Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep Final Mix Trailer Shows Off New Bosses

By Ishaan . September 27, 2010 . 10:19am


Picking up where yesterday’s Birth by Sleep Final Mix post left off, here’s a trailer for the updated game. It shows off the mysterious cloaked boss, the new D-link with Pete, and the entirely new boss with a huge hint as to his identity.


Watching all these Birth by Sleep videos sometimes makes me wonder if Square will ever come up with another piece of music for Kingdom Hearts that sounds as impactful as the Birth by Sleep theme. Everytime I watch the trailer for Re:Coded, I’m disappointed it isn’t there. :(

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  • It looks like re-enacting Pinocchio and Gepetto’s escape from Monstro is a new Mirage Arena challenge at the very least.

  • Isshan really loves the BbS Final Mix, heh!

    Do we know the title to the awesome theme (no prospects of a soundtrack release?).

    • Which one? or

      Edit: By the way, the entire soundtrack is awesome, imo.

      • Fate of the Unknown.

      • first one is Vanitas Battle the about near the final is Fate of the Unknown

        • I meant which piece of music Ishaan was talking about, while providing Yosuke with the name of the name of both tracks. I wouldn’t have been able to find the Youtube links if I didn’t know the names of the both tracks.

    • I have a love-hate relationship with KH. They’re so much fun to play, but the story stopped making any sense ages ago…

      KH2 and 358/2 are probably my favourites though. I really like Roxas and Axel and Twilight Town.

      • PersonaBull

        There are so many minor details that just don’t add up. I’m really hoping there’s some magical answers in the now definitely necessary KH3.

        Also I’m happy to see you loved 358/2 Days as much as I did. I feel like it’s an incredibly underrated game. We’ll see which wins out as favorite once I replay both that and BbS, haha.

        • 358/2 days was underrated but mainly because alot of females was not happy to see xion…claiming that xion is a mary sue which doesn’t make sense at all. Since xion is a “OFFICIAL CHARACTER” and not a fan made one. To me KH2 was okay story wise the plot left after the finish of the first half of the story and really didn’t pick back up until they went back to twilight town to go to the world that never was. BBS story was grand to me and bring up alot of information to Kingdom hearts…

  • square enix sure know how to waste people’s money on game they already have :(

    • They’re not wasting people’s money. It’d be the people wasting the money themselves, and even that harsh statement is up to debate. Square Enix just knows that people will buy the Final Mixes as shown by previous sales. If they can make more money, why shouldn’t they?

      • As long as all that money goes into the Kingdom Hearts III fund, then Im all for more final mixes.

      • Yeah I accept that they are trying to make more money like any other business but seriously this is a PSP game we’re talking about and those additional content could’ve just simply be downloaded through playstation network. I’ll download it as a downloadable content but I would rather NOT want to buy the same game again. I won’t be surprise if they release Kingdom Hearts III Final Mix ++ after a month of US release (whatever console it will be but most likely will be on the PS3). All I want is my money worth.

  • Starmony

    So Japan gets our crappy voice acting plus an armored Eraqus battle… Oh well.

    • Scrooge_McDuck

      Well, from the Japanese point of view, they get our superior voice acting, so yay for them.

  • That robed guy’s fight tactics look similar, but I can’t quite place it. I want to say Xemnas, but I don’t know how Xemnas would fight Terra since *spoiler alert* they’re really the same person. Unless it’s way in the future after Xehanort turned himself over to the darkness and it’s another mental battle for control of the body.

    • Starmony

      I’m thinking of Xemnas doing some kind of “time traveling-astral projection” through Aqua’s armor in the Chamber of Repose. Note that the guy in robes does not use darkness corridors, but just appears and vanishes like an illusion…

  • Roses4Aria

    The only thing about this that even slightly tempts me is the new secret movie. And as I’m sure someone will have it posted up on YouTube etc. before it’s all over and done with, I’m thinking I’ll save my money and be content with the NA version.

  • I hate sponsor messages! I can’t leave the video loading because when I click play, it resets itself! D:

  • Yippie ka yay. SquareEnix releases another version of what is basically the same game with some added eye candy, bigger price tag, and a little note stuck to it that says “NO EXPORT FOR YOU”. Why am I not surprised.

  • Don’t the bastards feel any shame? I have to go through the trouble of importing the shits yet again. How hard it is to just make a DLC for all versions or something?

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