.


The series will a crossover between the Touhou Project and Anime Tenchou, which is a brand (and an anime OVA) based around the mascots of Japanese retailer, Animate. More details on additional project by ufotable — all in celebration of Anime Tenchou’s 10th anniversary — can be gleaned at Anime News Network.

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  • malek86

    It will probably suck, but hey, cool stuff. How long before a game appears on consoles?

    • I think that’s imposible officially because the creator (ZUN) said on his interview that he hates working in the industry of videogames that’s why he do everything alone in the oficial games and only works with doujins companies such as Twilight Frontier on the fighting games based of Touhou.

      There is two fanmade Touhou games for psp and other in DS i think.

  • joesz

    read this days ago and I like it!

    I’ve always wanted to see Sakuya get animated

    • goronyan

      well this is not the first time this happens

  • Yeah, it’ll probably suck. As long as it doesn’t do character pairings(fanservice?) then that’s fine.

    • malek86

      I doubt this kind of stuff will be the focus of a promotional anime. I expect a lot of explosions and stuff, and very little plot. Which would be too bad. I think the best Touhou doujinshi aren’t those with fights, but the slice of life ones (possibly with crazy antics).

      Also, the best pairing is obviously YuyuYuka, and it won’t happen anyway.

      • maxchain

        Hopefully it won’t overstep its boundaries and mess with our belo–uh, I mean, the popular pairings I hear about among whatever this Touhou thing is.

        If you’ll excuse me, I’m definitely not going to continue playing New Super Marisa Land, because I’ve never heard of it.

  • Ah, that seems kind of awesome that a brand is getting an anime.

    Edit; Sentence needs editting: “The series, will a crossover between the Touhou Project and Anime Tenchou”

  • Zun said that he is not part of this project. Nothing canon I guess and Zun made some really good storylines really, I love the novels of Touhou and some of their mangas aside from the main games too.

    It will be fun to see this only for Tenchou and his badass suppa robot parodies with the Touhou cast xD

  • Ah, so this is going to be an official production? I saw a couple very well animated fan projects of Touhou.
    Although, I’ve always wondered if ZUN ever gets a cut from the merchandising.


    If they can follow the advice from here, then maybe…

  • i am scared about the outcome of this.
    Touhou anime, nice slice but did they get the agreement from ZUN?
    I mean, does this even connect?
    Never heard of Anime Tenchou… i hope this don’t turn into some disaster or end in a very strange cliffhanger like Maikaze’s OVA version.

  • pridesin

    I hope some day Touhou Project get its own animation series.
    Only one that currently out is one episode that was created by fans.

  • puchinri

    I don’t know what to think…

    Touhou has some good fan anime and MADs though. Those always work for me.

    I guess I would watch this, just to see the Touhou parts. But then again, maybe not…

  • Day2Day

    The fanime was really impressive…
    Here it is if you want to see it…

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